What is Truth in Politics?

Christ Questioned by Pilate about Christ’s Kingdom of Truth – What is Truth, Pilate asks?

At the trial of Christ Pilate asks Christ about the charge of being, “King of the Jews” (Jo 18:33-38)? Christ replies that His kingdom is not of this world; therefore, by implication, it is not a threat to Rome. He, Christ, has come to bear witness to the truth of His kingdom. Pilate makes the famous statement, “What is truth?” Every person’s worldview answers this question; however, the validity of the answer reveals whether one has sought the only absolute truth or has fabricated his, or her, own truths in support of their now agendas. Continue reading “What is Truth in Politics?”

Lying – The State of All Nations

Lying Gossip Words

The Essence of Man’s Communications
Lie, Gossip, Hate, Steal

During this presidential election year I am amazed at the lack of biblical understanding Christians display. My basic premise is that all people are sinful (Christians are saved sinners who still sin), sinful people form governments that mirror their sinfulness, people who lead those governments are sinners who mirror the electorate who allow them to lead. Continue reading “Lying – The State of All Nations”