Locusts: Devouring Civilizations

Lowly Locust is Innocuous Singly
But as a Horde its Bitter Legacy is Death

In my last post (Islam: Illogic of Contradictory Dualism) I made reference to Islam being as the locusts of Joel (De 28:49-51; Pr 30:27; Joel 2:1-11; Re 9:1-11). I would like to explain this in greater detail in this post. First, we need to understand that Islam is not the religion of coexistence! It is popular today to join hands in solidarity with Muslims but this is done in either absolute ignorance of the sacred writings of Islam (Quran, Sira, Hadith) or in dhimmitude with Islam {semi-slave state of humiliation to further the goal of Islam}.

The current disarray of African and Middle Eastern Islamic lands has produced huge swarms of immigrants throughout Europe, America and Australia. These people have brought their customs and practices with them giving everyone a close-up view of Islam in action. Yet, if we had studied history rather than waste time on frivolous entertainments we could have seen this coming and our leaders could have protected us. It is still not too late to learn exactly what Islam means and its effects on those cultures it converts.

Jihad {struggle} is not merely a word for war but an ongoing defensive struggle against all non-Muslims {Kafir-Singular; Kufar-Plural}. It is considered defensive because all Kufar have committed the offense first of disbelief in Allah and his prophet Mohammed. The Jihad must continue until all Kufar have either converted or eliminated. For expediency a semi-slave class was allowed to support Muslims in their Jihad: Dhimmi {singular}. This class agrees with the basic tenets of Islam but are allowed to privately practice their faith if they pay the heavy dcimmi tax {Jizya}, identify themselves with a special belt, live in public humiliation and meet several other restrictions (Dhimmi Rules). This is not coexistence. Islam has one goal: elimination of all Kufar which translates into a single, global Muslim society. At some point even the Dhimmis must convert or die. What would a global Islamic civilization look like? We have glimpses of this from the various civilizations that Islam has conquered over the past 1400 years.

In the 8th century A.D. the Muslims moved east into what is today Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. These lands had vibrant thriving cultures until conquered by Islam. The pacifist Buddhists of Afghanistan were quickly slaughtered with the women raped and then sold into slavery and the children abused then sold into slavery; men were usually slaughtered by their favorite method: beheading. The Zoroastrians of Pakistan fared little better suffering the same fate. The Hindus of northern India did fare somewhat better in that they managed to keep about half of their country intact since they had a warrior caste. Wherever Islam conquered it destroyed the culture it encountered deeming it as Kufar. All representative art was defaced {faces destroyed} or destroyed. All temples, shrines and worship objects were destroyed. Mosques were built in place of the most significant worship centers. In other words, Islam destroys all civilizations it encounters replacing them with its own. What does that look like? Mired in debilitating, crushing poverty is it enduring legacy. Today, these lands are desolate, nearly barren wastelands. The major crop of Afghanistan today is opium for heroin production exported to debilitate other Kufar it has yet to conquer. India, though it survived became impoverished partly due to the Islamic influence at work within its borders, British colonial rule and the vagaries of its own idolatry. But this is ancient history, are there more recent examples of Islam destroying Kufar cultures? Unfortunately, yes and with the tacit approval of dhimmitude Western governments like our own.

Ottoman (Islamic) Empire
Demonstrated Islamic Tolerance

The Ottoman Empire, modern Turkey, has consistently demonstrated the tolerance Kufar cultures can expect; especially now that the nation has voted to become an Islamic dictatorship {by Western standards since under Islam all government is from the central ruler of world Islam}. Turkey, though not Arabic, became Islamic with the fall of Constantinople {Greek Byzantine Empire}. Ottoman Empire quickly pillage the treasures, built their mosques, desecrated the churches and replaced the culture with their own. The Christians were allowed dhimmitude status as long as they were deemed helpful. Toward the end of the 19th and into the early 20th centuries the dhimmis were systematically exterminated resulting in the Armenian Genocide in which over 1,000,000 people were eliminated for no other reason than they were Kufar. After the fall of the Ottoman Empire modern Turkey was created. Its new ruler, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, “Westernized” his new society recognizing Turkey could not remain independent if it allowed itself to sink into the quagmire of pure Islamic culture. However, this did not deter him from removing Kufar elements.

Turkish (Islamic) Forces
Proud of their Slaughter at Smyrna

The last of the Christian and Armenian peoples were in Smyrna, jewel of the Mediterranean coast and the last of the churches of Revelation (Re 2:8-11). Western war ships sat in the harbor when Turkish forces entered Smyrna beginning the usual raping, pillaging and killing of the Kufar. When citizens rowed or swam to these warships pleading for mercy they were rebuffed. Not one Western nation spoke out against this Islamic genocide; in fact, these very nations, including the U.S., excused and supported the Turkish forces. While only 2,000 or so were admitted as dying from an unfortunate fire the citizens themselves had started, the figure probably lies closer to 1,000,000. The photo above shows that this was not simply a military action but genocide gleefully carried out by the troops. Islam controlled Palestine for centuries and only managed to turn this once fruitful land into a waste land of bare rock. We could continue by discussing the ruin of modern Beirut by Jihad begun in the 1980s and continuing today.

Everywhere Muslim forces have taken Islam the civilizations have been decimated. These forces have acted as locusts, swarming where once was bounty and diversity and left only the homogenous equality of grinding poverty which is the legacy of political Islam {Sharia}. If it was not for the oil the Arabic tribes of the Middle East would still be lost in poverty. Yet, the glut of oil has not vitalized this culture, reduced its grueling poverty or enriched the Islamic culture. Saudi Arabia is the perfect example of how the few elitists enjoy immense wealth while the vast majority beg for crumbs as documented in this YouTube video.

Religious Islam {Meccan Quran} showed it could live at peace with other cultures under their doctrine of Taysir {Facilitation} and Darura {Necessity} (Some Islamic Doctrines). However, as Muslims grow in strength, and numbers, they agitate for Sharia {Median Quran} which is more violent with the single goal of destroying Kufar so only Islam faith and culture remain. In their polemic Jihadist political Islamic practice they consume everything, leave nothing before moving on to the next thriving culture. As people they do not have to do this; as followers of Mohammed they do this because this was his practice. They are not forced to do this but they force others to accept this. This is their legacy which has not changed since their inception. As Christians we need to be the light that shines into the darkness revealing its works and offering a better gospel; a gospel that builds up rather than tears down (Jo 1:1-4, 12-13). A gospel that uplifts all who come rather than trods down all who are different. The Gospel has crossed all cultural lines with its universal message of salvation and only those elements of Christendom that sought to make governments have emulated the works of Lucifer which brings only destruction and death.

Their Testimony of Themselves
Reveals Their Plans for America

Author: LeeS

Retired naval nurse, Dad, Husband, Christian who seeks to share the Bible with those who want more than the superficial milk given out in the majority of today's churches. God has taught me through hard experiences as well as through book learning (Master's of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry).