Science is the Trap of Doom

The Glittering World of Science
Snaring Mankind in his Sin

The last two posts discussed the fallacy of modern science. These posts were somewhat involved as I explained why science cannot answer the questions that many claim that it does answer. Thus, these posts may have fallen on deaf ears because as a people Americans do not have the attention span to grasp the elementary principles of a complex discussion.

Thus, many do not even attempt to understand modern events and prefer to get their information predigested from Facebook, Twitter or “Talk Radio”. Therefore, in this post I will attempt to put the essential elements in a more rudimentary form, “It’s a trap!”

Allure of Modern Technology
Freedom from Drudgery

After the defeat of ultimate evil (Fascism), which is how World War II was sold to the American people, wonderful new inventions began flooding into the American home and then the homes of our allies as we continued to battle ultimate evil (Communism). Science opened up the promise of freedom from disease via new medicines and technologies. These inventions brought time saving devices into our lives and were featured in television and movies. Satellites brought the promise of worldwide communications from nearly any spot on the globe. Man’s future seemed bright indeed thanks to the promise of science and the diligence of scientists! However, there was a little problem – science was not doing the promising and people were lost in their pleasures refusing to be informed about the changes in the world. While Americans were dreaming of pop music sex and watching fake combat in the form of sports, Satan was working his deception.

He was working his deception by lulling our senses asleep. Singing us songs of peace and safety with pleasures galore if only people would stop following God’s gospel; and so, Americans followed the siren call of destruction (2Ti 3:1-7). Through the pseudo-science of psychology people have legitimized being lovers of self as increased self-esteem. They have exchanged sympathy for empathy which has no mercy though it babbles about a type of love that only includes itself while excluding all others. Though today’s people talk of love and unity they murder millions for the continuation of their own pleasures and demand the government support them in the pursuit of these pleasures; which it gladly does as it increases its hold over them. Parents who are supposed to discipline and teach their children are the leaders in murdering unwanted children and teaching those remaining how to practice brutality, slandering those who disagree with them and promote violence against those who seek to turn them from their path of self-destruction. Then parents express dismay when their children are disobedient, unloving and without self-control to the point that they are murdering those who murder them. And, all the while Satan is in the background creating more disruption.

The technology that held out the promise of prosperity and eternal life, according to its promoters, was found to have limitations. Science can only measure the observable, scientists, politicians, and crony-capitalists held out the allure of magical enchantments. People grew angry that science could not give them wealth, eternal life or even open gateways into a heavenly future (science fiction). They have become scoffers using sarcasm to destroy anything that would impede their rush to pleasures, their rush to gnostic glory, their rush to self-destruction (2Pe 3:3-7). They have become the agents of their own destruction tearing down all the impediments that God placed in their way in His mercy. They use psychology, and its drugs, to sear their consciences attempting to destroy the guilt that persuades them to turn to God for grace. They use medical discoveries to further their pleasures while becoming slaves to the pleasures that destroy them. Even the technology of communications via satellites is being used to control the information they receive as it pretends to come from many sources but is actually broadcast by only a select few.

Science has been forced to lie in the form of evolution to promote atheism, the religion of man. As an animal man acts as an animal destroying its young while engaging in ever more destructive pleasures. Forced to lie in the form of Global Warming/Climate Change that seeks to promote globalization hand-in-hand with the environmental movements which care little about either the environment or the poor which it claims to cherish. These scoffers refuse to engage in any coherent discussion but regress into mind-numbing mantras supported only by emotionalism and fleshly values that claim to do good but accomplish only evil (Ro 7:15-21). If those who are saved cannot keep from sin in the flesh without the power of God, those who hate God (sinners) cannot hope to control their flesh and escape the judgment of God for their sin. Thus, they ignore God and deride those who seek to warn them of their coming destruction!

Yet, I have been in many churches that have swallowed the allure of technology, bask in the glow of the pseudo-science of psychology and brought in the philosophies of the world to replace the gospel. They give their people the poison of the world rather than teach their people how to study the Bible. Sermon after sermon tells people what to believe but not how to study so they learn for themselves God’s truths. They cannot defend their beliefs because they do not know why they believe, only that they are supposed to believe.

Science provides knowledge to assist in promoting the message of the Gospel of Christ. It can assist with the drudgery that sin has brought on all people. God is not the terror of man; sin is the evil that impoverishes people, promotes the violence of the flesh that plagues all nations and blinds man from the grace that could save him. Man’s philosophy walls off the truth and seeks to promote a unity that can only destroy those upon whom it comes. This move toward globalization is not new and it did not start in very recent times, it has been the plan of Satan from the beginning. It has been the goal of the modern enlightened nation-state. It will rob us of our faith and mankind of his dignity, reducing him to the level of the brute beast. I live you with this last graphic to help you understand the flow of world events.

World Trade is not Freedom
It is the Matrix of Globalization

Author: LeeS

Retired naval nurse, Dad, Husband, Christian who seeks to share the Bible with those who want more than the superficial milk given out in the majority of today's churches. God has taught me through hard experiences as well as through book learning (Master's of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry).