Nihilism: Tool of Fascism


Wonder Why Nothing Makes Sense?
Welcome to the 20th Century

Nihilism has been the foil used to promote globalization by a variety of methods but with one very clear goal: to rob man of purpose until only one answer remained – Fascism.

What?! This does not make any sense! Actually, that is the very point; the 20th century, and now the 21st century, has made very little sense. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, 19th century German philosopher, helped defined modern nihilism and then succumbed to the hopelessness of nihilism in his final years. When he said modern man had killed God, he lamented what man would put in His place: the answer – nothing. This would be simply academic for us except how nihilism was used to deceive modern man.

Though Nietzsche was associated with Nazism it is now thought that his sister, who edited his work after his affliction, introduced fascism which was her belief, not his. In practice though it was the Frankfurt School, after it came to America, that introduced nihilism into American universities via its critical theory. Basic tenet of this theory is to question everything and accept nothing in order to destroy order and replace disorder with globalistic communism (See my other posts for additional insights).

If Man is the Measure of all then
Man is god, the Promise of Sin

Western culture via Social Darwinism believed it had arrived at the pinnacle of human endeavor. Well, it had but in the form of World War I (WWI) which only demonstrated how destructive sinful man was. Positivism failed and nearly every aspect of Western culture was questioned after this war. Communism appeared to provide some answer but it achieved success in Russia in spite of its theory rather than because of it. Though it spread in Europe during this great questioning period it paled against the onslaught of the new philosophy of fascism. During World War II (WWII) German fascism (Nazism) competed directly against Russian communism and Western democracies, or so it appeared, resulting in its defeat. It has been banned, ostracized, even vilified though it continues to live on in. Suppose WWII was not about defeating evil but about reordering the world preparing for the next step of governmental evolution?

Globalization Became the Answer
Against World Destruction

Western democracies began to move toward globalization and away from the nation-state concept of government. The question to be decided was which form of globalization: communism or democracy? With the demise of Russian communism and the changing face of Chinese communism to industrialization the question appeared decided; however, the seeds of nihilism which germinated in the 1960s in Western culture began to bear fruit in a philosophical form called Postmodernism. Question everything! Accept nothing! There are no absolutes! I decide what I want to believe! The forces of democratic globalization wooed and wedded postmodernism which really is nothing more than the marriage of nihilism with critical theory. {This concepts are presented in simplistic form which would not be disputed by their adherents.}

With the handmaidens of the pseudosciences postmodernism spread its nihilistic philosophy throughout the youth via the education system. It was legitimized on the individual level by psychology and on the macro level by sociology. It was pimped by the entertainment media via television, music and movies until it crossed over into the information media, masquerading as news outlets. Those opposing this nihilism were painted as hateful, old, nationalists, uncaring, unloving, and, surprisingly, as fascists. Sarcastic comedy and “straw man” dramas became the diet promoting nihilism. Fantasy developed entire “universes” to giving some semblance of order against disorder. Traditional forms of order were attacked by the LGBT movement and embraced by the postmodernists who were becoming the majority. Finally, to put the only true definition of morality on the ropes the nihilists embraced atheism. But, it did not end there; many also embraced Islam with its own form nihilistic globalism as the foil to biblical gospel centered Christianity. All traditional values and institutions were under attack and succumbing to the various forms of nihilism. Welcome to the Now!

The Bible says that those who become the measure of all things are not wise {paraphrase} (2Co 10:12). This correctly reveals nihilism. Sin is nihilism. When Satan told Eve she would be a goddess, he was lying {Surprise!} (Ge 3:1-7). He wanted man to be enmeshed in nihilism {hopelessness} so they could turn to him as their god proving his case against God. If God’s creations were sinful; i.e., angels and men, then God is the author of evil. If God were evil He could not punish Satan or sinners of sin that He was responsible for causing; i.e., no eternal punishment. This is ultimate nihilism: if God committed evil He would cease to exist as would all He had created {everything}! Does Satan really believe all would cease to exist? I do not know! Yet, people make this choice everyday even when they know their choices are self-destructive! This is the nihilism of sin.

The Bible shows that at the height of nihilism during the Great Tribulation Satan will empower a man, Antichrist, who will offer himself as the solution to man’s hopelessness. His truth claims will be endorsed by the False Prophet. Western civilization will follow him. Those of the East, the North and the South will make peace for a spell then all will come together for the battle when Christ appears and settles these truth claims. Notice, Satan desires globalization but not on the basis of equality, no one is equal to him. He comes in the form of fascism: charismatic leader with mystical powers beyond mortal men offering to share the knowledge of truth and peace with all men if only they would learn from him. He will give them identity, order, stability in a world gone mad. He does this through local governments bringing various ethnicities together around a core belief system not unlike the ancient Roman Empire which was built around the cult of the Emperor.

During the last presidential election Americans rejected nihilism, barely, by choosing a charismatic personality who promised stability and greatness. The forces of nihilism rage against him and his adherents appropriately calling them fascists. This is a preview of how events will flow as described in Revelation. People today chose The Man just as they will in that day. Christians lined up to choose The Man becoming partners with Satan rather than discerning of the times and events. Satan is in a learning curve since he is not omniscient. He is a quick learner and, unlike man, he does not die – he gets to practice his technique time after time after time.

As Christians we are not: globalists, fascists, nationalists, communists, positivists, nihilists, atheists, religionists or any other “…ists”. We are new creations in Christ living the truth of His word before the world which attracts those who also wish to find true meaning in life (2Co 5:17). All who hear the gospel can come for Jesus rejects no one who comes to find the truth (Re 22:17). We fight against no one’s beliefs but are slaughtered daily for our own (Ps 44:22). For those who wish to weave gossamer threads of reason out of nothingness, God allows this but for those who yearn for hope He offers Christ (Ro 1:18-25). Come and see that He is Good (Ps 34:4-8).

Author: LeeS

Retired naval nurse, Dad, Husband, Christian who seeks to share the Bible with those who want more than the superficial milk given out in the majority of today's churches. God has taught me through hard experiences as well as through book learning (Master's of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry).