Government: One Body for All

Sinisterism: Defining Man’s
One Body Imitation of Christ

Continuing our discussion of socialism from last week (Government Without Socialism?) we need to understand the context of current events or we lose any sense of the big picture and simply run from one “crisis” to another. Since Lucifer is not the author of anything new we need to understand what he is attempting to copy in order to understand seemingly unrelated events and forces at work today.

Christ, through Paul, introduces the concept of the body of Christ (1Co 12:1-26). This relatively simple concept explains everything. Christ, infinite God, is the Head of the body and the Holy Spirit is the energizing force that unites the body based on the will of the Father. This means that there is only one body as there is only one Christ, one Spirit and one Father (Ep 4:4-6). Christ defines entry into the body based solely upon His sacrifice for sin. This eliminates any and every aspect of human endeavor; thus, all can equally enter the body because it does not depend on smarts, ability, opportunity or chance. Christ does the saving based on His will, not on man’s works (Ro 9:14-16). Yet, Christ does not demand that everyone be equally the same. Each person saved, in His body, fulfills an essential function just as the different cells in our bodies serve distinct yet vital functions; some are nerves, some muscles, some digestive and so forth. Thus, there is equality of opportunity and preservation of individuality.

Lucifer cannot duplicate God as he is both finite and not God. Yet, he seeks to duplicate God’s body concept though it is perverted by his sinful understanding. Sinful man, all are born in sin thus this includes everyone, accepts Lucifer’s sinful body concept copying it as he understands it via his respectful ethnic, cultural  and governmental implementations. This then becomes sinisterism; Lucifer has the same goals via various implementations to achieve one goal – dethrone God. Though we think of Lucifer as very powerful and intelligent placing him in a near god status; the truth is he is little smarter than us. The difference, he has continued since his creation in the same form altered only by his sin. We on the other hand have shorter lives and therefore much more limited understanding. In addition, he is spirit so he understands the true reality much better than we who are bound in this physical empirical reality and cannot direct perceive the spiritual.

Lucifer sees himself as the head of the body he is learning to create in imitation of Christ’s body. His minions, fallen angels {demons}, assist him in imitation of the Holy Spirit though much more imperfectly. Lucifer’s bizarro body has certain imitations that have become more succinctly defined in the past 200 years or so. With the development of the industrial age man became further fragmented as evidenced by his various political parties. For instance, in the ancient Roman society there were noble farmers who were also the politicians and the generals preserving the social order. There were those who were not noble but necessary to social well being and we would think of them as a middle class though they would not have understand that concept. There were the peasants who farmed the lands of the nobles and finally there were slaves who, if they had the skills, were the artisans, family caretakers and unskilled workers necessary to Roman society. This was perpetuated in medieval society along with the introduction of scholars and church clergy (Roman Catholic/Greek Orthodox).

The Reformation along with the Industrial Age upset this social order fragmenting man into various other orders such as a true middle class, industrial working class and an agrarian worker class with the slave class slowly being dissolved. The 19th century saw this term accelerated and the growth of what has become socialism: Lucifer’s grand single philosophy to compete against Christ’s gospel salvation. This single unifying concept has been refined during the past 150 years or so to be inclusive of every group except true believers and practitioners of the Gospel of Christ. The above book details this  term and how the various labels have prevent people from understanding this simple concept. Lucifer is forming his own body which has many, many more members than Christ’s body of saved believers. In fact, everyone born is born into his body since all are born in sin (Ep 2:1-3).

Unfortunately, Lucifer’s definition of equality means that everyone must be the same to receive the same. Anyone who is different by definition is not equal and therefore must be forced to be equal. His ultimate plan is to have everyone worship him as god. However, before reaching that goal seeks to unify every religion about  a common unifying doctrine: gnosticism. This is the stage we currently live in. The last major holdout is Islam yet even as the more extreme elements attempt to dominate they are being self-eliminated and will soon become irrelevant; any doctrine that depends on destroying its faithful adherents cannot long endure.

As socialism is Lucifer’s gospel, he does not have to induce people to join, they are automatically born into his body of sin. He only needs to unify the various factions into one equality mass. Those who are “born again” are removed from Lucifer’s body and grafted into Christ’s body. This is an irreversible one-way process (one cannot lose one’s salvation). Each socialistic fashion is like the blind men trying to describe an elephant, each can only describe from their own limited perspective. The American socialistic system is perhaps the most successful as it has the least force and the most inducements (we call them freedoms). The study of the American governmental changes reveals how Lucifer intends to implement his global socialism via the same inducements and finally by application of force (Armageddon).

This brings us back to Rousseau’s “Social Compact” which began our discussion last week. There is no voluntary agreement to join a social compact but an enslavement to each government’s form of socialism. One cannot resign from government encroachment but can only change from one government system to another (where could one go and be free from the slavery to one’s sinful nature which is the fundamental issue?). If the history of mankind tells us anything it illustrates the truth of the Bible much to the consternation of Lucifer and those in his body.

So, what is a Christian to do? Follow Christ who did not rebel against authority nor did He countenance His followers to rebel either. His commission to His body: Preach the gospel of salvation, baptize believers into His body and continue this process until He returns. In the 19th century Great Britain saw itself as the  chosen nation of God. In the 20th century America saw itself as the chosen nation of God. In truth, neither were chosen nations of God. The present Israel is a Zionist misanthrope masquerading as the ancient theocracy of God, which it is not. There is no such nation as a godly nation. There are only individuals who are called out to be members of Christ’s body. We are to herald the message of truth and light to a dark and dangerous world which hates the light. To have any other worldview is to reject the truth of Scripture and build an anti-Christ gospel that glorifies self making one a false teach following the way and error of Balaam.

Author: LeeS

Retired naval nurse, Dad, Husband, Christian who seeks to share the Bible with those who want more than the superficial milk given out in the majority of today's churches. God has taught me through hard experiences as well as through book learning (Master's of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry).