Islam: Illogic of Contradictory Dualism

Western Minds Think in Unitary Logic
Two Concepts Cannot Be Contradictory and True

The Western Mind or Worldview has been trained in the Judeo-Christian:Greco-Roman tradition of logic. Through the use of the Bible we have been taught a unitary value set based on the Ten Words {Ten Commandments} (Ex 20:1-17). This is a system of absolute right and wrong; i.e., lying is not truth and truth is not deceit. In addition, Scripture also taught that this one set of right and wrong applies to everyone without exception (Ex 12:49). The last leg of this unitary logic was given by Christ, “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Le 19:17-18Mk 12:31).

Aristotelian logic has given us four rules that have guided our understanding based on the inherent quality of contradictions. Law of Identity: define your terms clearly to remove ambiguity. Law of Excluded Middle: There are no third options for absolutes {the light is either on or off though there are varying degrees of on}. Law of Non-Contradiction: Something has a certain quality but cannot have the negation of that quality while it has that certain quality {you are either here or there but not both here and there simultaneously}. Finally, Law of Logical Inferences: one can reach informed conclusions based on known data even when certain elements may be unknown {heat has certain effects on objects even though heat as an energy cannot be defined}. Thus, as it relates to values one is either lying or telling the truth; there is no grey option between truth and lying. Truth is the right value while lying is the bad value. Integrity is the choosing to live by the right values by rejecting the evil values.

Those who reject God, sinners {all people start as sinners}, have always lived in a dualistic self-made world of contradictions. The “correctness” of the tiny lie {white lies} to accomplish good enshrines this contradiction. They justify lying to do good so long as no one is hurt. Evolution pushed the concept of dualism by claiming that evolution is a random but upward process. Thus, their definition of randomness is a directed process. This is taught as “truth” in public schools and universities around the world even though it is inherently contradictory. This type of logic has a name and has been used for centuries, just not in Western culture.

Gnostic Logic (Tetralemma) is very
Comfortable with Contradictions

Tetralemma states that a truth can be contradictory and the contradictions being true; that is, one does not exclude the other. This oriental viewpoint entered dramatically during the 1960s becoming enmeshed with the various social movements of the day. Feminism embraced contradictions claiming to be for the emancipation of women while condoning the sexual abuse of women by certain political entities that could advance their agenda. Today under the label of equality: blacks demand inequality, special treatment; women demand inequality, better pay than men; and so forth. This became the perfect cover for Islam, the mother of all dualisms and explains why those who would suffer the most under Sharia are the loudest proponents for Islamic political dualism. They believe that Islamic dualism will advance their causing meaning they think they can control Islam to meet their goals – destruction of the unitary absolute value system espoused by the Bible {Christianity}.

To Understand Islam Means to Grasp
Dualism Inherent in the Quran

Islam is not about unification. It is not about the “brotherhood of man”. It is not about equal treatment for all peoples under Sharia. The single internal essence of Islam is dualism. One is either Muslim or non-Muslim {Kafir-Single; Kufar-Plural}. The blessings of Islam are reserved exclusively for Muslims. The Kufar have only one destiny: death. To escape one’s destiny means to become Muslim. Muslims are treated a certain way based on the Quran, Sira {biography of Mohammed} and Hadith {life and sayings of Mohammed}. Kufar are treated in a much harsher way that will end in death in the Muslim’s definition of Hell {think of it as an eternal political prison authorizing torture}.

If there are any absolutes in Islam it is that anything that advance Islam is permitted while anything that inhibits Islam is forbidden. The use of lies {Taqiyya} is allowed with the Kufar as long as it advances Islam. When Muslims discuss the peacefulness of Islam they quote from the Meccan suras. Unknown to Kufar these suras have been abrogated by the Median suras. Abrogation is the doctrine that later suras replace earlier suras. To the Western mind this is lying; to the Muslim mind this is telling one version to advance Islam knowing that the other version will be implemented at the proper time to advance Islam. Are these various suras wrong?

Islam teaches that neither Mohammed nor the writings of Islam are wrong. The Quran was given by Allah and is never to be changed because it is already perfection. Mohammed was the perfect follower of Allah so everything he said and did must be emulated by believers everywhere in all times so they can be perfect followers. By their tetralemma logic contradictory passages are both correct but are applicable for different situations. Unless this single fact is grasped by Western minds they will stand defenseless before Islamic onslaught. Since every aspect of Islam is perfect, nothing about Islam can ever be changed. Any changes to Islam means that Allah and Mohammed were wrong. This does not advance but inhibit Islam; therefore, anyone who seeks to change Islam is seen as wanting to destroy Islam and must be stopped. Since Mohammed was the perfect follower and everyone is enjoined to emulate him, any insult to Mohammed is automatically an insult to every Muslim. Kufar cannot be allowed to insult Islam, its texts or Mohammed; they must be killed. Muslims who seek to moderate Islam to accommodate Kufar are labels as apostates. The sentence for Islamic apostasy is: death. Thus, any attempts to change Islam incurs death sentence.

Religious Islam {Meccan Quran} is about how to live to go to heaven and avoid hell. No one has an issue with religious Islam since it practiced tolerance {Tayseer} toward Kufar {because Islam was weak when in Mecca}. But, when Mohammed when to Medina he discovered he could gain more converts and power through political violence, jihad. The problem today is with political Islam with its eternal jihad until all the world is Muslim which means all the Kufar are dead. This is the goal of Islam in a nutshell, world domination. Muslims do not seek to assimilate into another culture; they seek to change other cultures into their culture ruled by Sharia. There can be no accommodation with those who do not want to accommodate. Islam has been the most successful conquerors of civilizations in the world. In the over 1400 years of their existence they have assimilated and destroyed every culture except one. Islam was driven out of Europe twice {Spain-1492; Vienna-1683 (Their defeat on 11 September is why the Twin Towers were destroyed on 11 September-Revenge)}. What they could not do militarily they are seeking to do politically via immigration. They are like the locusts of Joel (De 28:49-51; Pr 30:27; Joel 2:1-11; Re 9:1-11), leaderless but each knowing what they need to do because it is Islam to overwhelm the Kufar.

Islam, that distorted offshoot of Talmudic Rabbinical Judaism {Gnosticism}, has become Lucifer’s more effective weapon. Christianity in north Africa, Arabia and much of Eastern Europe was eliminated. Western culture has repudiated its Christian heritage leaving it no defense against political Islam because it adopted a form of dualism that embraces Islamic dualism. Though the West believes they are cousins to Muslims, to Muslims they are Kufar and must either submit to Muslims, be enslaved to pay for additional jihads or die: whichever is more necessary for the advancement of Islam at that moment.

Author: LeeS

Retired naval nurse, Dad, Husband, Christian who seeks to share the Bible with those who want more than the superficial milk given out in the majority of today's churches. God has taught me through hard experiences as well as through book learning (Master's of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry).