Mosaic Law: Repentance Leading to Salvation

Gospel Appears to Replace Mosaic Law
When in fact Christ Fulfilled the Law

If there is one issue that appears to cause much confusion to Christians it is the relationship of the Gospel of Grace to God’s Law given through Moses. Many Christians believe that Christianity is a new religion that replaced the Law which is not taught in Scripture. Continue reading “Mosaic Law: Repentance Leading to Salvation”

Discernment Fallacies

This is how Christians are taught Discernment
This confusing process discourages true growth

What is discernment? Following the first Law of Logic, Law of Identity, this question must be clearly answered or any discussion becomes meaningless, confused and degenerates into a morass of rules and platitudes. The Free Dictionary defines discernment as, “The act or process of exhibiting keen insight and good judgment.” Notice the problem with this definition? Continue reading “Discernment Fallacies”

Fallaciousness of Autonomy

This Painting: Temptation of Eve
Depicts the Lack of Clarity of this Sin

When Lucifer encountered Woman {Eve} in the Garden she was in her pre-sin state. Her mind, unlike ours, was unclouded by sin. She could reason more clearly, more fully, than we can possibly envision; therefore, the question becomes, “How was she deceived?” Herein lies the tale that affects us especially today in our 21st century postmodern worldview: the fallaciousness of autonomy. Continue reading “Fallaciousness of Autonomy”

Postmodernism Not So Modern After All

Postmodernism: Redefining Reality
Justifying Sin – Revealing Nihilism

The more I study the Bible the more I realize that modern philosophy, especially postmodernism, is not so new revealing the wisdom of the Preacher, “…there is nothing new under the sun” (Ec 1:9-11). Postmodernism is nothing more than existentialism (method of defining oneself by oneself (2Co 10:12)) and nihilism (result of existentialism (Ec 1:14)). Continue reading “Postmodernism Not So Modern After All”

Science as Religion

Science as a Definition of Truth
Abandoned on Shore of Faith

Natural philosophy began in the Enlightenment to define the “truth” of physical reality apart from God (religion). As discussed in our last post (Evolutionary Morality an Oxymoron) scientific attempts to explain morality have been futile. This post will show that the concreteness of science is an illusion fed to the public as an antidote against religion when in fact, science is itself a religion. Thus, atheism which claims to be scientific and distinct from religion is a religion! Continue reading “Science as Religion”

Ignorance That Kills

Ignorance is Dangerous

Ignorance is Dangerous Because
The Ignorant Control What You Believe

In last week’s post (“What Is a Human Life Worth?“) I spoke of the doom of ignorance. This week I will attempt to show that everyone is ignorant to some extent in their worldview. There are those who are ignorant because they have not been exposed to truth, there are those who understand their ignorance and seek to alleviate their ignorance which is a lifelong process and there are those who are ignorant but believe they have ALL the truth. Continue reading “Ignorance That Kills”

Ship of Theseus – Does Identity Change?

Theseus Ship Red

Ship of Theseus
Does Identity Change?

“The Ship of Theseus was rebuilt over the centuries as wood rotted and broke, so at what point did it stop being the original, and when did it become something else?” Thus begins a popular article to discuss the issue of identity and changes in identity (UNTE). Continue reading “Ship of Theseus – Does Identity Change?”

Ouroboros – Circle of Life or Death

Ouroboros Satan Antichrist Tree Knowledge

Dragon – Satan

Snake – Man (Antichrist)
Tree – Life & Knowledge

The ouroboros is an ancient symbol usually expressing what today would be considered the “circle of life”. The depiction expresses the concept that nothing more is needed other than one’s self. The dragon needs nothing other than itself and all within the circle it created it unified with it’s completeness. Continue reading “Ouroboros – Circle of Life or Death”

Living the Rules or How to Fail

Ten Statements & Cross

Ten Statements Lead to the Cross

People view religion as a set of rules designed to keep people from having fun in order to please God, or at least their idea of God. However, the Bible does not teach living by rules. The Bible does give some rules but not as a means of pleasing God in order to get to “heaven”. So, how did nearly everyone miss the boat on this one? Continue reading “Living the Rules or How to Fail”