Government Without Socialism?

Rousseau’s Social Contract
Direct Pathway to Socialism

The father of the French Revolution, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, framed his argument as a social compact (contract in today’s language) between government and its citizens. However, he usually violated Aristotle’s First Law of Logic  (Law of Identity) by not defining his terms; a common problem amongst politicians even today. It’s easier to have the listener define the terms, usually incorrectly, leaving the speaker free to commit the logical fallacy of reification (changing definitions as convenient to his (her) argument.

I’ve yet to encounter a politician who values truth above reelection or integrity above pragmatism as a matter of ethics. The problem with Rousseau’s Social Compact is that nowhere is the contract defined nor is there a mechanism either agreement or disagreement!

Rousseau begins with a false premise that all men are born free. This is the position that repudiates the Bible which clearly teaches and demonstrates that all men are born enslaved to sin evidenced by enslavement to their lusts which is defined by one word: covetousness (Ro 6:15-18). Therefore, once one accepts Rousseau’s false premise one must necessarily accept his conclusion that men are everywhere in chains because of government, the one element all societies have in common. Now, there is just one problem, man invented societies when man rejected God’s order.

What is implied in the story of Cain (the chosen one {Savior}) is that he rejected God’s social order by murdering his brother whom God accepted while he was rejected. Rather than submit to God, he rebelled, killed Abel (the worthless one in Hebrew) (Ge 4:1-22). Thus, the one who was to suppose to relieve man of sin committed the worse sin by murdering man. He does not repent and joins those others who have also rejected God (Nod-Wanderers). He builds the first urban centers listed in the Bible and his children develop those skill sets required to support those urban centers: husbandry, music, metallurgy and society. The latter is implied but is a requirement. A society of sinners who believe only in “me first and only” would soon destroy itself via murder and violence. Laws are required to define and punish unacceptable behavior (sins); i.e., Cain had to develop his own system of morality in order to have a people to rule over. Thus, sinful man invented government but behind sinful man is Lucifer who is the real ruler of all governments. Rousseau was correct: all men are in chains everywhere but not because of government but because of sin; government is a byproduct of sin replacing God’s order with man’s order to provide a more perfect union than God which, of course, must always end in failure.

French Revolution Perfect Order
Rejected God for Gnostic Reason

Plato, in his Republic, discusses the phases of government on its way to tyranny. Ironically, the last step just before tyranny is democracy which results in the breakdown of society paving the way for the absolute ruler without understanding. Rousseau was probably aware of Plato’s Republic but unaware that his work paved the road to France’s destruction. Another false premise Rousseau built upon was man’s reasoning. The Age of Enlightenment was the rejection of God (true Christianity) because of the excesses of Christendom (false Christianity). During the French Revolution the worship of the goddess of Reason was promoted {The statue of Liberty is simply the gnostic goddess of Reason renamed}.

The French Revolution was a repudiation of the excesses of government and religion compiled during the medieval period by replacing one faith, the foundation of every government is some sort of religion which is the basis of its core values, with another faith; i.e., catholicism with secular humanism. Since man is the measure of all things he can define good as he wills, and they did so during the Revolution. They destroyed the monarchial governmental system, remade the social order through violence and sought to redefine even time itself by their own standards. In the process socialism was introduced. Eventually this breakdown did indeed lead to a tyranny in the form of Napoleon Bonaparte. As he sought to spread this quasi-gnostic form of government throughout Europe he was eventually defeated by a coalition of monarchies who would nonetheless find themselves forced to change to prevent socialistic violent rebellions within their own borders.

Thus, the effects of the French Revolution was the installation of democratic socialism in various forms based on the cultural beliefs of the various societies. World War I completed this process in Europe with the destruction of the last medieval kingdom and the beginning of Communism in the East. Just as the French Revolution vilified all nobility as evil so in early 20th century Germany were Jews vilified as the source of their defeat in World War I. Just as the monarchies rose up to defeat Napoleon’s France so also did democratic socialistic governments rise up to defeat German’s anti-Jewish policies.

The seismic waves produced by the French Revolution still oscillate in Western culture today. The forces of national socialism clash with the forces of international socialism; however, the commonality amongst all the nations is socialism. The debate is only whether the socialistic order will be dictated at the national level or whether there should be an international government dictating socialism on an international scale. Yet, what exactly is socialism?

I propose that socialism is Lucifer’s attempt {you can use man’s progressive plan if you wish it is all the same – sin} to mimic God’s order but without God’s infinite abilities, grace, mercy, long-suffering and love. Lucifer uses accusations (hence the title: The Satan), lies, divisions to weaken and divide mankind until weakened enough to accept his social order (World War I-War to end all wars only promoted socialism in its wake). Lucifer cannot meet everyone’s individual needs as he is not infinite nor does he have control over even the physical forces; in other words, he is little different than man except he is a spirit and we are not.

Socialism must work from a “fixed pie” mentality. There are a finite amount of resources so they must be rationed in order to have enough for everyone. This mentality is applied to healthcare, natural resources, population control and so forth. Everyone must be reduced to the lost common denomination to ensure equality of distribution {except for those doing the redistribution as they are more equal than others}. This false premise assumes that the quantity of resources is known, which is impossible, and fixed {since the process of resource development is unknown this also is unquantifiable}. This requires a rejection of God’s truth, especially of salvation {its chief goal}. God is not limited by lack of knowledge, false “fixed pie” analogies or false definitions of equality. He is able to meet each person’s needs without subtracting from another person’s resources. He insures equal distribution without imposing a fixed distribution. Neither Lucifer nor man can accomplish this; they must either submit to God’s order, and salvation, or they must join with others who reject God and form their own societies and this has resulted in the various forms of socialism extant in the world today.

Modern Man’s Socialism
Face of Death and Destruction

As Christians, people of the Book, we must realize that man’s philosophies will not form a more perfect union but an ongoing expression of death and destruction. Islam, the last gasp of religious medievalism, is being co-opted in support of international socialism before it too will be swallowed up in an international religious movement that will support international socialism. We must spread the Gospel of salvation, not of Americanism (national socialism). If we hide the gospel from family, friends, neighbors then we condemn them to an eternity of torment for a temporary comfort now. Is this the love Christ showed us when He came to earth knowing He would die for sin at the hands of sinners? He came to free those enslaved to sin, we should also wish the same for others if we are to be called by His name.

Author: LeeS

Retired naval nurse, Dad, Husband, Christian who seeks to share the Bible with those who want more than the superficial milk given out in the majority of today's churches. God has taught me through hard experiences as well as through book learning (Master's of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry).