Father of Christmas Past, Present and Future

Popular Cartoon of Santa Claus by
Thomas Nash 1881 in America

Nothing is more enduring in America today than the gnostic mythos of Santa Claus and the supposed holiday {holy day} of Christmas. I could opine about the gnostic values of Christmas being antithetical to biblical Christian truths but no one, saved or lost, cares as long as they can wax nostalgic on this holiday {Merry Gnostic Christmas}. Facts concerning this pagan celebration are lost on even the most pietist believing Christian who worships the power of the state to bring about God’s kingdom on earth. This is probably the basis for Christians and non-Christians uniting around this mystic figure.

Tradition associates Christmas with Saint Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, who gave gifts to poor, especially children. Though originally celebrated around 5 December, it was moved after the Reformation to oppose the Roman Catholic Veneration of the Saints holiday {24, 25 December} as well as to offset various pagan solstice holidays practiced at this time also. Yet, these facts do not motivate anyone to reject the practice of this pagan celebration.

Though based on lies this holiday persists
Even among the most pious of believers

The reason Christmas persists today may lie in its mythos. Santa is a larger than life figure who runs a vast intelligence organization determining who violates or practices Santa’s moral code of behavior {…gonna find out who is naughty or nice so be good for goodness sake…} This implies that Santa has an enforceable moral code which means he has a religion that forms the basis of his moral code by which all children are judged, I mean trained to obey. Santa is the sole arbiter determining who gets pleasant gifts and who gets unpleasant gifts. There is no court of appeals nor higher being that is above him. He has an enormous organization controlling the production and distribution of gifts of which he also is the sole arbiter of who gets what gift. One may submit requests but in the end it is Santa who determines who gets what. Yet, the entire holiday depends upon lies to support its belief system in children who are taught to accept by faith {sight unseen} the existence of this entity. Parents who are entrusted to teach children moral values promote the very value they are entrusted to condemn – lying. So, what philosophy promotes the advantages of central planning and distribution of resources according to the dictates of one bureaucracy based only on the dictates of said bureaucracy? That would be socialism which is universally practiced today in either its national or international flavors.

Gnostic paganism forms the core beliefs
Borrowing from other myths

Nearly all peoples believe that only government has the wisdom, resources and power to enforce equality on everyone in the name of fairness. The only debate is whether this should occur at the national or the international level. Communism is international socialism while fascism is national socialism. America introduced the world to a Third Way which it called Progressivism seeking to avoid the extremes of these two polarities.  Yet, Progressivism at its heart is national socialism though it masquerades as capitalism {think of it as the original version of Communist China: blend of socialism and government directed industries cooperating for their mutual benefit}. At its core, regardless of flavor, is the belief that only government can equitably distribute limited resources which it does based on its own criteria. It punishes those who disagree with its policies while rewarding those who accept its arbitrary decisions based on its own criteria of what is right and wrong; that is, the state defines its own morality and its own religion to justify its morality. In other words, Santa is the State, the elves are the bureaucracies who carry out the government’s dictates determining who receives what benefits based only on the laws it passes that justifies its decisions. There is no appeal above government, especially if that government is an overarching entity controlling national governments {United Nations’ goal}.

The government hides its true intentions behind the palatable mythos of benign loving paternalism. Father Christmas is the warm, jolly man spreading peace, joy and equality to those who share these same qualities with others, especially the State. Behind the scenes is the enforcement arm of the State seeking to ensure that everyone does what is right or face the consequences. Rather than do this at the point of a gun, as is common in many governments of the world, America has perfected the art of having its citizens collude with it in promoting this mythos of benign parentage. Whatever one’s persuasion be it Christian, Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, atheist or any of the other flavors of religious practices all come together at Christmas to promote peace, gifts and love.

While the Christ of the Stauros is Condemned
Baby Jesus is accepted as symbol of tolerance

Like the ancient Roman empire that allowed everyone to practice their own religion {required state approval of course} as long as they also pledged allegiance to Emperor worship; America promotes the Christmas mythos, with the State playing the role of Santa, as long as the State is the center and not God. Baby Jesus teaches peace on earth while Christ brings a sword of judgment (Mt 10:34). Baby Jesus unites while Christ divides (Mt 10:35-36). Baby Jesus accepts everyone on the same level of equality whether shepard or rich wise man but Christ does not save those who do not believe in Him as Savior and source of all Truth (Jo 3:18; Re 20:11-15). Churches jump on this bandwagon displaying their hypocrisy. They preach the goodness of Baby Jesus while seeking to play down the coming judgment of all who reject Christ as Savior. They have one foot and one foot out of the world seeking to please man and God but actually please neither (Re 3:15-16). Rather than stand up revealing the lie of Satan and the State these churches worship the State and its power to determine truth and morality by misapplication of a paltry number of verses based on poor hermeneutics (Ro 13:1-4). Many of these churches ignore that Christ was probably born during the Festival of Booths (Biblical Evidence Shows Christ Wasn’t Born on December 25).

I am not against having a family day of nostalgia and appreciation with gift giving, celebrations and lengthy phone calls. I do object to clothing Christmas in the Bible when all it promotes is antithetical to the Gospel of the Bible, the Gospel of Life that Christ came to die for so that man may have life. Yet, as John wrote, man hates the Light for it reveals his deeds as wicked and himself as condemned because of his rejection of the Light (Jo 3:19-21). So, the next time you hear the refrain, “…gonna find out who’s naughty or nice…” you should feel goose pimples on your neck as a cold chill washes over you knowing that this is exactly the function of the State. And, what is the State but the visible extension of Satan on earth working against the Gospel of God. We live under the State but we seek a kingdom to come, a kingdom based on God’s morality as contained in the Ten Words (Ex 20:1-17). Have your celebration but do not conflate with it with God and destroy the very Gospel you claim to believe in so that others may not have life, the very purpose for which Christ came into the world to accomplish.

Author: LeeS

Retired naval nurse, Dad, Husband, Christian who seeks to share the Bible with those who want more than the superficial milk given out in the majority of today's churches. God has taught me through hard experiences as well as through book learning (Master's of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry).