Understanding True Jewry – Joseph’s Coat of Authority

Joseph's Bloody Coat

Jacob Shown Joseph’s Coat
Dipped in Blood – Death (Ge 37)

Nothing is more misunderstood in the Bible than Joseph’s coat. The Greek translation of Genesis has several glaring mistranslations which survived in the various English translations made from the Septuagint. These have become “tradition” and converted into stories, movies, and plays all with the same erroneous theme: Continue reading “Understanding True Jewry – Joseph’s Coat of Authority”

Jewish Conspiracy or Consistent History?

JFK Jewish Quote

Truth or Wishful Prejudice?

I have been studying Jewish philosophy as part of my studies of human philosophies to understand the truth of the Scriptures. I have been aware for nearly the totality of my Christian salvation experience, nearly 40 years, of the belief in a vast world-wide Jewish Conspiracy. This supposed quote by John F. Kennedy, I could not verify he actually said this quote, seems to legitimize the conspiracy belief. Continue reading “Jewish Conspiracy or Consistent History?”