Jihad is Life to Some – Death to Others

Understanding Quranic Jihad
Requires Understanding the Code

Most kufar {non-Muslims} have little understanding of Jihad  {struggle} as defined in the Quran, Sira {Life of Mohammed} and Hadith {Actions of Mohammed}. The above Quranic quote appears to be tolerant about Jihad (without the context of the Sira and Hadith); however, when put in historical context this illusion quickly dissipates.

The weak Muslim force had moved to Medina and were coming under attack from the tribal forces from Mecca. Mohammed was urging caution to not inflame his enemies to pursue war without quarter. This sura (along with other earlier time period suras) is frequently quoted proving Islamic tolerance; yet, their doctrine of abrogation hides the fact that later (more violent) suras replace earlier (peaceful) suras.

To understand Jihad one must first understand the difference in ethos between Judeo-Christianity unitary ethics and Islamic dualism ethics. God told the Hebrews that His law applied the same to everyone whether Jew or non-Jew (Ex 12:49; Nu 15:29). This was repeated in Paul’s writings applicable to Christians (Ga 3:28). This is unitary ethics – one law for everyone. The Jews did not practice this either in the Old Testament nor afterward. They always placed a barrier between themselves and others. They violated God’s direction which is the history of the Old Testament resulting in their expulsion from the land that continues today. Christendom {religions that claim the Bible but deny its Gospel} also violated God’s plain teaching of a unitary ethos. The Bible clearly teaches that those who reject God’s ethos can form their own community rather than be forced to live under ethics they reject; i.e., Cain allowed to go to Nod (Ge 4:10-16) and those who refuse to live according to the Scriptures are to be put out of the church to live as they wish (1Co 5:1-5). God clearly forbids killing those rejecting His gospel. The hallmark of Islam is a dualistic ethos permitting, even encouraging, discrimination between believers and non-believers. This is the basis for Jihad.

The Great Commission sends Christians into the world with the Gospel message (Mt 28:16-20). All who hear the Gospel may believe and be saved. There is no compulsion to accept the Gospel and Christians are never commanded to root out those who reject the Gospel to punish them {Denominations have disobeyed this over the centuries but this was never taught in the Scriptures}. Islam teaches something very different. Jihad is the struggle against non-Muslims until there are NO non-Muslims left. {There is an internal Jihad, a struggle against wrong thoughts and behaviors but this is not relevant to our discussion}. The Quran has one unified teaching: everyone must become Muslim or die. Jihad is the ongoing struggle to make this a reality globally {Islam is a form of globalization}.

These are the various stages of Jihad
Mose Westerns are in Stage Zero

Since most Westerns are ill-informed concerning Islam they mistakenly conflate its dualistic ethos to with Christianity’s unitary ethos believing them to be nearly the same religion, except for the strange words. The fact that one must read the triad of Islam to understand its tenets keeps non-Muslims ignorant of its true teachings. Islam exists for one purpose: to bring everyone to a decision of accepting Islam (becoming a Muslim) or rejecting Islam (dying). There is a shadowy in-between place for “People of the Book” {certain Jews and Christians} who are allowed to live as second class citizens (dhimmi), provided they pay the tax, wear special clothing denoting their status and meet certain other humiliating conditions; also, they must defend Islam when called upon. This status forces many to convert or desert if possible. When Muslims are weak they are allowed to use lies (taqiyya) and certain practices (tayseer) to deceive the non-Muslims. During the Stealth stage they infiltrate a society until they have sufficient numbers to move to the Defensive stage. They become more vocal, demanding that they be allowed to live according to their own rules in public places; i.e., they move from “religious” Islam to “political” Islam. Finally, when they have sufficient power they move to the Offensive stage to impose Sharia law on all members of society. Those who reject Sharia face few choices but in the end the only choice is convert or die.

These are the Stages of Islam in Practice
Islam has one aim – Become the only Faith

From its inception Islam’s goal was to be the one faith in the world. Many Muslims are lackadaisical believers practicing the rituals but foregoing the Jihad aspects except interpersonally. These are considered backsliders by the Quran which calls on Muslims to root out these insidious parasites, forcing them to practice the faith or…die. All apostates must either reaffirm or…die. All non-Muslims must convert or…die. In fact, the solution to nearly every question is convert or…die. What the West calls extremist Muslims are in fact devout Muslims living up to the teachings of the Quran. These practicing believers are not a minuscule number of believers but form a significant body of believers throughout the world. They are carrying out the mission of the Quran to convert the world to Islam or rid the it of non-Muslims. There is no other goal. One is either Muslim or one is…dead. All non-Muslims are considered inferior people {dualistic ethos}. When a nation comes under Sharia all energies are focused one goal…global Islam.

 Indoctrination of Youth Begins Early as
Globalization of Islam is the Goal

Thus, Jihad is the doctrine that enforces Sharia on non-Muslims or metes out the punishment for rejection…death. What the West calls terrorism, Islam labels as “defensive” strategy against those who reject Islam. Jihad is always present because people must be prevented from “backsliding”; that is, adopting other ways such as democracy, republicanism or communism. Even if Islam were the only global faith there would still be Jihad because of backsliders and internal struggles to be less than totally committed to Islam. Most important though to remember is that Islam does not coexist with any other faith except when it must because it is weak. Its single focus is to dominate all other faiths until there is only Islam (religious) and Sharia (political) is the law of all lands.

What binds Progressives, secularist, atheists, Christendom elements (Roman Catholicism and many Protestant religions) to Islam even though its clear goal is to eliminate all religions? Globalization! This is the single element that binds these divergent elements together into a single force. Islam will “play nice” as a weaker partner but once it gains strength it will demand the imposition of Sharia over all lands it inhabits. As Western culture abandons Judeo-Christian absolute morality it becomes more debauched (Ro 1:18-32). Sharia appears to offer a stable ethos via a simple process. One only has to repeat a simple phrase (Shahada) to begin enjoying the privileges of Islam. One is immediately embraced into the community of believers and given the authority to root out unbelievers until there is only one faith.

Living the true Gospel means to be at peace with all people in so far as it is possible. Christians are to bless (give the Gospel) to those who persecute (kill) them. Christians must reject pridefulness remembering that all who are saved were once lost and still sin; thus, we are not to return evil for evil but leave retribution in God’s hands. Otherwise, we become overcome by the very evil we seek to subdue through the Gospel. It is only by returning good (the Gospel) for evil (Quran) that the love of God is demonstrated to all peoples (Ro 12:14-21; 1Jo 1:5-10). We must not be ignorant of the threat but we must not respond against Islam as it responds to Christianity…with death. They may separated us from this life but never from Christ though we be slaughtered all the day long as sheep. Jihad is the single most destructive practice in today’s world slaughtering both Muslims (backsliders) and non-Muslims (mainly Christians and Jews); however, we bow our heads in prayers for them even as we await the blow of their swords (Ro 8:31-39).

To Be Absent from the Body is to be
Present with the Lord (2Co 5:6-10)

Author: LeeS

Retired naval nurse, Dad, Husband, Christian who seeks to share the Bible with those who want more than the superficial milk given out in the majority of today's churches. God has taught me through hard experiences as well as through book learning (Master's of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry).