America: Revolution or Evolution


In 1776 the America Revolution
Was the First Nation-State from Scratch

In 1776 an amazing thing occurred, a set of divergent colonies decided to form a nation-state basically out of nothing. Until this time nation-states were formed from monarchies to one extent or another. The nation-states was a new development in government born out of the philosophies of the Enlightenment era.

The nation-state was more efficient than the earlier monarchies in the more important areas of finance, warfare, and change; i.e., the coming industrial revolution would not have occurred without the changes embodied in the nation-state. Two decades later when France would try to develop a nation-state out of a monarchy things went disastrously wrong because their foundation was wrong. They tried to based a nation-state solely on the reason of man. The inherent sinful nature of man, unfettered by the new nation-state, resulted in the massacre of tens of thousands in executions and deprivations. Yet, like the American Revolution, the French Revolution did not end but morphed into the Soviet Revolution. In fact, there are still areas of the globe where nation-state development is occurring and as always, these are violent births.

Why is this important to Americans? Well, Americans tend to turn every election into a referendum on the original Revolution. Each side tries to prove that it embodies the “true” ideals of the Founding Fathers. This past election was no exception. The great uninformed electorate “votes” for the candidate that embodies their conception of returning to the “ideals of the original revolution”. Ms Clinton campaigned on equality while Mr Trump campaigned on liberty. Their followers, intolerant of the other, seek to crush dissent legally or illegally. Now that Mr Trump has secured the presidency all followers are becoming increasingly strident, volatile and sometimes violent. Yet, what is the electorate missing?


This veiled threat could apply to either side
The implicit threat is revolution if I do not get my way!

I submit that the American Revolution never ended either; it left too many unanswered questions that are still being debated today. The obvious issue not answered was slavery. How can a revolution for freedom leave so many people not free? This question dominated American politics until it resulted in “Lincoln’s War” to end slavery, or at least that became its’ battle cry. The true issue not resolved was the center of power. The Articles of Confederation developed from the sovereign will of the states. However, it was imperfect and a convention was called to amend its weakest points. The delegates to this convention ignored their instructions and developed a totally new government embodied in the Constitution; another American Revolution. This aggravated the problem of power. The States gave more of their power to the new central government. This antagonism continued under the guise of slavery and eventually erupted into war. Who is going to be the center of power: states or federal governments. That issue was decided and later decisions have migrated nearly complete power to the federal government. The issue in not President Obama ruling by fiat, this was effective under President Lincoln and pushed again under President’s Wilson and FD Roosevelt. Every president since has ruled by fiat increasing the power of the federal government; i.e., the presidency at the expense of the other branches and the states. Both recent candidates promised to preserve “freedom” by limiting “freedom” and adherents promised revolution if they did not get their way. This is occurring daily both in entertainment and in the streets. Yet, both sides are being deceived (it would be easy to say by the “one ring of power”) by the central seat of power.


Today’s Issues are not about Revolution
But about Evolution from a Nation-State into Globalism

As slavery was the momentous issue that allowed power to be transferred from the states to the federal government finally to reside in the hands of the president; so immigration is the momentous issue of our time. It became the “bogeyman” of the early 20th century and continues today. The “War on Terror” is nothing more than a war against others who are different. The violent Islam movement is nothing more than the birthing pangs of Islamic nations moving into the nation-state era. Their populist and uncoordinated efforts inflict more death and destruction on themselves than anyone else. However, their uncontrolled destruction inside of other nation-states have created crises allowing the powers of these nation-states to migrate into the hands of the few to “protect” the majority. Why?

When President Wilson sought to have America ratify his “League of Nations” the Republican majority refused because they did not want to give up national sovereignty. The ambiguity of the Great War migrated into the Second World War and silenced opposition to any such league. Thus, after this war the “United Nations” was born. It was modeled on the United States since the Civil War. Divergent sovereign states submit to a central power which promises freedom, safety, and prosperity. The nation-state model has been very violent with the 20th century being the bloodiest in known history. The frequent random, intense violence of the Islamic movement compels nations to evolve into entities under the collective security of the United Nations commonly labeled as globalism.

While Ms Clinton would have moved us more openly toward globalism; President-elect Trump will move us as quickly though more clandestinely toward the same goal. He has already said he will keep aspects of Obamacare in place and that he will not pursue Ms Clinton’s email improprieties as president. He has already said he will act unilaterally in several areas of business and immigration showing that he will retain the power Obama, Bush and others have gathered into the office of Presidency and expand them! One side is afraid that his goals will not be their goals so they seek to use free speech to quash free speech (it’s only free speech when one group speaks but is “hate” speech when said by the other group). The pro-Trump faction is equally strident about eliminating dissent under the guise of fascism, patriotism, “America, Love or Leave it”! Sound familiar?

What is the problem with globalism? Not counting the issues of inefficiency of huge bureaucracies there is the issue of truth. We have already felt the power of the state in the establishment of pseudo-sciences as absolute truths, especially in education. I refer to evolution and psychology/psychiatry. The fundamental “truths” of these two is that they were established specifically to combat the truth of Scriptures. The fact that Scriptural views are not allowed in state education means that students are indoctrinated in anti-biblical, anti-God views leaving them only the truth of the state. Now, apply this to a collective of nations and you have a real nightmare. In Germany it is illegal to home school your children. Imagine that coming to America as laws are homogenized along the lines most conducive to the new international entity (majority rule). This is one reason why Islam has radical elements, they reject their children receiving atheistic education though they hate difference and want everyone to be like them-gospeless.

A world without the gospel becomes a much more violent world. While globalism promises peace, it implies that those who are not compliant are terrorists and thus enemies of the state. Remember, that Satan seeks to quell the Gospel and the more power, and information, is centralized the easier it is to control. The U.S. Army has already placed Christians above Islamic terrorists on its list of domestic dangers. We are living in the last days of our republic government. When we become a democracy in practice then it will be rule by majority; thus, minorities must be eliminated. Imagine this on a global scale. Both sides have the same cry, “Be like me or be gone”! Christ says come as you are. He doesn’t say be like Me, but “Come and be saved whosoever” (Jo 12:46; Ac 2:21Re 22:17). You cannot come if the truth cannot be found. Think not revolution but evolution as the world has changed around you before you ever realized. This also means those who come will be different from you. If you reject them because they are different how are you being Christian. Were not each of us different from Christ? Both revolution and evolution claim love but God’s love is neither revolutionary or evolutionary; it is immutable. It was given to each of us and we are to share it with whomsoever will listen. Are you looking for, whomsoever or just someone life you?

Author: LeeS

Retired naval nurse, Dad, Husband, Christian who seeks to share the Bible with those who want more than the superficial milk given out in the majority of today's churches. God has taught me through hard experiences as well as through book learning (Master's of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry).