War to Begin All Wars-WWI and Beyond

American and German Enlistment Posters
Posit the same Demand-Die for the Government

World War One (WWI) did not begin as an American war but as a European war; however, America entered the war to advance its Progressive agenda at the cost of tens of thousands of lives of its soldiers. Continue reading “War to Begin All Wars-WWI and Beyond”

Purpose of Government – Be As God


Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR)
Single-Handedly Rewrote the Constitution

Just as Lincoln redefined the Constitution in a short speak given at the end of several long speeches, FDR redefined the Bill of Rights during his 1944 State of the Union address presented directly to the American people via a radio “fireside chat”. Continue reading “Purpose of Government – Be As God”

Jewish Conspiracy or Consistent History?

JFK Jewish Quote

Truth or Wishful Prejudice?

I have been studying Jewish philosophy as part of my studies of human philosophies to understand the truth of the Scriptures. I have been aware for nearly the totality of my Christian salvation experience, nearly 40 years, of the belief in a vast world-wide Jewish Conspiracy. This supposed quote by John F. Kennedy, I could not verify he actually said this quote, seems to legitimize the conspiracy belief. Continue reading “Jewish Conspiracy or Consistent History?”