Mosaic Law: Repentance Leading to Salvation

Gospel Appears to Replace Mosaic Law
When in fact Christ Fulfilled the Law

If there is one issue that appears to cause much confusion to Christians it is the relationship of the Gospel of Grace to God’s Law given through Moses. Many Christians believe that Christianity is a new religion that replaced the Law which is not taught in Scripture. Continue reading “Mosaic Law: Repentance Leading to Salvation”

Modern Scribes and Pharisees: Our Legal System


Despite the Propaganda of Screen and TV
The Legal System is not Your Friend

Our legal system has the best public relations in the world. It masquerades as the “friend of the little person” all the while bringing the vast economic and power resources of the state to bear on whom ever falls under suspicion. Nearly since the beginning of the moving media (movies and television) the police have been portrayed as the good guys, except for some exceptions which invites rebellion against authority which is equally wrong and sinful. Continue reading “Modern Scribes and Pharisees: Our Legal System”

Law: We Love to Hate It!


Man Both Love and Hate the Law

Ever since Cain went to the land of wanderers to become their leader he found himself forced to develop a system of laws (society) to ensure survival of the city he had built (Ge 4:16-17). Herein is the contradiction; Cain who had murdered his brother in violation of God’s admonition to control himself (Ge 4:6-7) now found it necessary to develop a system of laws so that other people who had rejected God could be prevented from murdering each other Continue reading “Law: We Love to Hate It!”

Understanding True Jewry – Talmud Education Day in America

Talmud Defined

The Twin Foundations of Talmud
Not Understood by Many Christians

Many Christians are under the impression that Jews, especially the “religious” Jews, are strictly bound by the Old Testament Pentateuch; however, this is far from the truth in that most forms of Jewry are governed by the Talmud. Continue reading “Understanding True Jewry – Talmud Education Day in America”

Understanding True Jewry – Their Words


Misunderstanding Jewry
Is Death to Everyone

Without a doubt, the Bible is a Jewish book either directly or indirectly; therefore, a correct understanding of biblical Jewry and historic Jewry is essential to proper hermeneutical interpretation of both the Old and New Testaments. Continue reading “Understanding True Jewry – Their Words”

Jewish Conspiracy or Consistent History?

JFK Jewish Quote

Truth or Wishful Prejudice?

I have been studying Jewish philosophy as part of my studies of human philosophies to understand the truth of the Scriptures. I have been aware for nearly the totality of my Christian salvation experience, nearly 40 years, of the belief in a vast world-wide Jewish Conspiracy. This supposed quote by John F. Kennedy, I could not verify he actually said this quote, seems to legitimize the conspiracy belief. Continue reading “Jewish Conspiracy or Consistent History?”