Foolishness of God or Men

Integration of Science and Magic
Is the Integration of Gnosticism

The power of modern media to legitimize the integration of science {string theory} and magic {gnosticism} reveals the foolishness of men who reject the what they call the “foolishness” of the Bible {Gospel}.

The movie, Dr. Strange, accomplished in two hours what could not be accomplished in centuries – integration of science {atheism} with magic {paganism} to produce a “believable” {acceptable} story for all faiths to accept. Why would I say this?

Since the Enlightenment, science has sought to throw off the entanglements of the Bible. People who promoted the empirical approach as the only legitimate approach to understand creation stopped trying to understand truth to concentrate only on the “practical” aspects of scientific discoveries. They have been impressive indeed; however, they were not a substitute for truth. During the 20th century many claimed science could reveal morality, truth, but could not “prove” their claims. People need a basis for believing; they became hungry for religions. Atheism, Buddhism, Taoism, and others were offered up as substitutes for the Bible. But many were not convinced of these forms of “truth”. Marvel managed to take the gnosticism of science and blend it with the gnosticism of paganism to teach the world the truth of Gnosticism which underlies all false faiths.

For all complexities, so-called,
String Theory is just faith

When the “Ancient One” describes the multiverse to Dr. Strange, she is doing nothing more than teaching  String Theory, which we covered in previous posts. No matter how complicated people become in describing it the essence of this theory is that it exists only in the minds of the believers – it cannot be proved, observed or demonstrated. It can only be understood by those who have grasped its precepts (believed) while everyone else must take their word for its truths. Does any of this sound like the objections atheists usually posit against Christianity? These adherents claim science can explain that which is not observable, and therefore, not measurable. Thus, it must be accepted simply on faith. Any math developed to explain string theory cannot be provable because the results are not measurable. How does one know if there are parallel universes if one cannot detect them? If results are not verifiable then they must be accepted on faith; the very objection raised against the Gospel!

The problem is not the work of fiction, Dr. Strange. The major issue is the conflation of empirical knowledge with faith which by definition is beyond the realm of science. Yet, scientists have entered a realm that merges the two together; yet, by doing this they have lost the legitimacy to declare which faith is true and which is not true {biased}. Of course they continue to insist that their faith is the only true faith. This movie shows that there is a short leap of credulity from one faith to the true faith that encompasses all faiths. String theory bows to the deeper truth of Gnosticism promoting it as the greater faith to embrace.

Solomon wrote that there is nothing new under the sun (Ec 1:9). Ancient man’s worldview explained his environment but because he did not develop the devices we possess today, we call ancient man ignorant and ourselves, enlightened. Pythagorus is credited with the blending of the various worldviews (religions) of his day into a coherent form that eventually gave rise to what is today called, Gnosticism. From the beliefs of Pythagorus arose the philosophies of Socrates to Plato to Aristotle. From these Greco-Roman philosophies arose Enlightened philosophy that eventually divided to become both philosophy and science. Finally, in our day we see these streams flow back together, harmonizing themselves against the Gospel. See, there is nothing new under the sun. We have become what they were. The only difference is that the stage dressing has changed. They had an agrarian society while we have an industrialized, urban society. They worked on a small-scale, while today’s nations play their games across the globe wrecking destruction and violence in nearly all lands. The common denominator of all beliefs other than the true gospel of the Bible is embodied in Gnosticism. The belief that men will be gods in spiritual form at some future time. We can get there now if only we could believe the “right” truth.

These entertainments are international vehicles carrying this philosophy across political lines into nearly every culture. They proliferation of this common underlying philosophy quickly becomes assimilated by people altering their morality, their sense of right and wrong. Man is not neutral. Man seeks to have only one truth because allowing the Gospel truth condemns all other philosophies as wrong, as anti-God. Now, God does need man. God does not need Man to believe in Him to verify His existence. God seeks to save man from his own foolishness (Ro 1:18-32). But, man will not be saved; therefore, God will save some even against their will (Ro 3:10-18).

The Lost call the Gospel Foolishness
God calls worldly truth Foolishness

I am greatly distressed that the world calls the Gospel foolishness because of what it means to their future eternity. They have merely exchanged one faith for another while claiming legitimacy based on material developments. They justify their claims based on “love”; yet, it is a strange love that produces only violence, especially towards those with whom they disagree. How does God promote His love? God did not demand that men die for their sin. God did not demand that men change their lives for Him {in fact, it is impossible for man to change without God’s direct intervention}. God Himself died to save men (Ro 5:6-11). Man only recognizes the truth as evidenced by repenting and confessing (receiving) Christ (Ro 10:9-10).

By promoting String Theory, with its subsequent marriage to Gnosticism, man loses all claim to empirical truth as a basis for rejecting the Gospel. Man lives by faith. This is indisputable truth. The issue is never one of faith; it is one of which faith. There is faith in Christ or there is faith in man which is really submission to the slavery of Satan. Claiming to be free, man enslaves himself to the fruits of sin in all its degradation. By slaughtering those who follow Christ, by persecuting those who profess faith in the Bible, man proves his own foolishness even those he calls the Gospel foolish. Do not remain captive to this world or its empty philosophies but turn to Christ Who will give you the peace of soul all people long to enjoy (Col 2:8).

Author: LeeS

Retired naval nurse, Dad, Husband, Christian who seeks to share the Bible with those who want more than the superficial milk given out in the majority of today's churches. God has taught me through hard experiences as well as through book learning (Master's of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry).