Possible Basis of Islam – Noahide Laws

President and Congress Bound America to the Noahide Laws

The Noahide Laws are unknown to most Americans and unfortunately certain groups have shrouded the Noahide Laws in myth and conspiracy. Understanding this Talmudic Jewish concept of world order will help you in clearly decoding the rhetoric you will encounter when you research this topic.

Your government has acknowledged the legitimacy of the Noahide Laws under President Bush (Senior) by an act of Congress innocuously entitled, “Education Day.” Every president at least since President Reagan has entertained these laws as the basis for world civilization.

These form basis of Natural Law
According to Jewish Learning

The Noahide Laws are seven rules supposedly laid on mankind long before the Ten Words at Mount Horeb {Torah}, even before Noah according to My Jewish Learning and CARM {Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry}. As with most Talmudic writings mental gymnastics are required to accept their logic. Supposedly the Noahide Laws are contained in the instructions God gave to Adam from the beginning (Ge 2:16). After the Cataclysm {Flood} God tacked on, “Respect of Living Creatures”, which is why they are named after Noah.  While these “rules” sound innocent their implications are ominous especially as discussed in the Talmud.

This Worldview was believed
Long before Mohammed

This graphic expresses the basic view of historic Jewish thought toward non-Jews {goy: non-Jew; goyim: non-Jews or Gentiles}. Non-Jews who lived in Jewish communities were considered to be under the Noahide Laws and violations were to be dealt with by a court system in place for this purpose. This would have been the environment Mohammed would have met on his caravan trips to Syria and in the Jewish communities in Medina. Basically, whether he said so or not, Mohammed altered many Talmudic thoughts by replacing the term Jew with Islam or Muslim. Whereas the Jews were scattered in their implementation of this philosophy concerning Gentiles, Mohammed was aggressive codifying his tactics under the Jihad doctrine; thus, he was more successful in acquiring territory. However, the Jewish community was probably more successful in acquiring power.

Maimonides was one of the greatest Jewish Talmudic thinkers of medieval rabbinical Judaism. He believed that Gentiles who refused to keep the Noahide Laws should be executed by beheading; today considered an Islamic speciality. Jewish rabbinics generally consider Islam monotheistic and therefore covered under the Noahide Laws. All idolaters who refuse to give up their faith are considered in violation of the Noahide Laws and under the penalty of death. {Does this sound similar to Islam’s “convert or die” strategy?} Christians were considered as idolaters due to its trinitarian doctrine and crucifixes {Roman Catholicism}; however, in more modern times Christianity has conveniently been shifted into the Noahide Law camp giving us the option of acknowledging the superiority of Judaism and living under Jewish rule.

In an article in the “Jerusalem Post” {28 Mar 2016} Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef said that it was illegal for non-Jews to live in Israel unless they acknowledge the legitimacy of the Noahide Laws {Secular members of Israeli government opposed this view}. There is even debate among various Jewish adherents as to whether Gentiles even have a soul (Brit Olam). In essence the debate is whether Gentiles are animals who cannot be saved and are therefore here only for Jewish usage {similar to Islamic view of non-Muslims} or do they actually have an inferior soul that may be saved if they keep the Noahide Laws.

The Jewish view of Gentiles who qualify to live under the Noahide Laws is very similar to the Islamic view of certain groups who may live as Dhimmis {Jews, Christians and occasionally repentant idolaters}. In both cases the subservient groups are considered second-class citizens with no hope of ever realizing equality in society. At best Judaism allows Gentiles to become proselytes, believers in Judaism, yet this remains a second-class status in Jewish society. Islam allows Dhimmis to convert to Islam and move into general equality but this probably extends to future posterity.

Noahide Laws became a mechanism by which Jewish culture and society could plan for eventual dominance over Gentiles. This explains the need for a Jewish state giving legitimacy to their aims. However, being a patient people the Jewish influence moved behind the scenes to gain control of the mechanisms of power to avoid direct confrontations with powerful Gentile nations. Islam has historically confronted non-Islamic nations with varying degrees of success. In addition, though Islam presents itself as a monolithic system this has been historically difficult to achieve or maintain. This has allowed some success for a “divide and conquer” strategy.

Thus, Christians who believe that they have allies against Islam in the Jewish nation are sadly misguided. Judaism is first and foremost historically been about the promotion of Jewish dominance over Gentiles and the absolute rejection of Christianity. Secular Jewish elements will compromise with Gentiles to carry out their goals but their main goal has never been repudiated {Islamic doctrine of taqiyya and tayseer copy these Jewish strategies}. Islam’s goal is absolutely the same: global Muslim dominance with no non-Muslims remaining on the planet. Both of these beliefs systems are intolerant of all other belief systems; violently so when they are able to act with impunity.

What are Christians to do? We seem to be surrounded by enemies that only want our destruction as well as those Christendom elements who gnaw at the foundations of salvation from within. Internet is abound with sites screaming about this danger and demanding aggressive action! Avoid them! This is an absolutely unbiblical approach. Christians are not in the nation-building or nation-saving business. As new creations in Christ we are in the Gospel spreading business while the nations of the world seek to build fortifications against God and Christ (2Co 5:17). Christ’s mandate to us is to 1) Preach the Gospel; 2) Make disciples; and 3) Baptize them. We are to do this throughout the world in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit until Christ returns (Mt 28:18-20).

And, we are to do this while the world seeks to destroy Christ by destroying us. Christ warned this would occur and the Bible clearly showed the truth of this tactic in the death of Stephen (Mt 5:10-12; Ac 7; 1Pe 4:13-16). Both groups claim Christians are against them when the opposite is true. Christian doctrine teaches that in Christ all are the same, equal before the Law and God (Ga 3:27-29). Yet, their very goal is to eliminate everyone who does not believe as they do. As the nations of darkness battle for supremacy {all nations belong to the darkness} there is coming the Prince of Darkness who will offer to bring all together in peace and harmony if all would only bow to him for there can only be his faith {sound eerily familiar?}. At that time he will destroy Judaism which he has always hated and all other faiths will submit to him for they all contain elements of darkness that will find unity in him {Gnosticism}.

The time is coming when everyone will make a decision: for Christ or for Satan. That decision is being made every single day in a plethora of tiny decisions so when that day comes: your answer will already be formed by what you have continually practiced. You will already know how you will answer that question when you are ordered to submit – or die.

Author: LeeS

Retired naval nurse, Dad, Husband, Christian who seeks to share the Bible with those who want more than the superficial milk given out in the majority of today's churches. God has taught me through hard experiences as well as through book learning (Master's of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry).