Faith Affects Government, Always

What You Were Never Supposed to Learn
How Evangelicalism Ruined America

One of the most important factoids I learned from reading Murray Rothbard’s book, The Progressive Era (Mises Institute. 2017.), was the impact of faith on government. In short, the joining of morality and government power to create a godly society is the history of America. In a nutshell, this is postmillennialism put into practice, this is America today gone wrong. Continue reading “Faith Affects Government, Always”

Lie of the Political Spectrum

This well known schematic of the
American Political Spectrum is a Lie

Though I have written on this subject in the past {Government: One Body For All and Fascism: Early Weapon Against Communism as examples} I must admit that my understand of fascism was naive though sincere. Most Americans, I cannot speak to the educational system of other countries, have been taught the above political spectrum. Those who have read my posts know that this view is a deception; it is not correct. In fact, some of my readers may recognize this as a Gaussian {Bell} curve. The two tails, outliers, are considered abnormal, even dangerous We have been deluded. Continue reading “Lie of the Political Spectrum”

Politics: Knowledge of Ignorance

World War II (WWII) Gave Us Good Movies and
Bad Propaganda: Knowledge of Ignorance

The events in Charlottesville, VA, tragic as they were, have so inflamed and polarized the political process in America that the only creed that appeals to people is the knowledge of ignorance. Americans have abrogated the correct definition of terms for propagandist definitions that have little relationship with the original use of the terms. The purpose: to quash perceived opposition with righteous indignation {self-imposed religion}. Continue reading “Politics: Knowledge of Ignorance”

Globalism Comes Home to Roost

Judaism, Israel, Semitism, Zionism??

Today America’s Secretary of State Kerry made the bold statement that, “Israel can be Jewish or democratic – not both!” These headlines reverberated around the world garnering the headlines the outgoing Obama administration has craved ever since the electorate chose Mr. Trump as their next president. Continue reading “Globalism Comes Home to Roost”

Purpose of Government – Be As God


Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR)
Single-Handedly Rewrote the Constitution

Just as Lincoln redefined the Constitution in a short speak given at the end of several long speeches, FDR redefined the Bill of Rights during his 1944 State of the Union address presented directly to the American people via a radio “fireside chat”. Continue reading “Purpose of Government – Be As God”

America: Revolution or Evolution


In 1776 the America Revolution
Was the First Nation-State from Scratch

In 1776 an amazing thing occurred, a set of divergent colonies decided to form a nation-state basically out of nothing. Until this time nation-states were formed from monarchies to one extent or another. The nation-states was a new development in government born out of the philosophies of the Enlightenment era. Continue reading “America: Revolution or Evolution”

Pseudoscience of Statistics – How We Fool Us


I Have Pre-Determined Your Answer
Based on How I Asked the Question: Free Will?

There is a growing reliance on pseudoscience to determine society’s future direction masquerading as science to those who should know the difference but do not. I am reminded of the Bible, which should be our guide in all things, that those who reject God’s truth band together in order to convince themselves that they are in fact speaking truth because there are so many of them speaking the same “truth” (Ro 1:28-32)! Continue reading “Pseudoscience of Statistics – How We Fool Us”

America’s Religious Failure of Faith

Hillary's America

Propaganda Films New Staple
in American Politics (Religious)

I saw “Hillary’s America” and found what I expected to find, some good history, some ignored history and a rousing ending that brought a tear to everyone’s eye; in short, a religious propaganda film. Continue reading “America’s Religious Failure of Faith”

Ochlocracy – Goal of Democracy


Ochlocracy – Democracy without Knowledge
Consent of the People to Bury Themselves

Ochlocracy is a word nearly unknown in today’s vocabulary because it does not fit into the adjectives of “awesome”, “cool”, or well, you get the picture. The American model of democracy, which was not what the framers of the Constitution wanted, has spread throughout the world making America the prime mover for the destruction of the nation-state to usher in the era of regionalization. Continue reading “Ochlocracy – Goal of Democracy”

Widow’s Offering Condemns Minimum Wage

Sculpture Widows Mite

Widow’s Offering
Christ’s Condemnation of Religion

The Gospels contain one of the most misunderstood observations of Christ that has great application to us today and I am referring to the Widow’s Offering at the Temple (Mk 12:41-44; Lk 21:1-4). Continue reading “Widow’s Offering Condemns Minimum Wage”