Father of Christmas Past, Present and Future

Popular Cartoon of Santa Claus by
Thomas Nash 1881 in America

Nothing is more enduring in America today than the gnostic mythos of Santa Claus and the supposed holiday {holy day} of Christmas. I could opine about the gnostic values of Christmas being antithetical to biblical Christian truths but no one, saved or lost, cares as long as they can wax nostalgic on this holiday {Merry Gnostic Christmas}. Facts concerning this pagan celebration are lost on even the most pietist believing Christian who worships the power of the state to bring about God’s kingdom on earth. This is probably the basis for Christians and non-Christians uniting around this mystic figure. Continue reading “Father of Christmas Past, Present and Future”

Fallaciousness of Autonomy

This Painting: Temptation of Eve
Depicts the Lack of Clarity of this Sin

When Lucifer encountered Woman {Eve} in the Garden she was in her pre-sin state. Her mind, unlike ours, was unclouded by sin. She could reason more clearly, more fully, than we can possibly envision; therefore, the question becomes, “How was she deceived?” Herein lies the tale that affects us especially today in our 21st century postmodern worldview: the fallaciousness of autonomy. Continue reading “Fallaciousness of Autonomy”

How Feminism Was Tricked into Increasing State Power

This Corollary Should Never be Forgotten:
State Always Acts to  Increase Its Power

In the beginning there was a man and a woman. The woman was to be protected by the man. A trickster entered the screen and tricked the woman into taking an independent action that he claimed would make her independent. She did; it did not. The man saw the event, allowed it to occur, participated himself as he liked the outward result but when confronted by his superior he took no responsibility seeking to make the woman totally responsible. Sound familiar? Story of sin! Continue reading “How Feminism Was Tricked into Increasing State Power”

Satan: Asking the Wrong Questions?


Since Satan a Major Agent in Sanctification
Is he then our Friend?

In our last two posts I have laid the foundation to ask the question, “Is Satan our friend or foe in our sanctification?” This is the forced conclusion of the two suppositions: 1) Man has no free will and 2) Satan the major agent in testing us, preparing us through the sanctification process. Continue reading “Satan: Asking the Wrong Questions?”

Fallacy of Free


This is an example of a Logical Fallacy
The False Dilemma Excludes

Another Possibility: Fallacy of Free Will

To discuss this issue we must first define the term, “free”. There are many nuances to this word but probably the ones that are most pertinent to our discussion are: not affected by a given condition or circumstance or to be without control or constraint of any influence {Free Dictionary}. Continue reading “Fallacy of Free”

Beware Satan’s Power! What??


Religion Views Satan and Christ Vying Over the World
This Gnostic Representation is Westernized Yin and Yang

Most people, saved and lost, have the worldview of Satan having power as great as Jesus and both contesting over the souls of people. The image of each of them sitting on your shoulders whispering temptations into your ears is classic, even in the older cartoons and literature. Continue reading “Beware Satan’s Power! What??”

Economics-Mid Nation-State Development


Marx and Engels Economic Philosophy Appears a Failure
Yet, the Ideas Developed During the French Revolution

Led Directly to the Communist Revolution in Moscow

Understanding economic influences is key to understanding the power transitions that have occurred, are occurring and will occur as long as sinful man, and Satan, seek to impose their flawed philosophy on mankind to destroy the Gospel of Christ leaving man no hope of Heaven. Continue reading “Economics-Mid Nation-State Development”

Economics – Early Nation-State Control


Adam Smith Father of Modern Economics
Adam Smith Did Not Write of Economics

Adam Smith, considered by many as the founder, or father, of modern economics did not write about economics in the book featured in the above graphic, his most famous work; he actually wrote about how to develop a modern society so he was truly developing a philosophy of control to best direct a modern society, in his estimation. Continue reading “Economics – Early Nation-State Control”

Worshiping the King (God) of Totalitarianism

The Dictators Book Cover

Goal of American Politics
Make a Leader to Make America Great (Oppressive)

At the beginning of Christ’s ministry, He went into the wilderness to be tempted in the flesh as man. The first Adam (man) failed this test, the last Adam could not be Savior if He failed the testing. Continue reading “Worshiping the King (God) of Totalitarianism”

Tree of Knowledge, Death, Life

Ouroboros Triad
Dragon – Satan

Snake – Man
Tree of Knowledge

As I sat to write this final post of the Ouroboros Triad I had to step away for some reflection. The focus of many is on the tree. Was it an apple, a pomegranate, or was it something that had nothing to do with the type of tree at all?  The issue is not the tree, the issue was, and is, the knowledge of good and evil. Continue reading “Tree of Knowledge, Death, Life”