Immigration: Secret Path to Globalism

Immigration Conflict a Dichotomy
Confabulated by History

Immigration was the mainstay of American growth during our early preindustrial and industrial years. There is no argument with this concept nor with both the good and not so good that immigrants have brought with them. America has always had a “love-hate” relationship with immigration. 

Those who had braved the hardships of resettlement and produced offspring tended to protect their investment by limiting immigration. Probably the best known unwanted immigrants were the Irish; yet, once established they too sought to limit immigration from other “unwanted” peoples such as those from Catholic Europe. The immigration issue became more confused as America began her imperial period, gaining Spanish possessions near the turn of the 20th century. At the same time America rejected the integration of a diverse people who had immigrated here hundreds of years earlier, segregating them apart from the “white” population.

Two Aspects of Immigration
One to Integrate-One to Dominate

Most of those who came to this country sought better opportunities than they could obtain in the medieval cultures they left behind. They brought their culture and language with them but soon integrated with the American culture obtaining access to better opportunities. This was the old immigration; the new immigration waves of the 20th century did not seek to integrate. These people came to reproduce their failing cultures in America. But, America had changed also.

The 20th century saw America change from a republic to a democracy guided by the Progressive politicians who discovered they could obtain and maintain power with which to change America into a strong centralized, socialized government. They did not necessarily favor immigration for integration. They would lose the power over those who integrated. Instead, they sought to maintain separation of the immigrants via the political machinery put in place in the 19th century. This saw limited success until the 1960s when it was discovered that it was possible to use the largess of the federal government to buy votes under the guise of alleviating poverty. This was so successful that the black population changed political parties in less than a generation from Republican (who had freed them from slavery) to Democrat (who had enslaved them before and after the Civil War and even resisted their efforts to obtain their civil rights in the 1950s-1960s). The Spanish population was soon captured using the same methodology in the 1980s-1990s.

Immigrants Who Could not Integrate
Magnified the Problems Left Behind

People need to be constructive to be productive. The bulk of the immigrants of the mid to late 20th century were not allowed to integrate. They entered America illegally and took on the jobs that Americans did not want. The Progressive arm of the Federal government encouraged this type of immigration by offering aid packages and turning a blind eye to their illegal status. This lack of integration kept them segregated. Lacking regular opportunities because of their illegal status they did what all peoples have done – they turned to crime. They helped to satisfy the burgeoning desire of Americans for illegal drugs but at a violent cost. Gangs were not new to America but the level of violence exhibited by these gangs was unprecedented.

These Immigrants Will Not Integrate
Like Chickens Coming Home to Roost

Europe had dabbled in the Middle East since World War I while America entered the arena during World War II. America’s continued adventurism, and support of the Jewish state of Israel,  unsettled the region. The last 30 years of warfare has so unsettled the region that a vast segment of the Muslim population has migrated to both Europe and America. These people do not wish to integrate; in fact, they refuse to integrate. They have brought their religious-political structure with them and intend on fostering it on the lands they inhabit. This is the worst face of immigration because it is the face of conquerors without armies making Western defenses worthless. The Progressives support this latest form of immigration because they believe they can control these peoples like they have so many before them through the use of money. These immigrants will take the money; however, they will NOT change. They are the opposite of the Progressives and in the end will devour those who sought to use them. How did America, and Europe, get into this position? Because they need these immigrants to support their ever-failing welfare system as their elderly populations retire. There are not enough workers entering the economy to support the welfare state since child births were discouraged in the pursuit of pleasures (The Welfare of Nations. Bartholomew, James. Cato Institute. 2016. p.235-236.). In other words, Progressives made a deal with the devil they cannot control.

Confabulation of Christianity with
Gnosticism Producing Atheism

The French Revolution stripped God from culture producing an atheistic approach to society using just the “reasoning” of man. They took prostitutes, dressed them like ancient Gnostic “goddesses of Reason” and worshipped them in the churches. After the collapse of this revolution the ideas it spawned did not die. The French developed and gave this statute of Libertas (Roman Goddess of Liberty) to America joining the American Revolution with their Revolution. Americans sought to Christianize this gift by inscribing a poem on its base similar to, but not copied from, the Bible. As America began her romance with Progressivism she immortalized her rejection of God’s Gospel in Christ with the erection of this Gnostic symbol of man’s reason producing atheism (worship of man over God). This began the slide into violence and debauchery that we experience in our country today.

Man worships. Whatever informs a person’s values (morality) is what they worship. Atheism is the biggest con of all because though it claims to reject God, and it does, it remains a religion because it substitutes man as the source of all knowledge (Ge 3:4-5). But, behind man stands the true power, Lucifer, who accuses man as naturally sinful to God (Job 1). By rejecting God Western Culture, which had the truth of the Gospel but rejected it for the lie, have reaped the fruits of self-rule: violence and degradation (2Th 2:9-12). God will not support those who reject Him but will allow them to “enjoy” the fullness of the path they have chosen (Ro 1:18-32). These new immigrants worship suppression with a fanaticism that will overcome all opposition until people turn once again to the truth of God. Yet, these people also are tools in the globalization that is occurring in our times. This New World Order (Club of Rome) has tendrils throughout the world (United Nations) pushing its agenda over the failing nation-states. Since 1985 its agenda was enshrined in what has come to be known as the Georgia Guidestones in multiple languages for everyone to worship.

As a nation, as a culture, the people have rejected God; “…they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind…” (Ho 8:7a). The cultural confusion experienced today is the result of rejecting God’s truth. Man for Woman, women supporting suppression of women, LGBT “rights” to destroy morality in the name of “freedom” and reason until all behave like animals (2Pe 2:12). But, if Christians lose faith in God then we also become like them, like animals worthy only of the slaughter (Ps 73:13-28). Brethren, we must remain above the fray and steadfast in the Gospel understanding that all who hear us will hate Him in us. They will have their day but then Christ will have His. We must not lose hope less we fall away to perdition for nothing can separate us from His love, and from His truth (Ro 8:31-39).

Author: LeeS

Retired naval nurse, Dad, Husband, Christian who seeks to share the Bible with those who want more than the superficial milk given out in the majority of today's churches. God has taught me through hard experiences as well as through book learning (Master's of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry).