Why Eschatology Matters

Postmillennialism Believes Christians
Will Make a Better World for People

Postmillennialism is the belief that Christians through the Church will bring mankind into a moral utopia that grows better and better until Christ returns to reward those who live so morally. This eschatological (end times) view suffered serious setbacks at the beginning of the 20th century due to the death and devastation of both World Wars and the world-wide effects of the Great Depression. Many Christians and non-Christians believe that one’s eschatological beliefs are of little consequence in everyday life; however, the Progressive Movement and today’s globalization movement are a direct result of Postmillennialism’s pervasive influence.
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Fractals Killed Scientific Atheism

Mandelbrot Changed Man’s Perspective
About Science more than he realized

Benoit Mandelbrot, Polish Jew, was the man who developed the concept of fractals and singlehandedly changed how man would view science. His family moved to France pre-WWII and he specialized in mathematics. He had the ability, talent, to view algebraic formulas in three dimensional figures. Continue reading “Fractals Killed Scientific Atheism”

Foolishness of God or Men

Integration of Science and Magic
Is the Integration of Gnosticism

The power of modern media to legitimize the integration of science {string theory} and magic {gnosticism} reveals the foolishness of men who reject the what they call the “foolishness” of the Bible {Gospel}. Continue reading “Foolishness of God or Men”

Scientism – Killer of Billions

French Revolution 1789

French Revolution Epitomizes the
Contradictions of Scientism


Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712—1778), along with Descartes, were major Enlightenment philosophers. According to the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, “The major goal of Enlightenment thinkers was to give a foundation to philosophy that was independent of any particular tradition, culture, or religion: one that any rational person would accept.” Continue reading “Scientism – Killer of Billions”

Omniscience of Atheism

Atheists Proof

The Paradox of Atheism
Knowledge of the Metaphysical
Logical Fallacy of Shifting the Burden of Proof

I was thinking about the “Liar’s Paradox” this morning when I realized its application to atheism. Essentially the Liar’s Paradox says, “This sentence is false.” However, if it is a lie then the sentence is true! If one says, “This sentence is true,” then it is also a true statement. When taken without context the statement is true either way. The same can be said for atheism. Continue reading “Omniscience of Atheism”