Anti-Immigration Phenomenon, Again


Anti-Immigration Rhetoric Common in U.S.

The storm of anti-immigrationalism sweeping not only America but Western Culture in general is nothing new in itself but the forces behind this smoke screen are ominous indeed. The controversy seems to center about differences between the nativists {those who are already in place} and the immigrants {those who want to join those already in place}.

Evolutionary beginnings of man cannot account for differences in peoples {cultural, social, racial, etc.}; however, the Bible can and does. Prejudice began with Cain who separated himself from those who followed God to join those who “wandered” {meaning of Nod} from God and those who followed Him (Ge 4:16-22). He is the “father of civilization” with the development of urban centers, music, husbandry and metallurgy. After the Cataclysm {Flood} man again formed a unified society against the command of God.

Babel was the cultural, social, governmental center of the new post-diluvial society. It was also a single society built on one truth based on the deification of the one ruler as the intercessor between the society and god(s). Thus, there could be only one truth for everyone. In this environment the truth of God would have been eliminated, there would have been no Messiah and there would be no salvation for mankind. The division of man into at least three language groups was also a change in the worldview of those in each of these language groups. Now, these groups could have worked out their differences but there was one issue – sin. Sinful man cannot tolerate difference; thus, these groups separated from each other. As they further subdivided based on perceived differences such as racial, religious, cultural, social and language they further separated. The result is that man spread throughout the globe (Ge 11:1-9). Was God the author of prejudice? No, man’s sin was the author then and now of man’s prejudices.


America’s “Melting Pot” Theme
Was Always Exclusionary

American education since the early 19th century, beginning of public education, has taught that America was the “melting pot” of all cultures, ethnicities, and religions who came here. In fact, this was never the case. Public education was the means by which government developed a body of citizens who were homogeneous socially, culturally, religiously and ethnically. American public schools, begun first in New England, were specifically designed to develop primarily white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant{WASPs} (IndoctriNation). Anyone outside of this mold was excluded either overtly or covertly. This did not begin with America. The Roman Empire began the concept of legal citizenship to exclude those undesirables who were not of the proper ethnic, cultural and social origin. As conditions in the Empire changed; i.e., they needed more people and money, the Empire began to sell citizenships. Any children fathered by a citizen automatically became citizens themselves {Paul in the book of Acts}. As the Western Empire fell into decline these concepts became embodied in the kingdoms cropping up in Medieval Europe. As the post-Medieval nation-states came into existence citizenship determined legitimate citizens from foreigners {immigrants}. We think the concept refers to merely a legal technicality but in practice legitimacy is nearly always along cultural, religious, ethnic and social lines. Thus, man’s sin excludes those who do not sin as they do {birds of a feather flock together} (Ro 1:28-32). The “melting pot” analogy was nothing more than propaganda teaching children that they were not prejudice when in fact they were being trained in prejudice. The American education system was actually an import from Europe and modeled on the Prussian public education system.


Today’s rhetoric hides the true issue:
Anti-Immigration is a smokescreen

Though this past presidential election in America appeared to be unique with immigration a core issue, it is far from unique in any modern nation-state. Forces opposing each other in the immigration issue are missing the true issue which opposes both factions. In America, anti-immigration forces claim illegal aliens are “stealing” jobs from nativists; however, if there are jobs available then the nativists did not want them or there would be no available jobs. The issue is one of costs. Do you want to pay $2.00 for a head of lettuce or $5.00 {example}? Nativists are expensive to hire and price goods out of the market. Government then limits imports, which are cheaper, forcing prices up even more and reducing quality. People then want the government to fix prices keeping food affordable which forces lower quality and so the spiral goes. Notice, the issue is not about jobs, it is about prejudice. The nativists do not want immigrants in because they do not have the same values. The immigrants do not want to be like the nativists, expressing their own prejudices. The actual winner: larger government!

Dover immigration protest

British Anti-Immigration Rally

Nazi Dress Up

German Anti-Immigration Cartoon
Erecting Fears of Growing Fascism

Islam only fuels the anti-immigration movements because of its very violent factions which have produced some dramatic results. Labeled as Islamic fundamentalism, ISIS, or more commonly, terrorists, their willingness to commit violence against non-believers have encouraged anti-immigration movements in Western nations. Now, this is not to say that there is not anti-immigration policies in other nations such as Communist China and Russia but they deal with these issues in a more direct manner than Western nations. What is the result of these movements?

Religions as Unity

Unity Has a Price
Elimination of God’s Truth

The Anti-Immigration movements are, at their core, anti-globalization movements. They, like ancient China, “protect” their borders to keep immigrants out. This means they must also control those within their borders so that only their “truth” is available. Thus, the erection of images of Fascism and charges of hate mongering, and fear of progress. The “pro immigration” movements claim the high moral ground yet they are morally no better if not worse! They seek to use immigrants as vote farms to eradicate national sovereignties in the creation of a global sovereign entity. Expressing the unity of all peoples in evolving ever upward they actually seek to accomplish the same aims as their counterparts. They want to control information so that only their brand of truth is available. They seek to minimize divergent religions under the banner of a single unifying “faith” {Gnosticism} that includes all who agree with its spiritual truth of elevating the inner person. In other words, both groups seek accomplish the same goals, eradication of God’s Gospel of salvation.

Christians should understand that the Gospel transcends cultural, religious, ethnic divisions to unify all believers in Christ. The book of Acts shows how the Gospel spread from Jerusalem to the outer reaches of the Roman Empire and beyond. As Christians we should support the government in which we live as it promotes biblical good and punishes evil (Ro 13:1-7). Yet, we recognize that ALL governments are the product of sinful man and can only produce evil results. Unlike Augustine, we are not here to make a world for God; like Abraham, we are strangers here sharing the truth of the Gospel looking for a world to come (He 11:13-16). Christians should not be supporting either side. We do not reject people based on cultural, ethnic, religious or social beliefs but neither do we accept such beliefs when they promote sin. We are to live different and so attract those to us whom God has called. How can we attract anyone when we promote the suppression of truth? Yet, we will be hated by both because we live the truth of the Gospel which is against both sides. Remember, the issue is not immigration but suppression of the truth of God by Satan under the banner of unity. Sounds suspiciously like those events at Babel before God intervened. It is not surprising that the European Union’s headquarters is built like an artist’s rendition of the Tower of Babel. As Christians we cannot change the direction God has allowed but we can pluck people from the fire for the glory of God (Jude 20-23). We cannot do this if we are caught up in the rhetoric that hides the truth (2Th 2:5-12). We can only do this through the power and truth of Christ apart from our own understanding (Jude 24-25). Amen!

Author: LeeS

Retired naval nurse, Dad, Husband, Christian who seeks to share the Bible with those who want more than the superficial milk given out in the majority of today's churches. God has taught me through hard experiences as well as through book learning (Master's of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry).