Faith Affects Government, Always

What You Were Never Supposed to Learn
How Evangelicalism Ruined America

One of the most important factoids I learned from reading Murray Rothbard’s book, The Progressive Era (Mises Institute. 2017.), was the impact of faith on government. In short, the joining of morality and government power to create a godly society is the history of America. In a nutshell, this is postmillennialism put into practice, this is America today gone wrong. Continue reading “Faith Affects Government, Always”

Why Eschatology Matters

Postmillennialism Believes Christians
Will Make a Better World for People

Postmillennialism is the belief that Christians through the Church will bring mankind into a moral utopia that grows better and better until Christ returns to reward those who live so morally. This eschatological (end times) view suffered serious setbacks at the beginning of the 20th century due to the death and devastation of both World Wars and the world-wide effects of the Great Depression. Many Christians and non-Christians believe that one’s eschatological beliefs are of little consequence in everyday life; however, the Progressive Movement and today’s globalization movement are a direct result of Postmillennialism’s pervasive influence.
Continue reading “Why Eschatology Matters”

Nihilism: Tool of Fascism


Wonder Why Nothing Makes Sense?
Welcome to the 20th Century

Nihilism has been the foil used to promote globalization by a variety of methods but with one very clear goal: to rob man of purpose until only one answer remained – Fascism. Continue reading “Nihilism: Tool of Fascism”

Islam: Illogic of Contradictory Dualism

Western Minds Think in Unitary Logic
Two Concepts Cannot Be Contradictory and True

The Western Mind or Worldview has been trained in the Judeo-Christian:Greco-Roman tradition of logic. Through the use of the Bible we have been taught a unitary value set based on the Ten Words {Ten Commandments} (Ex 20:1-17). This is a system of absolute right and wrong; i.e., lying is not truth and truth is not deceit. In addition, Scripture also taught that this one set of right and wrong applies to everyone without exception (Ex 12:49). The last leg of this unitary logic was given by Christ, “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Le 19:17-18Mk 12:31). Continue reading “Islam: Illogic of Contradictory Dualism”

Animalism of Modern Philosophy

Animalism is Philosophical Viewpoint
All Men are Basically Animals – Evolution

Let us obey the First Law of Logic (Identity) and define our term. Animalism is the philosophical doctrine that humans are animals in their essential identity and are persons only through their contingent (conditional properties) properties (Free Dictionary). The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy discusses that being human does not necessarily make you human; i.e., you can be an animal but not human such as those in a persistent vegetative state or a fetus to give two examples. Continue reading “Animalism of Modern Philosophy”

Fractals Killed Scientific Atheism

Mandelbrot Changed Man’s Perspective
About Science more than he realized

Benoit Mandelbrot, Polish Jew, was the man who developed the concept of fractals and singlehandedly changed how man would view science. His family moved to France pre-WWII and he specialized in mathematics. He had the ability, talent, to view algebraic formulas in three dimensional figures. Continue reading “Fractals Killed Scientific Atheism”

Foolishness of God or Men

Integration of Science and Magic
Is the Integration of Gnosticism

The power of modern media to legitimize the integration of science {string theory} and magic {gnosticism} reveals the foolishness of men who reject the what they call the “foolishness” of the Bible {Gospel}. Continue reading “Foolishness of God or Men”

Science as Religion

Science as a Definition of Truth
Abandoned on Shore of Faith

Natural philosophy began in the Enlightenment to define the “truth” of physical reality apart from God (religion). As discussed in our last post (Evolutionary Morality an Oxymoron) scientific attempts to explain morality have been futile. This post will show that the concreteness of science is an illusion fed to the public as an antidote against religion when in fact, science is itself a religion. Thus, atheism which claims to be scientific and distinct from religion is a religion! Continue reading “Science as Religion”

Evolutionary Morality an Oxymoron

If Morality Arose from Humanity
Then Humanity Defines Morality

This is an example of circular reasoning, an informal logical fallacy. The conclusion arises from the cause and the cause defines the conclusion; the problem, one has not made a case for the conclusion based on provable premises. Unfortunately, this logical error occurs all too frequently in discussions, especially in the media where time is of the essence so various stereotypical images or types are substituted as proof for one’s forced dilemma conclusion (yes, another logical fallacy). Continue reading “Evolutionary Morality an Oxymoron”

Satan: Asking the Wrong Questions?


Since Satan a Major Agent in Sanctification
Is he then our Friend?

In our last two posts I have laid the foundation to ask the question, “Is Satan our friend or foe in our sanctification?” This is the forced conclusion of the two suppositions: 1) Man has no free will and 2) Satan the major agent in testing us, preparing us through the sanctification process. Continue reading “Satan: Asking the Wrong Questions?”