Father of Christmas Past, Present and Future

Popular Cartoon of Santa Claus by
Thomas Nash 1881 in America

Nothing is more enduring in America today than the gnostic mythos of Santa Claus and the supposed holiday {holy day} of Christmas. I could opine about the gnostic values of Christmas being antithetical to biblical Christian truths but no one, saved or lost, cares as long as they can wax nostalgic on this holiday {Merry Gnostic Christmas}. Facts concerning this pagan celebration are lost on even the most pietist believing Christian who worships the power of the state to bring about God’s kingdom on earth. This is probably the basis for Christians and non-Christians uniting around this mystic figure. Continue reading “Father of Christmas Past, Present and Future”

Merry Gnostic Christmas

Magi Christmas

When I say, “Have a Merry Gnostic Christmas,” I am not antiChrist, though I am often accused of being Scrooge.  I use this phrase to denote the reality of the errors that have promoted this holiday almost from its inception in the 4th century. Continue reading “Merry Gnostic Christmas”