America’s Religious Failure of Faith

Hillary's America

Propaganda Films New Staple
in American Politics (Religious)

I saw “Hillary’s America” and found what I expected to find, some good history, some ignored history and a rousing ending that brought a tear to everyone’s eye; in short, a religious propaganda film.

Now, propaganda is a trigger word that invokes negative images. America, with Hollywood, produced loads of propaganda films during World War II for both the civilian population and the military community. Since America tried to pretend that Korea and Vietnam were minor conflicts few propaganda films were produced. Since this is the second attempt by D’Souza to influence elections via this technique we will probably see more films of this type each election.

The Good: The history of the Democratic party was accurately portrayed. There is no doubt that this political movement believed in advancing the cause of its adherents at the expense of those deemed, inferior. D’Souza starts his history with Andrew Jackson though Thomas Jefferson was also guilty of some of the same excesses and more hypocritical than Jackson (he spoke of freeing his slaves but did not during his life time and only a select few after his death; and, he did have sex with his slave women). To his credit, D’Souza attempts to explain why the minorities slavishly adore the party that worked, or works, so hard to enslave them for their own profit.

The Bad: D”Souza white washes the Republican party giving them a pass on their transgressions and even goes so far as to say that they did not commit any errors concerning bigotry and so forth. It is true that the Republican party came into being to oppose slavery, or at least its expansion, but the average Republican citizen and soldier, were not friends to the Negros (parlance of the day). They were fighting to save the Union. The implied message for us today is that we are voting to save the Union.

Lincoln was not the founder of the Republican party, that would be Amos Tuck. Lincoln was not adverse to using his position to gain wealth from the railroads; in fact, he defended the railroads to encourage their expansion at the expense of the “little guys”; i.e., he was a corporate lawyer (a fact often ignored). Lincoln did not have to send a resupply ship to Fort Sumter, and thus ignite the violence, as the Union soldiers were coming ashore and buying supplies as needed. In short, Lincoln’s intent was not just to save the Union but to increase the power of the Union over the States at the expense of many lives. Slavery was the cause célèbre but Lincoln plainly stated that his primary motive was “preservation” of the Union at any cost. His Emancipation Proclamation freed not one person but was issued to solidly buy Abolitionists support for his reelection. If Lincoln is one of your “sacred” presidents then you will not find this comforting.

Skipping ahead we find the Republicans the fathers of monopolies, or “crony capitalism” as we call it today. Through the use of tariffs, the only effective means for funding the federal (union) government in those days, trade was controlled and American manufacturing was stifled. Ergo, free enterprise was repressed as only those corporations that honored the federal government were supported. Thus, when Teddy Roosevelt (Progressive Republican) claimed to be a Trust (Monopoly) Buster he was actually destroying those trusts that were not cooperating with the federal government. Hubert Hoover was also a Progressive Republican who sought to use the federal government to establish standards to improve (read control) commerce. He was used by Woodrow Wilson (Democrat) showing that their politics were in synchrony. Calling him a Republican is like calling Donald Trump a Republican, oh wait, we did make him a Republican. Hoover tried to use limited federal government intervention during the early days of the Depression. He did not have the propaganda arm well oiled to make the hard sell but his successor, Franklin Roosevelt, had the acumen to make the hard sell and repackaged many of Hoover’s programs which failed miserably.

Finally, the film discusses the “gangsterism” of the Clintons which was its underlying motif. I cannot disagree with this assessment and having her as president will give her the means to truly rape America as Obama has tried to accomplish on an international scale. The difference, he is an ideologue and thus, an amateur. They are skilled and in it for the money. This taint has surrounded them since their early years in Arkansas and is particularly apparent in the use of their “foundation”. The fact there has been no scandal or even a legitimate investigation belies the corruption inherent in a large federal government that has little to fear from either individuals or the various states (thank you President Lincoln). But who to oppose her? Mr. Trump has proved his character over the years and it is little better than hers. In fact, over the years he has support the part of oppression and only very recently has joined the other party of oppression to gain his own power and start his own dynasty (it was no accident that his son and daughter were given national attention during the convention).

The film ends with songs and scenes of American patriotism invoking the righteous to vote rightly. There was barely a dry eye in the theater. I am not anti-American, I served her 26 years in uniform. But the Christian worldview must be governed by the Bible and not by the government. The Bible shows that all governments belong to Satan and thus promote his kingdom and not God’s kingdom. The First Great Awakening provided the impetus for at least one quarter of Americans to support the Revolutionary cause, a cause that is clearly anti-Biblical. The Second Great Awakening provided the moral cause, slavery, that hid the true reason for the Civil War, extension of federal power. The religious fervor of the 1980’s provided the push that Regan needed to obtain office for his agenda; he made no serious attempt to challenge abortion. Can you see the pattern?

The Gospel is co-opted by the State in order to advance anti-Biblical causes. Trump is aligning with LGBT forces which is clearly anti-Bible but endorsed as the “anything but Hillary” cry. This is pragmatism. Americans developed pragmatism to justify ignoring the Gospel in favor of government. Government is the God and patriotism is the worship of that god, the State. Churches express adulation for the State and its armed forces that should be reserved only for God and the spreading of His Gospel. We are not to hate or work against the State; neither did Peter or Paul. We are to obey the laws of the State as it pertains to biblical morality; yet, we are not to love the State. Why do we do this? Because we are taught to do this.

The Public Education movement began in New England before the Civil War but took off after the Civil War and became the means of making compliant patriotic citizens supporting the Union (Federal government). Public Education never had education as its main purpose but the socialization of its citizens who would support it and its causes. This is why nearly every war America has fought has religious overtones, to inspire men, and now women, to go and die for the Federal government. This worship of the Nephilim is the worship of the State’s power to impose its will on others but its will is not God’s will. Read Tom Paxton’s lyrics about the role of Public Education, to realize that even lost man sees the true role of this arm of government.

We are to preach the Gospel at all times. We are not to be captured by Satan’s schemes. This site is devoted to the training of one’s mind to exercise biblical discernment in order to avoid being fooled by Satan’s designs. I know that this appears anti-American when in fact the only way to support America, or any government one lives under, is through the Gospel.

Pragmatism Defined

This is How Satan (State)
Defines Truth

In closing, the above graphic is missing an essential component – God and His Word. Truth is defined as: 1) That which works (as man defines success); 2) With beliefs that are consistent with man (consistent with the sinful, fallen nature of man who is at war with God); 3) As the world defines truth which is against God’s truth. Believers, mature in God’s truth avoiding these traps of Satan that seek to rob you of your joy in Christ and chain you to him who only seeks your destruction. Your voice, your vote, should be now and always – Christ.

Author: LeeS

Retired naval nurse, Dad, Husband, Christian who seeks to share the Bible with those who want more than the superficial milk given out in the majority of today's churches. God has taught me through hard experiences as well as through book learning (Master's of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry).