Lie of the Political Spectrum

This well known schematic of the
American Political Spectrum is a Lie

Though I have written on this subject in the past {Government: One Body For All and Fascism: Early Weapon Against Communism as examples} I must admit that my understand of fascism was naive though sincere. Most Americans, I cannot speak to the educational system of other countries, have been taught the above political spectrum. Those who have read my posts know that this view is a deception; it is not correct. In fact, some of my readers may recognize this as a Gaussian {Bell} curve. The two tails, outliers, are considered abnormal, even dangerous We have been deluded. Continue reading “Lie of the Political Spectrum”

Racism: The Myth of Our Day

This common platitude expresses ignorance
of both the Bible and common observation

Racism is the catchphrase of the day being touted as the major sin and the basis for justifying incredible personal and social violence that has not been seen in America since the heyday of the 1960s. According to Merriam-Webster, racism is “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.” The above graphic succinctly expresses the ignorance permeating preventing rational discussion of this issue. The problem is violation of the Law of Identity of Logic. Racism demands that there be at least two different races; there is only one race. Continue reading “Racism: The Myth of Our Day”

Politics: Knowledge of Ignorance

World War II (WWII) Gave Us Good Movies and
Bad Propaganda: Knowledge of Ignorance

The events in Charlottesville, VA, tragic as they were, have so inflamed and polarized the political process in America that the only creed that appeals to people is the knowledge of ignorance. Americans have abrogated the correct definition of terms for propagandist definitions that have little relationship with the original use of the terms. The purpose: to quash perceived opposition with righteous indignation {self-imposed religion}. Continue reading “Politics: Knowledge of Ignorance”

False Premise: America Land of the Free

Symbol of America: Home of the Free
Talks more about America’s Socialism

Discernment is the art of detecting logical fallacies as well as the application of doctrinal truths to everyday life. America’s claim of being the “Home of the Free – Land of the Brave” is instilled in every school child but less truth than propaganda for the state. Continue reading “False Premise: America Land of the Free”

Fascism: Thoughts from Man’s Heart

Swastika (Hakenkreuz) Ancient Symbol
Used in America for Luck, Love & Life

The hated swastika (Hakenkreuz-Bent Cross in German) was freely used in America until 1941. The above good luck card (circa. 1916) was very popular. This is poorly understood today because of the distortions of public education. In fact, America’s leadership in pioneering fascism has been lost or conflated with Nazi Germany. Continue reading “Fascism: Thoughts from Man’s Heart”

Fascism: Early Weapon Against Communism

Fascism Links to Roman Fasces
For Legitimacy and Authority

Fascism! Fascist! Racist! These pejoratives are screamed out as proof of the illegitimacy of those in power by those who are currently not in power. Yet, no one seems to have any understanding of what fascism actually was, and is, and why did fascism become such an epithet for hatred. Continue reading “Fascism: Early Weapon Against Communism”

America: Revolution or Evolution


In 1776 the America Revolution
Was the First Nation-State from Scratch

In 1776 an amazing thing occurred, a set of divergent colonies decided to form a nation-state basically out of nothing. Until this time nation-states were formed from monarchies to one extent or another. The nation-states was a new development in government born out of the philosophies of the Enlightenment era. Continue reading “America: Revolution or Evolution”