Globalism Comes Home to Roost

Judaism, Israel, Semitism, Zionism??

Today America’s Secretary of State Kerry made the bold statement that, “Israel can be Jewish or democratic – not both!” These headlines reverberated around the world garnering the headlines the outgoing Obama administration has craved ever since the electorate chose Mr. Trump as their next president.

Unfortunately, the polarization that these headlines can produce will probably not be based on fact but on emotionalism guaranteed to rouse the people to some action. However, I am very concerned by the stance of our government as it violates the very Bill of Rights we claim are woven into the fabric of Americanism. First, let us obey the First Law of Logic and identify our terms.

Judaism is, “…an ancient monotheistic religion, with the Torah as its foundational text (part of the larger text known as the Tanakh or Hebrew Bible), and supplemental oral tradition represented by later texts such as the Midrash and the Talmud. Judaism is considered by religious Jews to be the expression of the covenantal relationship that God established with the Children of Israel”. The Old Testament details the history of Judaism as it prepared the world for the coming Messiah for all mankind.

Israel was the name of the ancient united kingdom under the kingship of Saul, David and Solomon. This kingdom divided after the death of Solomon into two parts. The northern kingdom retained the name Israel until it was taken into permanent captivity in about 722 B.C. The southern kingdom became known as Judea; hence, the name Jew. It was taken into captivity about 605 B.C. but elements were allowed to return and rebuild Jerusalem about 537 B.C. This province lasted until about 135 A.D. though Jerusalem was ravaged about 70 A.D. with the booty used to build the Colosseum in Rome. Israel was adopted as the name for the modern nation allowed under the United Nations in 1948. The Middle East troubles were intensified in the development, founding and existence of this modern nation.

Semitism is the, “the ways, ideas, influence, etc., of the Jewish people”. Though seldom used today the more common form is antisemitism which, at its core, means being against Jewish people; though this definition is disputed as we shall discuss.

Zionism came to this party rather late as a reaction to Western antisemitism in the 19th century agitating for a national homeland of the Jewish people by supporting the re-establishment of a Jewish homeland in the territory defined as the historic Land of Israel (roughly corresponding to Palestine, Canaan or the Holy Land). It was a secular, primarily socialistic movement that also resorted to terrorism to achieve its goals prior to and during World War II. Western guilt over the Holocaust pushed the United Nations into granting the Zionists their request for a nation in the Palestinian region. Differing views concerning the displaced Muslim Palestinian refugees has fueled violence in the region that has spilled out into the world at large. America’s “War on Terror” is a result of our supporting Israel and suffering attacks such as the 9/11 catastrophe and troop involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.

These are the definitions and basic facts; however, facts are useless unless placed within a contextual framework giving coherence to the facts. Herein is the problem: whose contextual framework {worldview} is correct? Postmodernism would even reject this approach saying that everyone’s worldview is correct. However, this does not explain the majority of the world’s anti-Israel position concerning their land nor the influence of biblical prophecy that sways many evangelical/fundamental Christians, especial in America.

“True Torah Jews” Reject Zionism
Refuting Charge of Antizionism as Antisemitism

There is a significant body of Jews (NETUREI KARTA and True Torah Jews) who reject the modern nation of Israel. They believe that there can be no nation of Israel until it is formed by God according to Old Testament prophecy. These people are seldom reported in the mainstream media but they are vocal both in America and abroad, especially in Israel. The state of Israel ignores them abroad and arrests them in country for opposing both the nation and the current melee against the Palestinians.

Zionist Israel Redefining Itself
Apart from Biblical  Truths

Also, the nation of Israel has not helped its cause over the years either. As Israel prepared to conduct a preemptive attack against the Arab forces preparing to invade Israel, America had sent an intelligence collection ship (USS Liberty) to monitor the situation in the Mediterranean Sea near the Sinai Peninsula. Israeli forces attacked the ship, which was well marked and flying American flags, killing 34 personnel. Assignations of suspected terrorists on foreign soil shows a flagrant disrespect of the laws of other nations. In addition, they are as guilty of atrocities as those they fight, the Palestinians, which has been well documented.

Finally, fundamental, evangelical Christian movements that have seen the modern nation of Israel as God fulfilling prophecy look for Christ’s return in their lifetime. This viewpoint, based on skewed hermeneutics, causes many people to view Zionist Israel as the “apple of God’s eye“. They believe that any nation that seeks to harm Israel will itself be cursed by God. Further, America must protect Israel in order to keep being blessed by God or fall prey to godless forces that will squelch true Christian faith in America, if not the world.

Zionist Israel has aligned itself as a national movement in an environment that has become increasingly globalized. If America is the last major nation to support Israel it is because we have been increasingly globalized in our political agenda. The election between Mr. Trump and Ms. Clinton was actually a determination of which agenda to follow. Since neither candidate could eloquently state their case the electorate was left to choose between, “Make America Great Again” or “Stronger Together” {and elect me because I am a woman}. The populist vote chose a nationalistic agenda. This goes against the globalization trend that had been in place for several Republican and Democratic presidents. Mr. Kerry’s globalization theme does not set well in our current nationalistic trend. How long or how far America actually follows a nationalistic trend before settling back into a globalization pattern remains to be determined.

My major concern is the choice Mr. Kerry “gives” to Israel. Regardless of its origins or politics and one’s particular affiliation, America says it is neutral with regard to religion. Yet, the Secretary of State is giving Israel an ultimatum of being Jewish (religion) or being democratic (secular). America did pride itself on allowing everyone to worship according to their own faith {faith informs one’s morality}. By telling Israel not to be Jewish, his real intent, Mr. Kerry, speaking for America, says that Israel can either follow the morality of globalization or stand alone following the morality of nationalization. Since the Zionists are fundamentally secular one cannot truly take the position that their Jewishness has anything to do with biblical Judaism {though there are elements in Israel that do live according to these precepts}.

How can America demand how other nations should live? This is the true intent of globalization, to force nations {their citizens} to live according to values that are approved by the enforcement powers overseeing globalization {an over arching entity that will come into being to facilitate this process internationally}. President Obama signing of documents to circumvent the Congressional ratification process to further the globalization process within our borders is a flagrant disregard of our laws. This administration now has demonstrated that it has no respect for the laws of America or the laws of any other political entity whose goals are not for globalization. Does anyone else sense the impending doom of an international dictatorship flying under the guise of benevolent empathy for the supposed downtrodden?

Author: LeeS

Retired naval nurse, Dad, Husband, Christian who seeks to share the Bible with those who want more than the superficial milk given out in the majority of today's churches. God has taught me through hard experiences as well as through book learning (Master's of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry).