Lying – The State of All Nations

Lying Gossip Words

The Essence of Man’s Communications
Lie, Gossip, Hate, Steal

During this presidential election year I am amazed at the lack of biblical understanding Christians display. My basic premise is that all people are sinful (Christians are saved sinners who still sin), sinful people form governments that mirror their sinfulness, people who lead those governments are sinners who mirror the electorate who allow them to lead.

The basic premise of the Ninth Precept (Commandment to you) is that all sinners are liars who believe the lie and cover the truth. This is the position of the Bible which proves that sinful man needs a holy God. The basic premise of man is that he needs time and a better government to realize his innate goodness on his way to becoming better gods. Let us see how this is working out for everyone.

Never Lie Except

This not only sounds like every politician
It sounds like every person

The root of the problem, as I see it, is that people want to elect leaders who are sinless. They are always demanding a “clear choice” rather than the “lesser of two evils”. How this can be obtained is never discussed because it is impossible! Man is innately sinful. Man who is not saved can never produce anything good. The truth is not understood and rejected (1Co 2:14). The Bible is very blunt about the sinner’s lying yet it is ignored in favor of keeping the lie (Ro 3:10-18). Since politicians come from the ranks of sinful people, they are liars like those they represent. To expect them to be different is the height of insanity of the electorate.

Lied Get Over It

Many claim this represent Ms Clinton
In fact, this represents every single person

This graphic is the true attitude of every sinner when confronted by their sin. The heart is desperately wicked and refuses to repent unless confronted by God’s Holy Spirit (Je 17:9; Jo 16:7-11). No one changes because they want to, they change when God convicts them of their sin. At best a sinner will apologize for getting caught in the hopes of reducing his punishment or consequences. But repentance comes only through a changed nature brought about by the salvation process initiated solely by God (Ro 10:8-13). Now, if it was only a matter of recognizing that all are lying sinners needing salvation our discussion could end here. However, the consequences are more profound.

Orwell Government Quote

While Mr. Orwell spoke of Politics
The Truth Applies to Each of Us

The language of the sinner is designed to cover the truth in order to remove God and thus, remain secure in one’s sinfulness. The language of every single person is designed to make lies sound truthful. Hiding the truth equates to the murder of every single person who misses the gospel message based on your lies! As a lost person I would engage Christians in discussions and crush their puny arguments. Later when I became saved I tried to find several of them and ask their forgiveness. It has always bothered me how many people heard my false arguments and remained in their sins making me culpable in their eternal deaths. It is not just politicians but each of us who rejects ALL the truth of the Scripture in favor of our “special truths”. God wants us to learn His whole truth and not just the parts each of us find convenient. Yet, we need to remember that governments do not serve man; they are designed to serve only one master and he shares power with no one, Satan.

MacArther Quote

Gen MacArthur loved War
All sinners love sin which begets violence

Satan, through our governments, keeps the sinners in turmoil in order to prevent man from finding the truth. He is spectacularly successful because man is complicit in this process. Our government is doing nothing less than seeking power from its citizens for itself; however, in the end all power flows to the one who is its source, Satan. He lies to everyone. The Christian has the means, the Bible, to recognize the lies and reject its effects. But I find that many Christians are under the delusion that they can make the government better by voting in a sinful person whom God can use to bring peace on earth. Peace is a result of Christians living according to God’s nature and that is impossible while we inhabit this body of sinful flesh. Violence is a condition of sin and as long as man lives in sin he will have violence. Remember, America seeks to spread democracy via bombs while Christ spread peace through His word and His violent death at the hands of those who rejected His truth.

Know the Truth FreedomWhat are you set free from?
You are either a slave to Satan or to Christ

The truth of the gospel does not give you absolute freedom, which does not exist. The gospel frees you from the lies of sin which delude you into believing the lie that you do not need a Savior, that you can achieve peace without Christ and that man is moving ever upward in his evolution toward spiritual truths apart from God. These lies only enslave you more tightly to your sin which devours you (1Pe 5:8-9). Therefore, I say to the Christians – STOP trying to usher in the Millennial Kingdom by electing sinful people to rule over you through sinful governments that only seek to enslave or destroy you. The answer is not government, the problem is not government. The answer is Christ’s gospel, the problem is man’s sin and the world system Satan uses to keep you enslaved in your sin. True guidance is not found in elections but in prayer and His word.

Author: LeeS

Retired naval nurse, Dad, Husband, Christian who seeks to share the Bible with those who want more than the superficial milk given out in the majority of today's churches. God has taught me through hard experiences as well as through book learning (Master's of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry).