War to Begin All Wars-WWI and Beyond

American and German Enlistment Posters
Posit the same Demand-Die for the Government

World War One (WWI) did not begin as an American war but as a European war; however, America entered the war to advance its Progressive agenda at the cost of tens of thousands of lives of its soldiers.

Americans were taught in their government public schools that their country entered the war to avenge Germany’s sinking of the Lusitania which killed over one hundred innocent Americans sailing on an unarmed passenger ship to Europe. The truth is more sinister than that.

England was using civilian passenger ships to run the German blockade ladened with war supplies. This was illegal under the Geneva Treaty as it endangered civilians. The Germans were also suffering under the British blockade but were unable to lift the blockade due to their inferior navy; thus, they turned to submarine warfare to effect their own effective blockade. The Lusitania was in New York and would sail for Britain. Germany placed ads in many newspapers in major American cities advising Americans not to sail abroad this ship which was known to carry war materials and thus would come under attack according to international laws. The Americans who boarded the Lusitania chose to ignore these clear warnings as did the American government. True to their promise the Lusitania was sunk in 1916. The fact that President Wilson did not cry foul after the sinking showed that everyone knew of British complicity and flagrant violation of international laws. So, why did President Wilson later use this sinking as the reason for America to enter WWI?

President Wilson was advised that the socialistic Progressive agenda could not be implemented in peace time but it could be implemented, and accepted, if it was disguised as war time measures necessary to defeat the brutal, subhuman Huns {name for Germans at that time}. President Wilson was a sanctimonious, know it all Progressive who believed that government’s role was to make society better through science by eliminating the evil ignorant confusion of laissez faire commerce that fared better under less government rather than more government. Thus, President Wilson agitated for war using the Lusitania incident supported by the Progressives in Congress and America entered the war because of a lie.

The Propaganda Posters Conflated
Civilian and Military Roles

Less one would cry “foul” at our government entering a war against the will of its people the opposite was the case. Businesses that found protection under government agencies from the forces of competition welcomed the call for war. These businesses saw this as an opportunity to fix prices {ensure high profits}, control labor who also agreed with the call for war which would fix wages and prevent competition from Europe and domestic  sources. The focus of the Progressive Era was not on reform, though that was the frequent false flag used to pass its agenda, but on the growth of government to control all aspects of society. Only government had the resources to control business, labor, market forces to provide those products and services it deemed necessary. Citizens were expected, and rewarded, for accepting the wisdom of government above the confusion of the market place. The up and coming intellectuals were pressed into government service to legitimize and support this agenda which they did with gusto since it provided them with power, prestige and of course, steady wages. Thus, with great fanfare America entered WWI on a lie to foster an agenda at home and abroad that would last beyond The Great War.

While Bands are Playing No One Remembers
It’s Soldiers Who Pay the Price-Not Governments

Lincoln’s War {Civil War} gave the world an indication of the cost of modern warfare; which it ignored. WWI was not just a modern war with modern weapons but it was an industrialized war conscripting large armies sustained for interminable years of carnage. WWI was fought not by republics seeking to preserve the power of the people. It was the first war fought by socialized governments on all sides to further the socialistic agenda no matter the cost, and the cost was high. The suffering of those who went to war is beyond telling, beyond imagination. Days of artillery shelling, {shell shocks}, use of chemical weapons {slow, agonizing chemical burns to skin and lungs} and the infestation of lice {cooties}, rats and other vermin while in the trenches of dirt and mud. The terror of “going  over the top” to face unremitting bullet barrages that mowed down entire divisions of men. Warfare on this scale had not been seen in the history of man but each side fought on. Into this man-made hell America thrust its troops in order to advance its domestic socialistic agenda and the hope of bringing the world under a single socialistic government under the nationalistic name: League of Nations. What did America accomplish?

America’s entry into WWI brought a conclusion to the war but not as envisioned. The Allies forced a vindictive peace on Germany which believed itself betrayed by subversive elements in its own culture {Jews}. This would lead to another, even more destructive war: World War II (WWII). America pushed for its League of Nations which many nations did join but America would not because the Republican Senate refused to give up American sovereignty by ratifying the treaty. After WWII America would agitate for and join an even more assertive form of globalization called the United Nations that continues today.

America rolled back much of its Progressive socialistic agenda after WWI; however, the die had been cast. People were conditioned to seek answers from government rather than from themselves. Faith in science, technology and the intelligentsia superseded faith in God. Many of the socialistic “reforms” of WWI would be reinstated in various degrees during America’s next societal crisis of its own making: The Great Depression. These socialistic forces would remain integrated into American society; a new normal had been established signaling the end of the republic form of government began under the Constitution. WWI laid the foundation for government as we experience it today. To understand the issues today requires understanding their foundations. Much of the discussions today are silly and ignorant because the true causes are unknown and the expressed goals are conflated into political sound bites.

Christians must understand that these influences are to be expected. Governments do not serve God, which was the error of the pietistic, postmillennialist Americans of the 19th century. Governments are not preparing a better society to hasten the return of Christ. Governments are instruments of Lucifer preparing for the coming of his representative, the Antichrist who opposes Christ and His Gospel of salvation. Christians conflate church and nation, gospel and government. They worship the very instruments of government, the police and military, which will be sent out to destroy those who refuse to give up the Gospel of Christ. We are to live in this world while preparing for the kingdom to come. We live and teach the Gospel without agitating for or against governments; such was the example of Christ which Paul and Peter followed and so should we (Jo 18:33-37). America is not and never has been a godly nation {Treaty of Tripoli}. America has enjoyed a higher standard of living than any other nation in the world but she has also done more to advance godlessness as much as, if not more so, than any other nation. As Christians, as new creations in Christ (2Co 5:17), we are citizens of the kingdom to come. Unfortunately, I fear that too many see themselves as citizens of a country involved in advancing its agenda even if that requires war {holy war since advancing a government’s agenda also advances the country’s religion which informs its morality}. This only leads to nihilism and destruction (2Th 2:9-12; 2Ti 3:1-5; 4:3-5).

End of War is not Victory but Nihilism
Wars do not bring Peace-Only more wars

Author: LeeS

Retired naval nurse, Dad, Husband, Christian who seeks to share the Bible with those who want more than the superficial milk given out in the majority of today's churches. God has taught me through hard experiences as well as through book learning (Master's of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry).