War to Begin All Wars-WWI and Beyond

American and German Enlistment Posters
Posit the same Demand-Die for the Government

World War One (WWI) did not begin as an American war but as a European war; however, America entered the war to advance its Progressive agenda at the cost of tens of thousands of lives of its soldiers. Continue reading “War to Begin All Wars-WWI and Beyond”

Unity – The New Intolerance

Political Myth

The Electorate Fears Political Disunity
Yet, By Definition Different Political Views

Must Be Different, thus, Disunity

Much is being written about the recent spat of publicity surrounding the shootings both by the police and of the police. There are true and false positions on both sides of these issues. I listened in uncomfortable discomfiture when both political representatives spoke, both at the memorial and in other venues. Continue reading “Unity – The New Intolerance”