How to Get People to Discriminate Against Themselves

For People to Discriminate Against
Themselves You Need a Slogan

Before discussing our topic I want to interject this snippet that succinctly emphasizes why people miss the point, usually {The paper discusses liberty and equality, topics pertinent to our discussion}. “…For one thing, the discussants are rarely very clear about what exactly their subject is, and so confusion is virtually inevitable. For another, the discussion tends to proceed by simply proclaiming principles rather than by trying to find a fundamental basis for them; consequently, the incompatible conclusions reached by different discussants are immune to rational rebuttal or qualification, again making disagreement unsurprising. Finally, discussants typically have special interests, axes to grind,which also impedes sober analysis and responsible, objective reasoning. Perhaps it is too much to hope that the treatment undertaken here will succeed where others have failed, but it is certainly worth a try.” (Liberty and Equality—A Question of Balance?). Thus, you need a good poorly defined {violates the Law of Identity} slogan so no one can be too sure what is actually under discussion {plausible deniability}.

Discrimination is as good a trigger word as any and as the graphic shows, one should always have several in reserve in case the main topic loses “punch” {news coverage}.

Never Let Facts Get in the Way
of a Good Tear Fest Moment

Minimum is a great example of my thesis. The Democratic Party spent nearly 100 years directly oppressing others, even to the point of fighting a war, which they kind of lost. They then spent nearly another 100 years oppressing people somewhat indirectly, a guerilla war which they kind of – won. Then they discovered the secret to success: get people to discriminate against themselves and hate those who try to come and rescue them from their own oppression! Genius! The minimum wage just fit the bill after the ground work was laid that camouflaged the Democratic Party into the party to fight for the little guy {minority}.

Now, I’m a light-skinned guy who grew up poor, dad spent his life in the military protecting those very people who wanted to hate themselves, and I followed suit, wearing the uniform for nearly 30 years. So, I do not expect anyone to believe what I may understand about any topic. However, there are those who refuse to be called minorities {victims} who have learned the truth, and written about it.

In an article (Raising The Minimum Wage Against Racism Is Like Sex For Virginity – Entirely Counterproductive) the author quotes Thomas Sowell, an eminent “black” scholar who has looked at the history of the minimum wage. The minimum wage is NOT designed to raise a minority group out of poverty; the minimum wage is to insure that the affected group remains in poverty! Just in case you may not like Mr. Sowell because of his skin color the article also quotes from similar data from a more scholarly source (Eugenics and Economics in the Progressive Era). This provides detailed historical research showing that worldwide minimum wage laws were enacted to do what could not be legally accomplished otherwise-oppress those you did not deem as equal as yourself! Because it sailed under the flag of “fairness” and “equality” {terms no one has adequately defined} the oppressed groups embraced their own oppression.

Now, I could enter into a discussion about economics, Hayekian vs. Keynesian, but no one cares. President Obama, Mr. Al Gore and Ms. Clinton say  they campaign for equality, fairness and anti-discrimination. They believe in the “common man” {and woman}. But as the Ghost of Christmas Present showed us, Scrooge never “rubbed shoulders” with any of those who were destitute; and neither do any of the people I’ve mentioned. With their clothing costing thousands of dollars, riding in private transportation away from the “common people” and networking with the “privileged” people of the world, how can they know of your plight and thus, how can they care? However, they do care for power and the money that comes with power and for that they do need you – at a distance. They need your vote!

In exchange for your vote, a minor inconvenience you participate in every year or so when transported to the polling station and back home. In exchange you may receive a monthly stipend, provided you do not work much or try to better yourself or otherwise violate the myriad of rules that would rob you of your funds, your apartment and your votes for them. In addition, they support abortion clinics in your neighborhoods so you have a convenient means of disposing of unwanted products of conception, unless you need one to increase your monthly support checks. But for those who are forced to work, and can work, the minimum wage holds the promise of more money without more education or skills or even more effort on your part. How generous can these people be? Unfortunately, raising the minimum wage means fewer poor {minority} workers well be retained in their jobs and there will be fewer jobs available for those seeking to enter the employment market. This means more minorities seeking government funds from the very friends that brought them this catastrophe in the name of fairness and equality. And they got you to do all the work for them while they luxuriate in their insulated lives.

Now, let us look at one who is fairly well disliked and misrepresented at nearly every opportunity and compare his actions with those of those three, and many others, who claim to “love” the poor. Jesus is God and by definition has need of nothing since He created everything (Jo 1:1-4). He became a “slave” {sorry, servant is an erroneous translation} for those whom He created (Ph 2:5-8). Then, He lived in luxury while telling everyone else they could make it also if they only “worked” harder; well, no, He did not actually say or do that. He lived among those rejected by others even being homeless, willingly (Mt 8:20). Jesus suffered as everyone has suffered (He 2:17-18). Then He died so you could have eternal life. It is not Christ who tells you that others hate you; indeed, He tells you that when you follow Him Satan will hate and attack you (Mt 5:11-12). Now religionists, who pass themselves as servants of Christ, are actually working for those very same folks who really don’t like you but need your vote. Margaret Sanger talked minority pastors into promoting abortion clinics in their neighborhoods even though it was literally destroying future generations they were supposed to protect, all according to her plan. It is very often similar religionists today who sell you on the minimum wage in order for you to work very hard at keeping yourself disadvantaged.

Now, here is the raw truth. Can it actually be called discrimination when you are doing this to yourself? In psychology it is called “self-mutilation” and is called a sickness. In politics it is called success, a great victory that will have them eating out of our hand for 200 years! {Quote attributed to President Johnson as he lobbied for his Great Society bills that put minorities in their rightful place with guarantees to keep them there with their own permission. Which leader should you be following again? One who champions your ongoing slavery, with your own efforts, or One who became a slave for you to free you from the lies of these people both now and forever?

Author: LeeS

Retired naval nurse, Dad, Husband, Christian who seeks to share the Bible with those who want more than the superficial milk given out in the majority of today's churches. God has taught me through hard experiences as well as through book learning (Master's of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry).