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Religion Cause of Unity

Religion is the Cause of Unity
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I believe that the problem people are having with explaining their confusion in understanding the presidential primaries is their starting point. Let me explain; nearly all disagreements do not disagree as to the concrete facts but center on disputes about differing assumptions.

For example: Creationists and Evolutionists point to the same fossils, the same rock strata and the same geological formations, these are the “facts”. They differ in how their assumptions define the relationship between these facts. The same holds true in our current discussion. Americans traditionally have defined their starting point as 1776, the American Revolution with its “shot heard around the world”. However, I believe this is the wrong starting point and therefore the assumptions drawn from this starting point will not explain the relationships between the facts, in this case the votes of the electorate. My starting point is the French Revolution which was founded on Enlightenment philosophy and explains the relationship between the voters and the rhetoric of the candidates.

French to African Revolution

Marxist African Revolutionary

The motto of the French Revolution, Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity, as I have mentioned before is self-contradictorily; i.e., liberty contradicts equality which contradicts fraternity (defined for our purposes as nationalism). Thus, the French Revolution was doomed to failure; however, it did not die! In his book, “Fire in the Minds of Men” James H. Billington made these statements, “The nationalists saw revolution as a “resurgence”…or even “resurrection”…of an individual nation. Social revolutionaries saw it as an extension of the scientific universalism of the Enlightenment. If revolutionary nationalists were poets…social revolutionaries…tended to view themselves as educational theorists teaching universal principles.” The nationalistic revolutionaries dominated the 19th century but by the mid 20th century onward the social revolutionaries have dominated based on teaching universal principles! What are these universal principles and how did they do this?

Murray N. Rothband in his book, “Anatomy of the State” writes, “State power, as we have seen, is the coercive and parasitic seizure of this production—a draining of the fruits of society for the benefit of nonproductive (actually antiproductive) rulers…the twentieth century has been primarily an age in which State power have been catching up…” But who would willingly allow State power to achieve these anti-individualistic goals? We need to look to Roussseau whose philosophy ignited the French Revolution based upon such concepts as the “Social Contract”.  According to Rousseau, by joining together into civil society through the social contract and abandoning their claims of natural right, individuals can both preserve themselves and remain free. This is because submission to the authority of the general will of the people as a whole guarantees individuals against being subordinated to the wills of others and also ensures that they obey themselves because they are, collectively, the authors of the law. Thus, in this self-contradictorily synopsis the people submitting to the authority of the general will prevents them from being subordinated to the wills of others (others being defined as conveniently required) because they are subordinated to everyone (tyranny of the majority). Therefore, during the 19th century there were a string of “nationalistic revolutions” which culminated in World War I. Behind the scenes the social revolutionaries were working to redefine revolution based on “scientific” principles and they gained ascendency due to World War I and came to fruition in the Soviet Revolution which was both a success and a failure!

The Soviet Revolution succeeded to reestablish a society based on the model started in the French Revolution based on centralized social planning and forced compliance. However, it failed in that it was not the workers who rose up, these were fighting each other for nationalistic dominance in the trenches, but the peasants and farmers both in the Soviet Union and in China! And, it failed in that forced compliance was not effective and the state must either collapse (Soviet Union) or morph into a different entity (Communist China). However, there was a small group who redefined how to turn the social revolution into a success based on universal principles of their devising. This group was known as the Frankfurt School. They were forced to leave Germany before World War II. They came to America, Columbia University, and within a generation had inculcated their beliefs into a generation of college educated Americans (1960s). They had developed, under the guise of being “scientific”, the Critical Theory which allowed them to criticize and redefine social values. They had determined that violent revolution of any particular group would not be effective but the use of the mechanisms of societal communication would reeducate the populace into acceptance of their social theory. The following two graphics explain their means and goals succinctly. In essence, the goal of Critical Theory is to criticize everything one disagrees with. People are taught to do this especially through the entertainment media in which being critical of everyone is an art form practiced by Americans in the form of sarcasm. The Bible calls it scoffers and has nothing good to say about such humor (Pr 1:22; 2Pe 3:3). The Goal: Criticize Everything! The Means: Through Every Means Possible!

Critical Theory Goals

Critical Theory Goals

Critical Theory Means

Critical Theory Means

Thus, they have completely infiltrated the mechanisms of education down to the lowest levels as well as the popular media promulgating their “universal tenets of truth” in music, art, books, television, movies. All those who disagree come under the gaze of Critical Theory which states there are no truths but the truths of the people (will of the people). Morality (right and wrong) are redefined to included the greatest number of people who willingly come under the will of the people for it is through the will of the people that laws are made; laws that favor the select few who must lead the way for the masses to appreciate “truth”. However, they have also come to recognize that their methods have a shortcoming. People are people, alas, and need reasons to change their morality, this is the role of religion. Religion is the source of morality, even those who reject “God” have a morality and thus have a religion.

The means to unite diverse cultures and peoples together is not with cold political principles, those revolutions only produced more revolutions (Africa), but with religion. Thus, World Religion Day was born to celebrate the commonalities and unity of the diverse religions that unite all peoples into one people (Unity Through Diversity).

World Religion Day

World Religion Day

But what has this to do with America’s presidential confusion?  There is no real difference between the two political parties despite their rhetoric. There is little real difference between the candidates, both major candidates want to develop “security” and Americans want centralized security. One offers economic security and one offers immigration security. The American people have chosen security, embodied in the slogan – Equality over Liberty. America is one of the last holdouts of Fraternity but through this bloodless revolution even this will diminish in favor of Equality (worldwide). This graphic explains the concept better.

Continuum Power Graph

Continuum Power Graph
The Nolan Chart, Adapted

Revolutions never end, they only inspire subsequent revolutions. The American Revolution inspired revolutions worldwide even down to today. Within our own country the revolution never ended. The American Revolution morphed into the Civil War which later morphed into the struggle for “rights”. This continuing struggle for ill define “rights” has been used by the alumni of the Frankfurt School to fundamentally change America. This bloodless revolution has been accomplished not against the American people but by the American people! This is one reason Plato despised democracies, he saw them degenerating into tyrannies and this is the path of America. There is no mystery about what is happening or why it is happening. America is demonstrating that it is not a Christian nation and Christians who are divided and confused are quickly being co-opted by popular society or marginalized away from modern society.  America, who gave rise to the United Nations, will once again show nations how to walk into the future in unity based on the only foundation all can agree upon, diversity of religion (morality) under the guise of an old faith that includes all these diverse faiths – Gnosticism. The choice now is not which candidate but between the Truth or the Lie, the same as it has always been (2Th 2:7-12; 2Ti 2:15-16; 4:3-4).

Gnostic Unity

At the Center – Satan, the Unifier

Yet, though we have been told of this, few will believe and understand until the Revolution’s reality overtakes them and they mourn our loss (Ac 13:40-41)

Author: LeeS

Retired naval nurse, Dad, Husband, Christian who seeks to share the Bible with those who want more than the superficial milk given out in the majority of today's churches. God has taught me through hard experiences as well as through book learning (Master's of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry).