Why LGBT Promotes Hate

Honor Mother and Father

Anatomy of the Fifth Precept
Honor Your Mother and Father

The Strength of any Nation

The LGBT community seeks to break down the Fifth Precept, you may know it as the Fifth Commandment, to fundamentally change the world; they are succeeding. I must make this very clear, whipping some Bible verses will not work because they hate the Bible. In fact, all lost people hate the Bible.

The Bible tells us this (Ro 1:18-24). When you were lost, you hated the Bible. You may not have committed the same forms of immorality but you were immoral simply because you were conceived in sin, born a sinner (Ps 51:5-6). For those who become Christians you should expect the world to hate you because you remind them that they are sinners by your very existence (1Jo 3:12-13).

We also need to avoid the very popular, “Love the sinner, hate the sin” trap. Sin does not exist apart from people. It is not an abstract entity that seeks to infect the inferior or weak-minded people. This is a terribly Gnostic concept that is not found in the Bible. God hates sin and thus God’s wrath is poured out on sinners (Ro 5:1). We only find peace with God when we become new creations (2Co 5:17) in Christ. If the tale ended here one could find self-righteousness in blaming God; however, the tale continues. We did not find God (Ro 3:10-18) God died for us while we still hated Him (Ro 5:6-8). We who once walked in fear can now walk without fear as we grow in Christ-likeness because He first loved us (1Jo 4:18-19). But the lost stay in their fear and from their fear of punishment comes their hate for God and those who are of God, Christians. Therefore Christian, we should not think it strange that the LGBT people rage against us nor that the government that supports them legislates against us (1Pe 4:12-19).

Herein is the irony, when the government supports the LGBT movement they legislate against themselves. See the above graphic. The Fifth Precept, “Honor your Father and Mother,” carries the promise, “that your days may be long in the land” (Ex 20:12). Our 21st century mindset tends to limit this precept to the immediate family; however, the worldview of those who received this precept would have understood it to mean their extended family and thus their nation. This precept is not just for little children but for adult children. If they break their linkage to their extended family they not only endanger their immediate family but also weaken their nation.

It is from the family that one receives foundational values of “right and wrong”. Everyone is the “hero of their own story”, everyone “sees themselves as being right”. For man to elevate him (her) self requires the denigration of God. As God is decreased in one’s worldview, one’s lopsided values of “right and wrong” gain ascendancy. This results in deteriorating outward moral behavior. Those of like sin come together to promote the logical fallacy of “tyranny of the majority” (Ro 1:18-32). And what is one of the sins that Paul lists? Those who are disobedient to parents; that is, those who violate the Fifth Precept. So, not only does the LGBT crowd come together because of their similar sin to gain control via numbers and to influence others to join them; not only do they hate, often loudly and violently against those who disagree with them, especially Christians; but they also seek to change the world by destroying their nation.

LGBT Truth

They are like us in that they need a Redeemer
They are Human so they have a Redeemer

Their colors, their “battle flag” are designed to reject God’s throne (the rainbow was taken from over God’s throne and placed in our skies as a promise of His mercy) and rally others from around the world to their cause. In both instances they have been successful just as they said they would in the book, “After the Ball,” where they outlined their strategy years ago. They followed their blueprint, which was ignored by Christians, and now are another “unifying movement” of transnationalism known as globalization.

LGBT Deception

The LGBT Battle Flag Promotes Gnosticism
These Elements are Bonds of Unity Transreligion

The LGBT people also linked together with Gnostic globalization movements via the same concepts in the above graphic. In earlier posts I showed how Gnosticism is the glue that binds lost people together because at its core is the elevation of man and the denigration of God toward a better spirituality of peace of all men everywhere (as long as they believe the Gnostic “truth”). These concepts promote based on relative (man’s) values and not on absolute (God’s) truths. They believe the family cannot be trusted to teach children properly. This is not a new concept but is one of the foundational principles of public education (See the documentary – IndoctriNation). However, the state cannot be trusted to promote these core values since it seeks its own interests (cannot always be controlled). Therefore, a overarching global governance entity needs to be created to promote “human rights” (as the United Nations defines them) over national interests, with force as necessary.

LGBT Marvel

Superheros – Gnosticism in Pop Culture
Mobilized to Support Globalization’s Goals

Just as public education has been used since its inception in the 19th century to support the goals of the state, popular culture has been mobilized to promote certain values. This was seen in the movie and television industries that constantly attacked and denigrated the family. The media first denigrated the father and when all fathers were seen as stupid and easily manipulated by sex, then the media went to work on the mother promoting her out of the house into the employment market. This left the children without guidance except as provided by public education and supported by pop culture. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the Marvel Universe is “on board” with the LGBT movement. It is apropos that “The Hulk” leads the charge. When he gets frustrated he turns into a “rage monster” that forces his will on others, or destroys them. This is what the LGBT movement does as seen in countless demonstrations in San Francisco, New York City, and elsewhere. This is the opposite of self-control, one of the fruits of the Spirit and an essential element of Christian growth (Ga 5:19-23).

The works of the flesh differ from the fruits of the Spirit. These differences in outward behavior correlate with inward spirituality. Those who follow Gnosticism, which covers everyone who is not a Christian saved by grace in Christ alone, live the works of the flesh. These are easily observable as immorality, impurity, idolatry, jealousy, anger, rivalries and so on. The Christian does do these things because we remain in fleshly bodies; however, as the Christian matures in Christ he (she) will more clearly evidence the gifts of the Spirit in peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self-control among others. We should not return violence for violence since we do not wrestle against other people but against spiritual powers behind the people, Satan (Ep 6:11-13). However, we do expect and receive violence from the LGBT movement. Therefore, by their behaviors toward those who disagree with them they clearly promote hate. A movement cannot profess Love and then violently attack, slander and demonize those who disagree with them. The fact that the government promotes the LGBT agenda means that they have access to “legalized” force to coerce their opponents into submission even though it means the end of government as the means of force are transferred to a “higher entity”.


Welcome to the Rainbow World
Welcome to the World of Oppression Against Christianity

Author: LeeS

Retired naval nurse, Dad, Husband, Christian who seeks to share the Bible with those who want more than the superficial milk given out in the majority of today's churches. God has taught me through hard experiences as well as through book learning (Master's of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry).

One thought on “Why LGBT Promotes Hate”

  1. This selective fascination with certain kinds of lunacy is strange. Let me explain. If one happens to meet a person who thought they were Napoleon or the Pope and had all the correct garb and further inquiry they state that are actually this person when they are not, then you could correctly reason that they are not in their right mind and should be in mental institution. But if that person is a male pretending to be female or vise-versa, then we are not to say anything demeaning as it might hurt their feelings? What makes this behavior any different then a lunatic that believes they are a notable person? And by what bases do the LGBT exclude pedophilia or those that have multiple wives or husbands? If a transgender male stops taking female hormones then reality will reassert itself and his beard will start growing. The only answer is as you said above is that they have rejected God and His role for their life. God chose whether each person is male or female for their happiness. But they have rejected this and accepted a lie. Which is the definition of lunacy. And just like the person who thinks they are Napoleon, there is no arguing with them. They do not listen to reason. As Christians we are to preach the Gospel. If it were based on our efforts alone, we would be total failures for we are talking to “lunatics”. But the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation. As you have clearly expounded in your recent sermons about Israel entering the promise land, they had battles to fight, but God had already promised victory as long as Israel obeyed them. In the same way, we are to do the preaching and God will convict those that he has chosen. And we will be effective as long as we are obedient. Our disobedience prevents God from working through us. For this reason I try not to argue with the unbeliever. As this is me trying to convert rather than letting God do it. It is also why preaching the Gospel is foolishness to the unbeliever as it is to them like trying to change a lunatic. Or change into a lunatic, it depends on your point of view. But the sad thing is that most of the Church in America has other priorities other than preaching the Gospel.
    Note: Lunacy is charged word with a lot a negative connotations, but I cannot think of a more appropriate word to use. It clearly shows how impossible the task is of “winning converts” in our own strength and by using human strategies. Only God’s power which is promised though preaching the Word of God is the only way converts will be or ever have been made alive in Jesus Christ.