Worshiping the King (God) of Totalitarianism

The Dictators Book Cover

Goal of American Politics
Make a Leader to Make America Great (Oppressive)

At the beginning of Christ’s ministry, He went into the wilderness to be tempted in the flesh as man. The first Adam (man) failed this test, the last Adam could not be Savior if He failed the testing.

One aspect of His testing was the lust for power (Mt 4:7-10). Satan showed Him ALL the kingdoms of the world including their greatness and offered to give them to Him if He would but worship him. Not only did Christ refused this temptation but He also did NOT dispute Satan’s power over the nations or his authority to offer Him control of the nations. In essence, Satan was offering Christ the world freely to avoid the cross and promulgate His gospel without opposition. But, this was a fool’s promise and Christ knew this. Christians should know this but history has demonstrated that too often people of the Bible would rather worship Satan through government than Christ through faith.

The book above, “The Dictators”, details the rise to power of both Hitler and Stalin. These men did not come to power by seizing the government through raw power. These men were democratically elected by their peoples, worshipped by their peoples and missed by their peoples when they died! Americans’ view of totalitarianism is very skewed. These men did not take power and rule arbitrarily at will over the people but by the consent of the people. Nearly every house in the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) had a picture of, “The Boss”, (Stalin) prominently displayed in their house. Each man built a personality cult around himself that radiated security and nationalism (greatness) to their citizens. Each man also involved their citizens in wars amounting to millions of deaths based on patriotism, we are great and we shall be great again! I began this post with a statue in St. Petersburg called, “Moloch of Totalitarianism“. Moloch is actually a deliberate change from the Hebrew word, meleck (king), which was used by others in reference to their idol worship in which they sacrificed their children to satisfy their desires for security and greatness (Le 18:21; 20:2). This is the road many American Christians have taken.

Blind Patrotism

Apt Description of Many American Christians

The mantra of Americans in my lifetime, which is getting to be long, is, “America, Love It or Leave It!” What this is actually saying is that patriotism requires that you accept my America or you leave the country. An interesting idea since America was based, supposedly, on the ideal of difference between men enshrined in free speech and assembly ideas. Poignant also since every single person must trace their ancestry back to immigrants who, by definition, came from somewhere else, usually to get away from intolerance and its ensuring economic deprivation. Throughout the 20th century America has had a love-hate relationship with immigration, seeking to limit peoples that were felt to be undesirables and favoring those who were considered to be desirable. These biases were usually culturally, ethnically and religiously based. Even the very purpose of public education was to instill in young minds that the ideal American was Protestant and light-skinned. An unbiased look at the early drug laws shows that opium was banned because it was favored by the Chinese and marijuana because it was favored by the Mexicans and it caused these groups to ravage light-skinned women (totally undocumented).

Fond of War


Americans Love Their Wars
Too Much

Americans love war. We rebelled against God to justify the war that made us a nation. If not for the First Great Awakening, I doubt that many Americans would have become involved in the war over a 2% tax rate that was barely noticeable! It is beyond the scope of this post to list all the conflicts Americans have been involved in since immigrating to this land but the site, “American War Deaths Through History“, has done this for us. Notice, hardly a period exists in our history when we are not fighting someone, somewhere even if it is ourselves! Since the Progressive Era, Americans have been exporting their “democracy” via wars around the world. We, as a people, believe we are bringing them God’s government when in fact we are bringing them something far different, death. Then we console ourselves over the sacrifices of our dead youth (children) in the form of holy days honoring war, the military and our rebellion against God (1Sa 15:23). Do you know that when God sent Moses to tell Pharaoh to let the Hebrews go that it was a question? God did not teach rebellion but patience and He led the Hebrews from Egypt when Pharaoh “told” them to leave! As Christians we support our government when it follows God’s moral law but we do not rebel when it does not nor do we teach others to rebel. Like Paul, we do not take part in evil but we work under the system God has placed us to do one end, demonstrating the truth of the Gospel of Salvation, not the satanic doctrine of nationalism for ALL nations belong to him.


Injustice Everywhere

This appears to be our new mantra

We seek to remove injustice everywhere to mean anywhere in the world through the use of war. America has become the largest promoter of terrorism with its use of drones and death without warning, without trial, without mercy. The book, “Lies the Government Told You“, details this process from our very inception! Christians have entered into a “Suicide Pact” to destroy ourselves by promoting the election of a government that hates the Gospel! America no longer defines injustice by the Bible, but by whatever “rights” of whatever group will promise to give it votes (power). This is totalitarianism – people placing in power those that through the charisma of their personality persuade us that they will give us something for our vote.

It does not matter if you are Republican, Democrat, or Independent. Governmental politics, especially at the presidential level, has become a propagation of mythologies. Make America great again! What, like when we entered a war to force an international organization on the world that will eventually usurp sovereign national powers? Like when we engaged in pointless wars to stop Communism, and failed! Or like now, when we have declared an UNENDING war on terror, a term undefined and with no clear understanding of what we are fighting against or how we can achieve victory. Americans are wooed by clarion calls of peace, after all terrorists are killed? Americans are mobilized by fears of immigration with talk of building walls, mass deportations or soothed by words of trust when one only hears lies from those whom the government refuses to prosecute for gross failures of leadership.

What I see are pretended leaders who seek to gather their faithful following in a personality cult enabling them to do pretty much whatever they please, does this describe the last administration? Hitler came to power through the people by using their fears and promising them greatness, again (sound familiar?). Stalin manipulated his way into power, rewarded for violating the laws of his government, and pretty much did what he wanted supported by those who promoted his infallibility (sound like any present candidate?). What I see is a contest between fascism (nationalism) and communism (internationalism) and I do not hear any reporters crying out these warnings. Christians, stop listening to rhetoric and become discerners of words based on the Bible! Stop being tossed (manipulated) by these winds of change that only bring totalitarianism (Ja 1:5-8). Start fulfilling the ministry of Christ, the Gospel (2Ti 4:1-5). For, in the end, Moloch of Totalitarianism will only bring death, and to the Christian, shame for neglecting the Gospel and the ministry of the Great Commission because of doubt in Christ (Mt 28:16-20).

War Deaths

Is Death to be Our Legacy
Rather than Life through the Gospel?

Author: LeeS

Retired naval nurse, Dad, Husband, Christian who seeks to share the Bible with those who want more than the superficial milk given out in the majority of today's churches. God has taught me through hard experiences as well as through book learning (Master's of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry).