Globalization, “It’s a Trap!”


Globalization – Goal of All Mankind
Issue is About Power

I came to the realization this week, while watching a Jon Stewart interview on YouTube, that globalization is de facto, the goal of all people.

According to Mr. Stewart’s analysis, globalization is occurring and resistance to this change (Lewin’s Theory of Change) both within some nations and between nations or regions is to be expected. The resistance within America comes from the conservative (right-wing) elements led by “talk radio”. That was a brilliant statement! In this one statement he, and many others, marginalized the resistance to globalization, and legitimized it through the logical fallacy of the “false dilemma“!

The false dilemma, or bifurcation, is the selection of criteria that forces a false conclusion by excluding viable alternative conclusions. The beauty of this fallacy is that it is used by nearly everyone giving the impression that it is a legitimate discussion tactic. The false dilemma is often hidden in the question which goes unchallenged such as, “Why does Ms. Clinton want to destroy America?” Any alternatives are eliminated by the question which forces the conclusion that Ms. Clinton must be against America. The result is the polarization of two conclusions: one is either for Ms. Clinton or against Ms. Clinton. The same can be said for Mr. Trump, President Obama, you and even myself. Defeating this tactic is simple; rephrase the question to include conclusions. However, this is rarely attempted. Thus, like cattle in a chute, the populace is herded into one camp or another debating a “false” issue. Globalization has been the goal since the proposal of the League of Nations by President Wilson after World War One! America resurrected this concept as the United Nations at the end of World War Two. America has been the shining example of how to carry out globalization since declaration of the “Gettysburg Address” during the American Civil War. And, the best part, we do not need a conspiracy theory; everyone wants globalization! Many see globalization as the next evolutionary step in governance while the Christians see globalization occurring when Christ returns to establish His Millennial Kingdom. The of globalization is disputed, not the of globalization. The “return to nationalism” mantra is no more desired than the return to sovereign independent states under a weak federal government as existed before the Civil War.

Melting Pot

The “Melting Pot” Montage
Early Example of Unity via Diversity

America of the 19th century, unlike the atheistic governments of the 20th century, showed the world how to channel diverse populations toward a common end without wholesale bloodshed; i.e, with the consent of “most” of the people. Those in power who resisted change were labeled as divisive and tarred with such epithets as discriminatory, hateful, and such other “trigger words” that would promote polarization of opponents rather than actual discussion of true differences of opinion. The marginalized, resistant Americans countered with their own form of demagoguery, “talk radio”. These pundits fly under the banner of “protecting America” but grow fat off the fears and concerns of their listeners (Left- and Right-wings). The epiphany came to me one day while listening to Rush Limbaugh scold his listeners for expecting him to take a stand and do what he was encouraging others to carry out. He made his position quite clear, he was an entertainer and his listeners should not expect him to put himself on the line. These hosts, these agitators, these “news anchors,” have grown rich on the backs of their listeners, on both sides of the political aisles! They will not take any position that will detract from their personal gains. Those who follow these people fall into the trap of being deceived by empty words (Ep 5:6-12). Christians are being deceived by those who may profess a religion but rarely, if ever, do these “leaders” promote the true Gospel of salvation in Christ based on His atonement.

NWO Look Mag Gurion UN Criminal Court


I introduce these graphics to illustrate the point that globalization is de facto, there is no challenging what has already occurred. Almost from its inception the Father of Zionist nation of Israel, Ben Gurion, had the dream of Jerusalem being the home of the United Nations Court system. The United Nations continues to push for an international court system that supersedes national courts in certain areas, such as genocide. Guess how many deaths it takes to be defined as a genocidal killer? ONE! America’s government has plans in place to disarm America for “World Peace” (Department of State Publication 7277). All it takes is an executive order during the right crisis and the militant police departments will eagerly disarm everyone, except themselves, even if they have to pry the weapons from your “cold, dead hands”.

What is really at issue? Power! Who controls whom! The various conflicts, national and international, fought under confusing and conflicting banners really boil down to who gets to make the rules. The secret is that not one of these groups will make the rules. I envision a crisis similar to the crisis of America’s, Articles of Confederation. A “conference” was convened to strengthen the Articles; however, once behind closed doors the representatives tore up the Articles and developed the Constitution which was accepted with the “Bill of Rights”. Did you know the United Nations has a similar “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” on its books? I envision a crisis of such magnitude that nations will meet behind closed doors and decide who will lead a more powerful United Nations to the threshold of peace, including whoever will be President. These events are as clear as day because the people want these events to occur in their search for security from God (2Ti 4:3-5).

I implore Christians to reject these false prophets (2Co 11:12-15) of false dilemmas who line their pockets from our foolishness. We need to remove ourselves from this argument, whose end was foretold from old, and do what is pleasing to the Lord, promoting the Gospel of Peace and exposing the works of darkness. I write and teach so we can discern and do what is pleasing to the Lord as children of the Light. I do this not because I am smarter but because I am a sinner in continual need of His grace trying to help others discern the truth of His Word.

We cannot change the world and we should not become entangled in its meaningless disputes defiling ourselves in the process (2Pe 2:20-22). Come, let us reject the Gnostic Goddess of Reason in our harbor while living the inscription upon her base. Let us lead people to His rest in His Gospel of Salvation open to all peoples everywhere without hinderance if they would but believe on Him Who died for them, Amen (Mt 11:25-30).

Statute of Liberty as goddess

Symbol of Globalization
Symbol of Slavery to Man

Author: LeeS

Retired naval nurse, Dad, Husband, Christian who seeks to share the Bible with those who want more than the superficial milk given out in the majority of today's churches. God has taught me through hard experiences as well as through book learning (Master's of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry).