Propaganda: Bias of Perspective

Mr. D’Souza’s Excellent Book Reveals
One “Big” Lie While Hiding Another – Bias

I thoroughly enjoyed most of The Big Lie by Mr. Dinesh D’Souza as he uses history to clarify the positions of the Democratic Party of the 19th century and how they developed into Progressivism and then Fascism in the 20th century. I explored these issues in my last post, Lies of the Political Spectrum. Continue reading “Propaganda: Bias of Perspective”

Fallacy of Nonjudgmental Empathy

Empathy has grown to such proportions
it is even used to define morality

What is empathy? In the pseudo-science of psychology the answer would be multi-faceted since empathy has grown into a tree with roots in nearly aspect of human behavior, including morality. These “professional” experts would deem any answer that we might hazard to be ridiculous and ourselves ignorant. Continue reading “Fallacy of Nonjudgmental Empathy”