Discernment, from a biblical perspective, can only occur when a person becomes a “new creation” in Christ (2Co 5:17). There is a type of discernment practiced by the “natural man” (lost person) but this is not what either the Bible or this site teaches (See my post, “The Matrix”). The entire purpose of the Scriptures is to present the Gospel of Salvation to all people.  The Gospel is the only faith to cross cultural lines drawing all peoples to faith in Christ, the creator of all people and the Savior of all who call on His name for salvation.


The Gospel of Salvation


1-Recognizing that you are not righteous; in fact, that no one is righteous, no one understands God and no one, including you seeks for God (Ro 3:10-18).

2-You, me and everyone have sinned and thus fall short of the glory of God; not because we have done sins but because we are born as sin and the thoughts, words and deeds are simply a reflection of what we truly are in our nature (Ro 3:23).

3-The wages (works of our religion or self-justification) only shows us that we are guilty of sin and deserving of eternal separation from God; however, God gives the gift of salvation to those who diligently seek for it (Ro 6:23).

4-How is this possible? Because while we (mankind in general and you in particular) were still sinners, Christ came and died for us because of His love for the Father, and for us, saving us from the wrath of God (Ro 5:8-9)

5-This cannot be obtained as a pretense or as “fire insurance”. This salvation is obtained by a new birth, a change of natures from the natural man to the new creation through the recognition of the truth of the Gospel and of yourself in your sin (Jo 3:5-7; 2Co 5:17).

6-Whoever calls upon the “name of the Lord” will be saved! This is preceded by the recognition that you are indeed a poor, wretched, blind sinner who is on a collision course with the wrath of God. This recognition results in repentance, a turning about from sin to a life in Christ. Thus, you confess to Christ that you are a sinner and believe in your heart that salvation only comes from Christ based upon His work on the cross. Just as God raised Christ from the dead, so will He raise you, change your nature and set you on the path of developing in you the nature of Christ (Ro 10:9-13).


Whoever will call on the name of the Lord
will be saved.