Americanism and Religion

Americanism is the Religious Fervor
Justifying American Expansionism

Americanism is a custom, trait or belief peculiar to the people of the United States {America} ( This post will examine several major religious events that impacted American and world history; probably not for the better. Continue reading “Americanism and Religion”

What is Truth in Politics?

Christ Questioned by Pilate about Christ’s Kingdom of Truth – What is Truth, Pilate asks?

At the trial of Christ Pilate asks Christ about the charge of being, “King of the Jews” (Jo 18:33-38)? Christ replies that His kingdom is not of this world; therefore, by implication, it is not a threat to Rome. He, Christ, has come to bear witness to the truth of His kingdom. Pilate makes the famous statement, “What is truth?” Every person’s worldview answers this question; however, the validity of the answer reveals whether one has sought the only absolute truth or has fabricated his, or her, own truths in support of their now agendas. Continue reading “What is Truth in Politics?”

America: Revolution or Evolution


In 1776 the America Revolution
Was the First Nation-State from Scratch

In 1776 an amazing thing occurred, a set of divergent colonies decided to form a nation-state basically out of nothing. Until this time nation-states were formed from monarchies to one extent or another. The nation-states was a new development in government born out of the philosophies of the Enlightenment era. Continue reading “America: Revolution or Evolution”

America’s Religious Failure of Faith

Hillary's America

Propaganda Films New Staple
in American Politics (Religious)

I saw “Hillary’s America” and found what I expected to find, some good history, some ignored history and a rousing ending that brought a tear to everyone’s eye; in short, a religious propaganda film. Continue reading “America’s Religious Failure of Faith”

America’s Faith – Political Saviors


Washington among the gods

As an American, a veteran of nearly 30 years of service and a disciple steeped in the “truths” of America’s faith; I find American politics, especially presidential politics, a religious experience. Continue reading “America’s Faith – Political Saviors”