Jewish Conspiracy or Consistent History?

JFK Jewish Quote

Truth or Wishful Prejudice?

I have been studying Jewish philosophy as part of my studies of human philosophies to understand the truth of the Scriptures. I have been aware for nearly the totality of my Christian salvation experience, nearly 40 years, of the belief in a vast world-wide Jewish Conspiracy. This supposed quote by John F. Kennedy, I could not verify he actually said this quote, seems to legitimize the conspiracy belief.

However, another quote by JFK, “Too often we… enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought,” can be verified. While I am no political fan of this president, I can agree that most people have opinions without much thought and without much willingness to discuss the merits of their opinions. The “Jewish Conspiracy” is just such a topic.

One one hand there are the Zionists who are the power players in the formation and maintenance of the nation of Israel while on the other hand there are the anti-Zionist Jews who oppose the Jewish nation of Israel, the NETUREI KARTA. Into this mix are the various religious sects of Judaism and it is no wonder that those who are not Jews have difficulty understanding Jewish culture and its apparent influence at nearly every important juncture of the Modern Era (Post Medieval Period). However, having worked in military intelligence in my younger years and studying the failures, and few successes of the intelligence world I can safely say that as a conspiracy to gain power, it is a failure. They have violated the first rule of any conspiracy, secrecy! People have been writing about a Jewish Conspiracy for several hundred years! So, I believe we can take an active conspiracy off the table, at least a conspiracy led by men.

In any study one needs to take who is known in order to make logical inferences about what may be true and to rule out those alternatives that are probably not true. The Jewish culture traces its roots back to Abraham in the book of Genesis; however, its true cultural distinctives are formed in the book of Exodus. God chose the Hebrews, separated them from the Egyptians and led then out of Egypt, with Pharaoh’s permission, to Mount Horeb. It was here that they received their cultural distinctives in the form of the Mosaic Law, moral and ceremonial or cultic forms. The Passover is the oldest, continual tradition known in history and continues today even in the Christian realm, with some modifications. Yet, it was during this journey that also demonstrated their issues that continual to plague them to this day.

The Jews have always had a dichotic problem. While a remnant have looked to God for a future redemption (Ps 51:16-17), the vast majority have looked to the here and now for an earthly redemption. The Psalmist asked God why He deserted them while they were being led into the Babylonian Captivity (Ps 89:49)? They find their answer in recounting the events of their early years (Ps 106:40-43) and hope that He will not abandon them in the future when He recalls His covenant with Abraham (Ps 106:44-46). The Jewish culture believed that its destiny lay in an earthly heritage; thus, when Jesus came proclaiming Himself as God and their Messiah, it was outside of their understanding. There were a remnant who believed and these founded Christ’s Church, Christianity (salvation by grace alone, Christ alone, Bible alone, faith alone to God’s glory alone). Neither the Sadducees nor the Pharisees could comprehend a spiritual future apart from this physical, material creation; in fact, no religion can.

The Jewish culture is the oldest extant culture with extremely detailed philosophical writings. This body of knowledge is instilled in the Jewish people whether they claim to be religious or atheist with the aim of guiding the culture to a better future here on earth. The writings of their post Medieval philosophers discount a god while at the same time idealizing the goals enshrined in the Old Testament, the Talmud and the Mishnah. Their history of discrimination at the hands of all other cultures forced them to be a close-knit society until relatively recently. It was this history of discrimination that has given them their goal in modern history whether religious or attest. They desire to see the elimination of all discrimination and the equal distribution of wealth for the betterment of all peoples everywhere.

It was for this reason Marx, a Jew, wrote his economic philosophy that became the foundation for Communism and Socialism. It was for this reason that many of the Soviet Jews were instrumental in establishing Communism in the Russian kingdom. It was for this reason that many of the German Jews came to America both in the 19th and 20th centuries to form a progressive government that could achieve these aims by less violent means. These men and women formed a movement in the 20th century that saw the development of a nation to embody these goals for the world to see, a socialistic, progressive nation of Israel. Their cultural identity and historic teachings have brought about these many changes in our world.  Like leaven in dough, they have percolated throughout the Western world disseminating their truths.

To oppose them means that the opposition must necessarily oppose equality, democracy, general welfare of people and the rights of all people to enjoy the good fruits of progress with those who enjoy these benefits now sharing with those who do not enjoy these benefits. To oppose them puts the opposition in the camp of loving oppression, hating equality, being selfish and generally not sharing with anyone the goodness they have enjoyed. Does this sound like the rhetoric one hears nearly daily from the news outlets, the governments and even from the pulpits? How can anyone stand against sharing the benefits of progress with everyone?

The problem is that this is wrong question for it forces a conclusion that is not correct. There is a conspiracy but not at man’s level for no two men can keep a secret very long. The conspiracy is at the spiritual level with Satan being behind all moments as he brings them to a head in his own form of Gnostic religious government movement based on these same principles that were first embodied in the French Revolution: Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. They sound good but they are mutual contradictory with each other and with Scripture. For what all governments desire is to replace God with themselves and Satan then replaces them with himself. The Jews, in seeking the “good” apart from God have become the unwitting source of error in the modern world. It is for us not to hate them, attack them or discriminate against them in any manner; it is for us to take the Gospel to them just as Christ did, Paul did and even as Moses did in their early history.

In His due time, God will call forth a remnant of the Jewish people while He demonstrates His sovereignty just as He did in Exodus to Pharaoh and the Egyptians, the Assyrians, the Hittites and the other nations that later became kingdoms in the Axial Age, founding the religions based on the truths they learned from God’s work in Exodus and perverted into false religions (Buddhism, Confucius, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Hellenistic philosophy, etc). In that Day the remnant of Jews who are called of God will call out to Him Lord, and He will call them His people (Ze 13:8-9).

It is not for Christians to identify conspiracies, condemn the lost or even to seize power to “put the world right”! All these actions not only detract us from our only true mission of taking the Gospel to all nations (Mt 28:18-20), it makes us the helpers of Satan! It makes us the oppressors of people. It makes us the Hypocrites of the truth we claim to bring! It makes us the enemy of God!


Author: LeeS

Retired naval nurse, Dad, Husband, Christian who seeks to share the Bible with those who want more than the superficial milk given out in the majority of today's churches. God has taught me through hard experiences as well as through book learning (Master's of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry).