The Average Voter is Lost

Democracy is Predicated on a Myth
An Aggregation of Voters Find Truth

Democracy teaches its citizens that as a group they filter out error via majority rule; nowhere is this a stronger belief than in America though history reveals this to not be the case. Ergo, it is a popularly believed myth that substitutes its own fallacies for truth, especially during presidential election years.
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Nostalgia for Charles Finney’s Godly America

This man nearly single-handedly made
America a godly nation: But which god?

Many in American Christendom have this yearning to return America to its godly roots, away from its current anti-God philosophical societal self-destruction. However, I have heard no one describe this godly America they so nostalgically yearn to reimplement. Charles Finney, the Great Revivalist epitomizes the Christian philosophy that moved America during the 19th century and his influence remains today in many churches. However, a study of his doctrine reveals his beliefs to be anything but godly. Continue reading “Nostalgia for Charles Finney’s Godly America”

Marxism is Democracy

Marx’s communism failed because
He conflated feudalism with modernism

To understand Marx’s philosophy, Marxism, we need to understand his worldview. A passive reader takes his {her} worldview with them when they view, read or even think about the past. Their worldview informs the context of events in terms of their current understanding. I believe Marx was also a victim of his worldview without his realization. Thus, the formation of his philosophy was a rejection of feudalism and the implementation of pure democracy. Continue reading “Marxism is Democracy”

Tyranny of Americanism

Benevolent Populist Tyrant

The rhetoric of populism never seems to get old no matter how obvious the lessons of tyranny. Peisistratos was to seize power {illegal by definition} with the consent of the poorer folks of Athens. He did give them a slice of the pie but at what expense? Though he reads as a “good” dictator one must ask, “What was the overall economic cost to everyone?” Continue reading “Tyranny of Americanism”

Globalism Comes Home to Roost

Judaism, Israel, Semitism, Zionism??

Today America’s Secretary of State Kerry made the bold statement that, “Israel can be Jewish or democratic – not both!” These headlines reverberated around the world garnering the headlines the outgoing Obama administration has craved ever since the electorate chose Mr. Trump as their next president. Continue reading “Globalism Comes Home to Roost”

Ochlocracy – Goal of Democracy


Ochlocracy – Democracy without Knowledge
Consent of the People to Bury Themselves

Ochlocracy is a word nearly unknown in today’s vocabulary because it does not fit into the adjectives of “awesome”, “cool”, or well, you get the picture. The American model of democracy, which was not what the framers of the Constitution wanted, has spread throughout the world making America the prime mover for the destruction of the nation-state to usher in the era of regionalization. Continue reading “Ochlocracy – Goal of Democracy”

Election of Tyranny by Democracy

Plato's Ship Captain Election

Who Shall Captain Our Ship of State?
Those with Experience?

Those with Popularity?

I am deeply troubled that I squandered my years in meaningless entanglements of profundity rather than learning wisdom thereby living much of my life in ignorance. Lost in pop culture and empty causes I came late to salvation and even later to wisdom. Continue reading “Election of Tyranny by Democracy”

Worshiping the King (God) of Totalitarianism

The Dictators Book Cover

Goal of American Politics
Make a Leader to Make America Great (Oppressive)

At the beginning of Christ’s ministry, He went into the wilderness to be tempted in the flesh as man. The first Adam (man) failed this test, the last Adam could not be Savior if He failed the testing. Continue reading “Worshiping the King (God) of Totalitarianism”

The Myth of Tyranny

Guardian Angel Children

Guardian Angel of Gnosticism

The title is a double entendre designed to grab your attention. The modern definition of tyranny bears little resemblance to its origins. The modern definition of tyranny is, “arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority.” However, this definition is not supported by history. Continue reading “The Myth of Tyranny”