Science as Religion

Science as a Definition of Truth
Abandoned on Shore of Faith

Natural philosophy began in the Enlightenment to define the “truth” of physical reality apart from God (religion). As discussed in our last post (Evolutionary Morality an Oxymoron) scientific attempts to explain morality have been futile. This post will show that the concreteness of science is an illusion fed to the public as an antidote against religion when in fact, science is itself a religion. Thus, atheism which claims to be scientific and distinct from religion is a religion!

Newton based his theories of gravity on thought experiments and developed calculus to “prove” his theories. Testing his conclusions based on his thoughts and using his math he was able to predict certain observable phenomena with an accuracy unknown in human history; yet, it was not 100%. In the latter 19th century non-Euclidian geometry was developed which opened the door for the inclusion of other thought experiments to explain natural phenomena in the universe; i.e., quantum physics and Einstein’s theories of Special and General Relativity. Notice the pattern: theories developed by thought experiments; math is developed to “prove” these thoughts (theories); then these theories are tested and new truth is revealed! Except that it is not truth because it does not explain the forces it attempts to predict and therefore is not truth but predictions of unknowable forces. Why strings?

Despite the Propaganda and Successes
Science Cannot Describe Truth of Nature

Science claims that all phenomena must be empirically verifiable or else a definition (mathematical usually); however, this very claim is neither verifiable empirically nor a mathematically provable definition. Therefore, if it cannot meet it own criteria, it cannot be a science and therefore must be based on that which lies beyond science; ergo, a religion requiring belief in its own set of doctrines. To confuse the matter further, science claims theories can never be proved – ever! Scientists admit their observations cannot detect false theories which can explain observations. Man for millennium accepted the geocentric theory to explain observable planetary movements, and it worked. When the heliocentric theory was postulated it was not provable as fact and was therefore resisted (Galileo got in trouble claiming he proved the theory, he lied) {Heliocentric theory not proved until man went into space to observe planets orbiting the sun}.

Scientific theory does not need to explain the truth of physical phenomena; it merely needs to predict phenomena; therefore, theories are nothing more than belief systems held together by a language of mathematics developed to support the theories {like writing your own scriptures explaining your particular belief system which has been done several times history} {Circular reasoning}. Now, the reason science rejects God is because He is not mathematically predictable; that is, He messes up the theories. However, science also gets caught in its own trap. Since history is littered with false theories that have worked, how does one know when a theory is false? You cannot if it is beyond one’s ability to observe {Using instruments to “observe” only means one devised a device to detect what was expected but it does not explain the nature of what was detected; that is the purpose of truth}.

Einstein’s theories of relativity postulated that time and space are not real. Quantum theory requires the “uncertainty principle” to function (that truth cannot be knowable nor is it required for science to be reliable). Thus, while Einstein’s theories can make predictions about the macro universe and quantum mechanics can make predictions about the subatomic forces of nature, both are based on the unknowable, by definition. Therefore, science does not give knowable truth about the unobservable world. String theory was developed to “join” these two theories together to become the theory of everything; except, as a unifying theory it cannot unify! Why? Because it can neither be proved nor disproved which therefore makes it a religion based on faith!

For example, string theory posits that there are an infinite number of universes with an infinite number of possibilities of reality. Now, if in one of those universes there is an infinite being, God, who has created the universe and life in the universe: string theory cannot deny God! And, if God is infinite, then God is outside of any created universe and thus father of all universes! String theory cannot refute this because it implicitly supports the existence of God. But, to make string theory even more mystical is its basic hypothesis: all matter is attached to underlying forces by “strings” which vibrate in certain patterns (according to the theory). While the math seems to make this a “new” theory; in fact, it is very ancient and was first postulated by the Pythagoreans in ancient Greece several hundred years before Socrates. One of their early studies was the mathematical relationship of vibrating strings to the sounds they produced (developing musical scales)! Pythagoras became the founder of what today is called Gnosticism which is the unifying basis for every belief system that is anti-God, anti-Christ. Science as a source of knowledge apart from faith failed.

This is the Basis of the Silmarillion
Tolkien’s Gnosticism Sung into Life

Not only did the Enlightenment fail to find truth apart from God, it failed to find truth that had not already been developed by ancient men who were deemed inferior merely by the fact they were ancient; another failed theory that has yet to be discarded. Robert Jastrow made the prediction that when science ascended the mountain of ignorance scientists will discover theologians have been patiently waiting for them. These theologians, people of faith, who greet the scientists are not of God but of those who are anti-God (2Ti 3:1-5). But science, which men sought to use to negate God’s existence, bows to God as its source!

Bible clearly teaches that the observable comes from the non-observable (He 11:1-3). When man’s knowledge {science} capitulated in being able to discover truth apart from God man fell back upon faith in himself as god who did not need or want knowledge of God (Ro 1:18-25). Indeed, the very universe man cannot explain tells of God and waits for its redemption from man’s sin which binds it to futility in this current creation (Ge 3:1-19; Ps 19; Ro 8:18-25). And though people of science claim their knowledge proves God does not exist, they understand the claims cannot be proved. Therefore, they must be accepted by faith by those who do not want God, by people who want their presumptuous sins to have dominion over them.

Science does not speak, that is a logical fallacy. People (scientists) speak for science developing these incoherent theories that sound like gibberish. The Bible they rejected (written by a diversity of men over 1600 years) demonstrates a coherency their vaunted knowledge scoffs. Though they speak great words they walk in the emptiness of their own sinfulness preying on those who follow, those who also reject Christ’s sacrifice for sin that would save them, and you, from eternal separation from God (Cl 2:6-15Jude 16-19). True faith in God does not reject knowledge man has discovered. True faith understands that discovery of the physical aspects of the universe point to God as creator. If there is an issue between science and God’s truth it is the barrier that the so-called wisdom of the lost have erected to keep from knowing the God of truth (2Co 4:3-6). Come to Christ Who desires all peoples to be saved through knowledge of the truth (Ro 10:10-151Ti 2:3-7). Reject the lie of Satan and be saved, reject the siren song of so-called wise men who lure you with myths though they reject the true knowledge of God (2Ti 4:3-4). The Holy Spirit, Christ and all who came before you and followed God in faith say come, “And let the one who hears say, ‘Come.’ And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who desires take the water of life without price” (Re 22:17).  And so say I also, come in the true knowledge of God and be saved. Amen!

Author: LeeS

Retired naval nurse, Dad, Husband, Christian who seeks to share the Bible with those who want more than the superficial milk given out in the majority of today's churches. God has taught me through hard experiences as well as through book learning (Master's of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry).