Goal of Feminism – NonFeminism

Nearly Everyone Can Agree With this Concept
Hardly Anyone Will Agree with its Implications

Modern feminism began as a straw man argument that unexpectedly achieved its goal of equality which was not envisioned by its early proponents, nor many of its current followers. The stated goal of equality was not well defined and what was envisioned by the elite of the early movement were hidden from the rank and file women whose goals were very different.

However, equality is here and the simple fact is that sexual equality means sexual interchangeability. There will be shrill denials and the usual ad hominem attacks because it is easier to attack the person than to understand the context with its facts.

Visualize Logic – Transitive Congruence
Unintended Consequences: A = C?

We need to understand this principle which helps explain why unintended consequences occur. Math basically teaches one how to think and the properties of math help organize our thinking. Rejection of math is the refusal to learn how to organize one’s thoughts. The Transitive Congruence principle teaches that if A equals B and B equals C then A must equal C, even if we are unaware of C! So, what does this have to do with feminism? In his book (Their Angry Creed), Mr. Herbert Purdy discusses the roots of the modern feminist movement using their own words {Accountability can be a terrible thing}! He lays the groundwork by quoting from the leaders of the movement to show their biases.

The first principle of feminism: everyone is born bi-sexual with one dominant and one submissive person. From this flows the second principle: denial of any differences between men and women, especially in the roles of mother and father. People are seen as interchangeable in all roles. Third principle: patriarchy of society which must be eliminated by eliminating the nuclear family concept of child rearing. Fourthly: the sisterhood or solidarity of women to the exclusion of men which denies equality. Finally: the principle of “special knowledge” that only women can possess eliminating men from truly understanding their issues. Herein lies the contradictions of the movement and the seeds of its unintended consequences. {I have not detailed the quite blatant Marxism of nearly all of its modern founders, the heavily lesbian influence on both the early and modern leaders of the movement nor their rejection of nationalism and agitation for globalization}.  Very early on the movement sought legitimacy in the quagmire of the pseudoscience of psychology seeking to justify their claims. Their goals were pushed by modern culture onto the unsuspecting public via music, movies and television as well onto children through public education. {Remember: public education is not primarily about education but social alignment to the goals of society.} Thus, one quickly suspects that feminism became the vehicle to overcome Christian moral objections to deviant sexual behavior and nationalism. The breakdown of the nuclear family would require a higher force to maintain order mirroring the breakdown of the nation-state which would also require a higher force to provide order {globalization based on redistribution of wealth under the guise of equality}.

Goal of Feminism
Interchangeability of Roles

From its inception feminism denied its very goal of equality. By claiming “special knowledge” and the solidarity of women the movement’s goals were never about equality. This is known as doublethink (1984. George Orwell.); defining a term by contradictory concepts {in logic this is called equivocation}. In practice this quite obvious flaw should have been quickly detected and exposed, as it was! But, the pressure on the population to be modern and the legitimizing of these concepts even in the magazines  and news reporting pushed logical analysis aside in favor of “being current”. Since feminism was able to begin the legitimization of lesbianism another movement arose to follow in its footsteps, though at a respectable distance behind: Gay movement (After the Ball 1989.). However, this placed a strain on feminism as did the sexual exploits of President Clinton.

Feminism could not repudiate the Gay movement without repudiating its own lesbian roots but its foundational beliefs in the exclusivity of women also meant it could not comfortably claim men had a special place in society. President Clinton’s sexual exploits against several women also exposed the contradictory goals of the movement. Feminism was supposed to protect women from male exploitation but its ultimate goal of globalization required powerful allies. The Feminist movement betrayed these exploited women by siding with President and Ms Clinton against these women exposing their true agenda. As long as President Clinton supported Lesbian/Gay “rights”, they would ignore his exploits. But, another movement was overtaking them; a movement that grew out of their principle of role neutralization. If there was interchangeability between the roles of men and women why not between the concepts of men and women?

Once the Line is Blurred
How is Anything Wrong?

With society acceptance of some sexual immorality behaviors, other sexual behaviors also wanted legitimacy. The LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bi-Sexual Transgender) movement was born. This also required justification and a new doublethink term was added: gender. Strictly speaking gender is a grammar term depicting a noun-class system prevalent in many other languages {Hebrew, Greek, etc. but not so much in English}. Now gender became defined as the concept of being masculine and feminine. You could have a physical sex but a contradictory gender {at least according to modern though}. This brought to fruition the feminist principle of role interchangeability. If the roles are interchangeable then there is no reason the genders cannot be interchange. Thus, gender confusion concepts were developed to legitimize to make the body “look” like what you “felt”.

Feminism had achieved its goal and became insignificant. The plan to elevate women devolved into making women totally irrelevant by legitimizing men and having them become women! This is the very essence of equality. The brutal truth of equality is that everyone must be the same. The elimination of male and female, at least in societal roles, destroys the family unit, basic unit of moral teaching. This requires the governing authority to provide moral guidance {which will always promote stronger governance leading to globalization}. Empathy {see earlier posts on the role of empathy in equality} is the means whereby all behaviors authorized by the governing authority are accepted and promoted. Empathy demands acceptance of each other and refusal to practice empathy is labeled as “hate”. Those who refuse empathy are intolerant and must not be tolerated in society. These inherent contradictions are promoted under the banner of unity.

Feminism, and its resultant LGBT movements, are nothing more than rejection of God and His gospel of salvation. It is the embodiment of the Bible (Ro 1:18-32). By rejecting the obvious truth of two sexes {gender is a grammar term and not appropriate in our discussion}, spheres of accountability (Ep 5:22-6:4) and the role of the family in developing morality (Pr 1:1-9) societal violence and confusion have resulted. People have rejoiced in their freedom to practice nearly every form of sexual immorality even though becoming enslaved by its consequences. In some countries special zoos are available for bestiality. The promotion of adoption by same sex “couples” opens the flood gates for acceptance and legalization of pedophilia. Equality demands the elimination of ALL differences to include age; to draw any distinctions is to deny equality. The true goal is to make everyone the same, to legitimize ALL behaviors in the name of humanity, binding all peoples together into one global governance. Feminism legitimized equality. Equality legitimized LGBT. Feminism sowed the seeds of its own slavery to the demands of equality. Now, that was an unintended consequence.

Author: LeeS

Retired naval nurse, Dad, Husband, Christian who seeks to share the Bible with those who want more than the superficial milk given out in the majority of today's churches. God has taught me through hard experiences as well as through book learning (Master's of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry).