Shaping the Mind by Educational Ignorance

Why the American People Don’t Know
Reveals the Purpose of Our Education

The reason for writing this post is to understand why people do not know what they do not know. I believed the purpose of education was to educate but my studies have revealed that the purpose of education is to make compliant citizens for whomever is in control. Unfortunately, Christians have also been complicit in this process to our shame.

Hitler used this practice because of
America’s successful use of this practice

Though America’s modern educational system was modeled after Prussia’s methodology to train compliant citizens, America was well on its way in using public education to design model citizens according to those in power.  Much of my material comes from The Progressive Era (Rothbard, M. Ed. Newman, P. Mises Press. 2017.) and Lincoln Unmasked (DiLorenzo, TJ. Three Rivers Press. New York. 2006.).

Christian America formed from the Second Great Awakening sought a means to make a godly society here on earth. This developed from the New England Puritan/Pilgrim philosophy of building a godly society pleasing to Christ. Since all men are born sinners, and thus rebellious, this godly society invoked the power of the state to force everyone to live by its moral code. If one could begin this process in early childhood then maybe people would accept this morality as normal. As New Englanders moved into the Midwest and coastal areas such as San Francisco they brought this practice with them. Thus, state mandated curriculum taught by certified [approved] teachers in compulsory schools came into being and spread with them. To accomplish their goal required shaping history according to their beliefs.

This maxim did not come from Goebbels
It Came from Pietistic Americans

Thus came the demand for laws that would force everyone to live outwardly moral lives. From this came the Abolitionist, Temperance and Sabbath movements {the latter being the impetus for the Blue Laws that prohibited many activities on Sunday}. This Protestant movement sought to force everyone to live religious lives of works. Since they depended heavily on the power of the state they quickly aligned with first the Whigs and later the Republicans who always believed in a powerful centralized government, inflationary banking and high taxes {tariffs in this period}. After the War Between the States, America experienced heavy immigration from German, Irish and Italian Roman Catholics and Lutherans who had different ideas and taught their beliefs in their own private schools. They became aligned with the Democratic, small government, gold-based monetary system and laissez faire economics until 1896 when the Protestants infiltrated the Democrats aligning it with Republican “virtues” but with a populist foundation.

The Republican Protestant Pietist faction was always smaller than the Democratic faction until the War. With the succession of the Southern states the northern-based Republican party dominated both politics and education. They deified President Lincoln hiding his numerous flaws and the true cause of the War. However, by the late 19th century, and the end of Reconstruction which brought the Democratic South back into government, the Republican Party was again becoming the minority party. They sought various methods to stay this trend in order to retain power.

Lincoln denied being a Christian though he freely used the Bible to further his political aims. He was not a man of the people but was a highly paid railroad lawyer/lobbyist and not averse to using his insider knowledge to make money. One of his first actions even before being sworn in as president was to support a Constitutional amendment making it impossible to outlaw slavery in the South. He started the War over tariffs {taxes} and closely supervised the use of military force against civilians giving “total warfare” a new meaning {by today’s standards he would be tried as a war criminal}. However, because he was losing popularity and possible the upcoming election of 1864 he issued the Emancipation Proclamation as a stance against slavery though it freed not one slave. He suspended habeas corpus and imprisoned tens of thousands of Northerners who spoke out against the War thus violating the First Amendment of free speech. The majority of these political prisoners were sent to Fort Lafayette and thousands died without trial. Lincoln’s philosophy as practiced was, pay taxes or die!

Not only were these facts hidden by the educational system but Lincoln was deified because of his assassination. The promotion of martyred Lincoln, “he belongs to the Ages,” gave the Republican party the appearance of righteousness needed after slaughtering over 600,000 of its citizens in violation of the Constitution {See Kentucky Resolution of 1798 and Virginia Resolution of 1799 on succession). In fact, up until Lincoln manipulated the Confederates into firing on Fort Sumter, most Northern newspapers understood succession as a legal action and promoted peaceful resolutions. Lincoln’s made-up “preserving the union” doctrine and his use of political imprisonment that swayed many to support the war.

After the War and Reconstruction the Republican Party enacted a series of laws to increase their voting base because Democratic peoples were out producing Republican peoples. Child labor laws were enacted under the guise of protecting children when in reality they were enacted to remove the competition of children from the work force to buy labors’ votes. This moved the children into the compulsory public education classrooms where they could be properly indoctrinated. The Woman’s Suffrage movement was passed by Republicans to gain more votes since they realized that Catholic women were less likely to vote; and the movement was primarily opposed by Roman Catholics.

Public schools classrooms demonized non-Protestant faiths and demanded that children participate in school prayers and classes promoting Protestantism. Opposing faiths started privates schools which were often challenged in courts by Protestant moralists, usually unsuccessfully. The Pledge was written for public schools to indoctrinate children into the indivisible nation theory and also support for a national socialism that was gaining ground in America. It was during this period that restricted immigration began to limit the numbers of undesirable immigrants, non-Protestants, into America. The eugenics movement, springing from Darwin’s works, and abortion mills were set up in or near the neighborhoods of undesirables to push for voluntary limitations of their numbers; thus began the work of Planned Parenthood.

I list these few facts because Americans do not know their history because of educational indoctrination. Many do not care because they do not see this as relevant to today’s issues. However, if one does not understand the past own cannot grasp today’s issues nor design intelligent solutions. Also, I want to impress the futility of using government to develop a Christian nation; it was tried and did not work. In fact, it begets a system of works causing wholesale rejection of true salvation or fools many into believing they are saved by moral living. Christ debunked this approach in His discussion with Nicodemus (Jo 3:1-15). One must be born from above which is an act of God not the will of the individual (Ro 9:14-24). Nicodemus was a product of an enforced legalized system and he could not understand Jesus’ teachings. To the unsaved, natural, man they are foolishness (1Co 2:14). This misuse of centralized government power based on myths has come back to haunt America.

Because of the significant changes in the Democratic party in 1896 and in 1968 elections they have grown in power. Now, it is they who use these same tools to promote a different, but equally ungodly agenda on America. We should not be surprised nor stampeded into repeating the errors of the past. America is a religious nation, always has been, but not a godly nation. Christ established only one theocracy, ancient Israel, and He will not establish another until He returns. We are to promote the Kingdom of Christ which is not of this world by living the Gospel (Jo 18:33-38). Those whom God has called will hear the truth and be set free. We cannot force society to live other than they do; even God does not do this (Ro 1:18-25). If we do what God does not then we find ourselves acting against Him; thus, we are the sinners.

Author: LeeS

Retired naval nurse, Dad, Husband, Christian who seeks to share the Bible with those who want more than the superficial milk given out in the majority of today's churches. God has taught me through hard experiences as well as through book learning (Master's of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry).