Political Rhetoric or Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Early Attack Ad

Early Political Attack Ad
Against Thomas Jefferson

I am amused at the rhetoric of the pundits, the politicians and the news manipulators (cannot truly call them news reporters) as they deplore what they describe as, “dirty politics” or “political attack ads”. They act as if these personal attacks are a symptom of the degradation of the modern, current political landscape showing how someone needs to come along and make everyone get along!

I found this particular YouTube video to be particularly to the point. The truth is that everyone has an agenda to manipulate you, the voter, into believing that the only true solution is a demigod who will bring the “children” (the political parties) into peaceful coexistence so that America can move ahead solving her problems. In other words, the “final solution” is not a republic government nor even a democratic government; the final solution is a tyrannical government in which everyone can feel secure only when the government controls everything, with your permission of course! That is the true genius of the American system.

This presidential election is no different than any previous presidential campaigns, except maybe George Washington’s campaign since no one wanted to oppose him, publicly. There has never been a time when attack ads were not used to “educate” the public about the true nature of one’s opponent. In the above graphic Thomas Jefferson is portrayed as a rooster, an image of France which he supported even during their Reign of Terror, courting a chicken disguised as his slave mistress (which was true). This comes as a shock to Americans today because too many are ignorant of their own history. News manipulators are probably the least educated and the most vehement about nearly everything they claim to report to you. In the guise of bringing you the news they are in fact seeking to manipulate you into believing according to their current agenda. This is true of PBS, Fox, ABC, New York Times, Washington Times, Sky News, and so on ad nauseam.

As both the above graphic and the video demonstrate, there is no expectation of civility when it comes to power. Christians should not be surprised that those who seek power will do what is necessary, and allowable, to obtain access to that power. To expect the lost to do otherwise is to deny the truth of the Scriptures. Yet, Christians constantly take up the rhetoric of the world demanding that the lost should act as Christians, or at least pretend to act as Christians are supposed to behave – in public.

Here is a small sampling of the current rhetoric among the presidential candidates. Mrs Clinton claims everyone is against her because she is a woman; that is, the men running against her are practicing sexual discrimination because they do not agree with her agenda. Mr. Trump vehemently attacks everyone who campaigns against his agenda allthewhile demanding that everyone who disagrees with his agenda is stupid and he may sue them to prove his point. Mr. Rubio accuses Mr. Cruz of not knowing Spanish even though he cannot maintain a consistent position on the major issues. Mr. Cruz is not above spreading rumors about his opponents to influence the voters against his opposition. In other words, this is just politics as usual! Rather than be appalled, Christians should look for the hidden agenda to avoid falling into the trap of tyranny.

Paul talks to us from the Bible and we would do well to hear his message in order to not be deceived! Paul tells us that in the last days, that will be the days from the inauguration of the Church until the return of Christ, that “people will not endure sound teaching…and wander off into myths” (2Ti 4:3). He also reminded us to “avoid irreverent babble, for it will lead people into more and more ungodliness” (2Ti 2:16). Then he describes the people who will live in the last days, “lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, ungrateful, slanderous, without self-control, swollen with conceit…having the appearance of godliness but denying its power Avoid such people” (2Ti 3:2-5). This is nothing more than a description of the lost of every generation. These people do not represent us but the general population which is predominantly lost. We should be asking ourselves, “What is the true motive of such rhetoric?”

In accordance with God’s will, Satan is advancing his plan year by year (Mt 24:6-8). I say this not because I believe that Christians should withdraw from the world for Paul taught against this logic, though many groups down through the years have sought to make this a core doctrine (1Co 5:9-10). Rather, I want you to be aware that people who are attacking the “attack ads” are seeking to make merchandise of you for their own ends (2Pe 2:1-3). While these passages apply to false prophets and seducing doctrines of demons, what makes you think politics is anything but a seducing siren song enticing people to usher in “heaven on earth” through the works of men; that is, through politics and an overarching benevolent government that seeks only the good of all people, except for those who are of the gift few who are destined to lead the remainder of us toward this “heaven on earth”. This is nothing more than a caricature of the Millennial Kingdom Christ will establish on earth upon His return. Yet, sinful man will even reject this and seek to destroy it, and all who adhere to it!

We are to vote for such as will extend the peace so that the Gospel may continue to be preached to the lost around the world. This is our commission, this is our calling, this is our duty as slaves to Christ! This is the example Paul, Peter and Christ gave us. Once Christians become enmeshed in the world churches are perverted into institutions of power rather than bastions of peace in a troubled world. This occurred with the churches after Constantine (Roman Catholicism) and with the churches formed during the Reformation (Protestant denominations became affiliated with newly forming nation-states to become churches of the state). The persecuted churches became the persecuting churches for the sake of power. To make the America safe, to stop the “political attack ads”, to unify the political parties requires that everyone be the same, that there be “one truth”, “one diversity”, “one equality”, “one form of tolerance”. To follow this is to promote our own demise and suppression off the Gospel. To this I can only say, “God forbid!”

Author: LeeS

Retired naval nurse, Dad, Husband, Christian who seeks to share the Bible with those who want more than the superficial milk given out in the majority of today's churches. God has taught me through hard experiences as well as through book learning (Master's of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry).