Shaping the Mind by Educational Ignorance

Why the American People Don’t Know
Reveals the Purpose of Our Education

The reason for writing this post is to understand why people do not know what they do not know. I believed the purpose of education was to educate but my studies have revealed that the purpose of education is to make compliant citizens for whomever is in control. Unfortunately, Christians have also been complicit in this process to our shame.
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The Government We Deserve

International Best Seller Defining
Utopia of Military Socialism

Government is a true religion: it has its dogmas, its mysteries, its priests. To submit it to the individual discussion is to destroy it; it is given life only through the national mind, that is to say, by political faith, which is a creed” {Joseph de Maistre}. On this Memorial Day when Americans claim to mourn those who gave their lives defending America it is only fitting that we who are alive clearly understand what this holiday really means. Continue reading “The Government We Deserve”

Anti-Immigration Phenomenon, Again


Anti-Immigration Rhetoric Common in U.S.

The storm of anti-immigrationalism sweeping not only America but Western Culture in general is nothing new in itself but the forces behind this smoke screen are ominous indeed. The controversy seems to center about differences between the¬†nativists¬†{those who are already in place} and the immigrants {those who want to join those already in place}. Continue reading “Anti-Immigration Phenomenon, Again”

Indoctrination or What is Education?

Science vs Religion

Indoctrination: Science vs. Religion

This graphic communicates several logical fallacies that forces the reader to accept the author’s conclusions. The first logical fallacy is that faith and science are mutually exclusive; that is, people of faith ignore or reject “facts” in order to maintain their faith while people of science make conclusions based on “facts”. Continue reading “Indoctrination or What is Education?”