Why Eschatology Matters

Postmillennialism Believes Christians
Will Make a Better World for People

Postmillennialism is the belief that Christians through the Church will bring mankind into a moral utopia that grows better and better until Christ returns to reward those who live so morally. This eschatological (end times) view suffered serious setbacks at the beginning of the 20th century due to the death and devastation of both World Wars and the world-wide effects of the Great Depression. Many Christians and non-Christians believe that one’s eschatological beliefs are of little consequence in everyday life; however, the Progressive Movement and today’s globalization movement are a direct result of Postmillennialism’s pervasive influence.
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Nihilism: Tool of Fascism


Wonder Why Nothing Makes Sense?
Welcome to the 20th Century

Nihilism has been the foil used to promote globalization by a variety of methods but with one very clear goal: to rob man of purpose until only one answer remained – Fascism. Continue reading “Nihilism: Tool of Fascism”

Islam: Strange Copy of Judaism

Christians Unaware of Influence
of the Talmud on Understanding Judaism

The Law of Moses {concerning mainly the cultic and civil laws} is the basis of the Jewish faith and culture and contained in the Pentateuch of the Bible {first five books}. Failure to follow the cultic and civil aspects of the Mosaic Law would result in oppression and eventual expulsion from the land {Israel} (De 28:58-67). Continue reading “Islam: Strange Copy of Judaism”

Immigration: Secret Path to Globalism

Immigration Conflict a Dichotomy
Confabulated by History

Immigration was the mainstay of American growth during our early preindustrial and industrial years. There is no argument with this concept nor with both the good and not so good that immigrants have brought with them. America has always had a “love-hate” relationship with immigration.  Continue reading “Immigration: Secret Path to Globalism”

Foolishness of God or Men

Integration of Science and Magic
Is the Integration of Gnosticism

The power of modern media to legitimize the integration of science {string theory} and magic {gnosticism} reveals the foolishness of men who reject the what they call the “foolishness” of the Bible {Gospel}. Continue reading “Foolishness of God or Men”

Pseudoscience of Statistics – How We Fool Us


I Have Pre-Determined Your Answer
Based on How I Asked the Question: Free Will?

There is a growing reliance on pseudoscience to determine society’s future direction masquerading as science to those who should know the difference but do not. I am reminded of the Bible, which should be our guide in all things, that those who reject God’s truth band together in order to convince themselves that they are in fact speaking truth because there are so many of them speaking the same “truth” (Ro 1:28-32)! Continue reading “Pseudoscience of Statistics – How We Fool Us”

Movies as Propaganda


Movies function as Propaganda
Quietly Propagating Anti-God Messages

Many believe that music, art, television and movies are usually neutral in everyday circumstances though each of these have a recognized propaganda value. One simply needs to point to the mid-20th century to see how nearly every major nation used the visual and auditory mediums to broadcast propaganda messages to its population. Continue reading “Movies as Propaganda”

Economics Without Christ – Globalization


Regionalization: Waystop Toward Globalization
Government Does not Control Everything

It IS Everything

When General Eisenhower gave his speech to the troops about to participate in the D-Day landings he used the words, “united nations”, euphemism for globalization. The success of these landings not only spelled the end of the NAZI government but also the end of all national governments. That day the world changed and no one noticed. Continue reading “Economics Without Christ – Globalization”

Economics-Mid Nation-State Development


Marx and Engels Economic Philosophy Appears a Failure
Yet, the Ideas Developed During the French Revolution

Led Directly to the Communist Revolution in Moscow

Understanding economic influences is key to understanding the power transitions that have occurred, are occurring and will occur as long as sinful man, and Satan, seek to impose their flawed philosophy on mankind to destroy the Gospel of Christ leaving man no hope of Heaven. Continue reading “Economics-Mid Nation-State Development”

Ship of Theseus – Does Identity Change?

Theseus Ship Red

Ship of Theseus
Does Identity Change?

“The Ship of Theseus was rebuilt over the centuries as wood rotted and broke, so at what point did it stop being the original, and when did it become something else?” Thus begins a popular article to discuss the issue of identity and changes in identity (UNTE). Continue reading “Ship of Theseus – Does Identity Change?”