A Fantastic Plot and How to Embrace It

Were You Watching? Did You See?
Did You Embrace the Plot?

I am interested in the how the movies seek to indoctrinate their viewers with their vision of our future; in other words, is the plot of the movie the real plot or is it hidden just behind the story?

I have written on this topic several times in the past few months. I am reading Primetime Propaganda (Sharpiro, Ben. 2011. Broadside Books Harper Collins.) which details how your television became a major propaganda instrument right under our noses. I believe the same can be said for the movie industry even before television and today these instruments are usually owned by the same media corporations.

Imagine a world of a relatively few people with special abilities hidden in a world of ordinary people. These people of special abilities, let us say magic to coincide with our movie theme, were at work among the non magic folk, muggles for sake of continuity, who were not aware, usually, of these magic people. What do these magic people do? You are never told exactly their goals, only that they wish to remain anonymous. These magic folks are not homogenous but are divided into various factions some of which want to openly exert control over the muggles, others who wish to eliminate the muggles and those who wish to remain hidden. These folks have access to forces over which they do not have complete knowledge nor control which leads to the various story lines.

Environmentalism: Love that
Binds Everyone Together

The harmless main character demonstrated his goodness by his devotion to strange animals that everyone else feared, and therefore, wanted to destroy. This is in keeping with the Club of Rome’s report that unity comes from a common outside enemy. This “evil” is usually clothed as the result of man’s disruption of the harmony of nature such as global warming and can only be reversed by everyone uniting together to restore harmony along agreed upon goals, such as are enshrined in the “Georgia Guide Stones”. The main character thus is shrouded in goodness though the enforcement arm of the magic people thought him to be evil because he was different from them.

I found it most interesting that the main character had an international flavor about him while the American magic people seemed provincial, fearful, arbitrary with a hint of backwardness tossed in for good measure. This magic world had forces it could not control as it could not control its own members. The only solution this Congress of Magics could accept was the destruction of a strong outsider and the mandatory memory erasure of all muggles, NO exceptions. They could not afford to have anyone know of their existence. Yet, the more liberal members, the heroines, conspired to subvert this directive with a special muggle, sort of like a pet man (remember Bewitched?).

The title, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, was nothing more than a device to mask the real message of the movie. There is a secret society with a hidden agenda among you whose existence you cannot know. There will be a cabal of devices used to distract your attention from this agenda all the while uniting you together with their agenda. While more violent means were used with little success previously; the more modern efforts have gained the consent of the people without telling the people the goal for which they consented.

Various Lines of Attack for Unification
Notice the Need for Mass Media Control

Once one filters out the chasing down of the various beasts the plot becomes deceptively simple. One magic person wants to force control overtly over the muggles, think Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc. He seeks to harness an uncontrollable force to establish a worldwide domination. A confederation of international magics, similar to the United Nations, come together to “discuss” the emergency, their exposure. Their solution? Destroy the uncontrollable force and capture the “dictator”; not unlike what happened to Nazi Germany and Soviet Communism. The main character exposes the true nature of the “dictator” and provides the most humane solution to the problem of the Magics, exposure of their world – mass memory erasure.

This is the most obscene part of the movie and yet is the real take-home message also. By erasing every muggle memory they can continue their true agenda in secret, an agenda that has yet to be revealed in any of these movies. This agenda can only be the unification of mankind along the lines envisioned by the hidden international groups. The general population cannot know of this yet or else they would rise up and rebel against such violations of their ethnic, religious and cultural identities. However, if the population could be made to see the “reasonableness” of this agenda through various propaganda mediums then they would give consent for this change to occur to avert global catastrophe. The movie had the viewer “agreeing” with the need to erase everyone’s memory in order to keep the faith. Everyone person watching the movie by definition would be a muggle and thus are consenting to remain in the dark rather than understand the true nature of the forces at work toward globalization. This is the true magic of propaganda. This is the lie spoken of in the Bible (2Th 2:7-12).

Look at this layered Organizational Plan
Involving Only the Western Culture

It is impossible to “see” the picture or to reveal the specifics of any plan because there is no actual plan of men. Lucifer (Satan) has developed the lie of universal peace through globalization while his actual goal is hidden under layers of deception such as depicted in this simple diagram of the various layers of organizations concerning the United Nations and North Atlantic Treaty Organization involving just the Western civilizations. Because people have rejected the Gospel of Christ God has allowed them to believe their own delusions even though following their own dreams results only in increasing levels of lust and violence. This increase in violence is attributed to external enemies reacting against the provocations of the Western cultures. Why these cultures? Because they had the truth of God and abandoned this truth for the age old delusion of being gods (Ge 3:5).

People are lulled into believing the delusion because the mass media, such as movies, continually transmits the propaganda message of the “rightness” of their cause. They not only reject the truth but also those who live the truth. They demonstrate this by embracing those who promise them destruction for their erroneous beliefs. This madness is openly demonstrated nearly everyday around the world; yet, the world under the influence of Satan seeks the forgetfulness of the truth in order to live under the crushing weight of sinfulness. This is the message that modern media covers. They help foster the forgetfulness that robs the people of the truth. This is the message of this movie and so many others on both the big and small screens. But, God’s message will not be silenced. His people will continue to live the truth though they be slaughtered as they are around the world. Christianity is the most persecuted faith in the world today but it is also the most peaceful. Death here is life with Jesus immediately. This is our hope. This is our reality.

Author: LeeS

Retired naval nurse, Dad, Husband, Christian who seeks to share the Bible with those who want more than the superficial milk given out in the majority of today's churches. God has taught me through hard experiences as well as through book learning (Master's of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry).