Americanism and Religion

Americanism is the Religious Fervor
Justifying American Expansionism

Americanism is a custom, trait or belief peculiar to the people of the United States {America} ( This post will examine several major religious events that impacted American and world history; probably not for the better. Continue reading “Americanism and Religion”

Science as Religion

Science as a Definition of Truth
Abandoned on Shore of Faith

Natural philosophy began in the Enlightenment to define the “truth” of physical reality apart from God (religion). As discussed in our last post (Evolutionary Morality an Oxymoron) scientific attempts to explain morality have been futile. This post will show that the concreteness of science is an illusion fed to the public as an antidote against religion when in fact, science is itself a religion. Thus, atheism which claims to be scientific and distinct from religion is a religion! Continue reading “Science as Religion”

Economics-Mid Nation-State Development


Marx and Engels Economic Philosophy Appears a Failure
Yet, the Ideas Developed During the French Revolution

Led Directly to the Communist Revolution in Moscow

Understanding economic influences is key to understanding the power transitions that have occurred, are occurring and will occur as long as sinful man, and Satan, seek to impose their flawed philosophy on mankind to destroy the Gospel of Christ leaving man no hope of Heaven. Continue reading “Economics-Mid Nation-State Development”

Economics – Early Nation-State Control


Adam Smith Father of Modern Economics
Adam Smith Did Not Write of Economics

Adam Smith, considered by many as the founder, or father, of modern economics did not write about economics in the book featured in the above graphic, his most famous work; he actually wrote about how to develop a modern society so he was truly developing a philosophy of control to best direct a modern society, in his estimation. Continue reading “Economics – Early Nation-State Control”

Omniscience of Atheism

Atheists Proof

The Paradox of Atheism
Knowledge of the Metaphysical
Logical Fallacy of Shifting the Burden of Proof

I was thinking about the “Liar’s Paradox” this morning when I realized its application to atheism. Essentially the Liar’s Paradox says, “This sentence is false.” However, if it is a lie then the sentence is true! If one says, “This sentence is true,” then it is also a true statement. When taken without context the statement is true either way. The same can be said for atheism. Continue reading “Omniscience of Atheism”

Widow’s Offering Condemns Minimum Wage

Sculpture Widows Mite

Widow’s Offering
Christ’s Condemnation of Religion

The Gospels contain one of the most misunderstood observations of Christ that has great application to us today and I am referring to the Widow’s Offering at the Temple (Mk 12:41-44; Lk 21:1-4). Continue reading “Widow’s Offering Condemns Minimum Wage”

Indoctrination or What is Education?

Science vs Religion

Indoctrination: Science vs. Religion

This graphic communicates several logical fallacies that forces the reader to accept the author’s conclusions. The first logical fallacy is that faith and science are mutually exclusive; that is, people of faith ignore or reject “facts” in order to maintain their faith while people of science make conclusions based on “facts”. Continue reading “Indoctrination or What is Education?”