Jewish Conspiracy or Consistent History?

JFK Jewish Quote

Truth or Wishful Prejudice?

I have been studying Jewish philosophy as part of my studies of human philosophies to understand the truth of the Scriptures. I have been aware for nearly the totality of my Christian salvation experience, nearly 40 years, of the belief in a vast world-wide Jewish Conspiracy. This supposed quote by John F. Kennedy, I could not verify he actually said this quote, seems to legitimize the conspiracy belief. Continue reading “Jewish Conspiracy or Consistent History?”

Who Are You Voting For? A Savior?

The American Savior: The President

I have heard the same rhetoric in American presidential politics for forty years. The only thing that changes is the crisis that requires Americans to vote for the “right” candidate so we are not destroyed outwardly or inwardly. We only need the right person to guide us into the Millennial Age of peace and plenty. So, I ask the Christian, “Who are you voting for?” “A savior?” Continue reading “Who Are You Voting For? A Savior?”

America’s Faith – Political Saviors


Washington among the gods

As an American, a veteran of nearly 30 years of service and a disciple steeped in the “truths” of America’s faith; I find American politics, especially presidential politics, a religious experience. Continue reading “America’s Faith – Political Saviors”

Indoctrination or Right and Wrong Training

Right & Wrong Thinking

Indoctrination is Determining
Right and Wrong Thinking

Our previous posts on indoctrination laid the groundwork to understand this one simple concept: Indoctrination is nothing more than instilling in people, especially children, the ethical morality of right and wrong! This foundation determines how one’s worldview is shaped which filters incoming data (facts) and structures analysis (thinking) into “acceptable” beliefs which determines future thoughts and actions. Continue reading “Indoctrination or Right and Wrong Training”

Indoctrination or Natural Rights Fallacy

John Locke

John Locke: Author of Natural Rights

My previous posts on Indoctrination have brought us to the discussion of natural rights which John Locke defended and Thomas Jefferson included in America’s Declaration of Independence. Having said this I believe I need to warn you of this very familiar observation. What one learns first and/or during one’s formative periods tends to become engrained in the bedrock of one’s mind. Continue reading “Indoctrination or Natural Rights Fallacy”

Indoctrination or What is Education?

Science vs Religion

Indoctrination: Science vs. Religion

This graphic communicates several logical fallacies that forces the reader to accept the author’s conclusions. The first logical fallacy is that faith and science are mutually exclusive; that is, people of faith ignore or reject “facts” in order to maintain their faith while people of science make conclusions based on “facts”. Continue reading “Indoctrination or What is Education?”

Indoctrination or Training the Youth

Stop Religious Indoctrination Develops "Fee" Thinkers
Stopping Religious Indoctrination
Develops “Fee” Thinkers

The statement of this graphic is as much indoctrination as the indoctrination that the statement condemns.  Yet, even more than that, it contains a self-defeating logical fallacy that is so common today as to be ignored. The reason we will look at indoctrination over the next several posts is because the political season is upon us and full of charges and counter-charges of indoctrination rather than a reasoned discussion of the issues to seek well grounded solutions. Continue reading “Indoctrination or Training the Youth”

The Matrix – Which Mind is Yours

In the movie, “The Matrix”, Neo (One) had to choose between the blue pill or the red pill denoting whether he wanted to learn the “real” truth or remain in his delusion. This struck me as somewhat similar to these verses, “But a natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually appraised. But he who is spiritual appraises all things, yet he himself is appraised by no one.(1 Co 2:14-15 NASB) Continue reading “The Matrix – Which Mind is Yours”

Global Governance – When the World Changed, Again

Georgia_Guidestones-lowresGeorgia Guidestones

Being counted among the naive of Christianity I assumed the coming convergence of a one-world government based on poor hermeneutical understanding of the Bible; in other words, I let my worldview determine my biblical interpretation. My researches into eschatology and current global political movements have led me to gain a clearer understanding of the true forces at work in the world. Continue reading “Global Governance – When the World Changed, Again”

Jurassic World Theology


Many Christians I speak with have the worldview of a separation between government (state) and religion (church).  This is considered a fundamental principle of American government; but, it has an erroneous assumption that government functions apart from religion. Continue reading “Jurassic World Theology”