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Discernment is the art of detecting logical fallacies as well as the application of doctrinal truths to everyday life. America’s claim of being the “Home of the Free – Land of the Brave” is instilled in every school child but less truth than propaganda for the state.

The bible says we are not to be conformed to this world but to be transformed by the renewal of our minds…(so that) you may discern what is the will of God…(Ro 12:2). Additionally Christians are not to be captivated by the philosophy and deceits of the world that follow the machinations of Lucifer and not the truth of Christ (Col 2:8). Unfortunately, most Americans raised during the 20th and 21st centuries were educated in state-run public schools {many private schools also followed the same empty philosophies}. Thus, before ever hearing the Gospel message we were well entrenched to the supremacy of the state.

This is not a diatribe against America nor am I ignoring Scriptures that tell Christians to live under the rule of law in which they live; in other words, I am not advocating anything rebellious for this is distinctly against Scriptures (1Sa 15:23). Yet, in this same verse God, through Samuel, is telling Saul, king of Israel, that God has rejected him because Saul has rejected God’s word. God also tells us to not resist authorities whom God has appointed but neither does He demand that we slavishly follow their direction when it violates God’s word (Ac 4:19-20; Ro 13:1-5). Thus, Paul was able to live in peace in so far as the state allowed without one word about the injustices of the state. He was not an apostle to change the state; he was an apostle to bring in the Kingdom of God which is apart from any government in this world (Jo 18:33-38). So, I am mystified why so many American Christians equate Christianity with Americanism {jingoism} as though the two were synonymous.

Christian Flag was developed to unify
Christians through an Allegiance Pledge

The American flag pledge of allegiance to the unified federal state had become popularized since its introduction in 1892 (The Government We Deserve). In 1897, during an impromptu speech Mr. Charles Overton put forward the notion for a Christian flag and pledge of allegiance (Christian Flag: Five Things You Didn’t Know About Its History). In 1907 this flag and pledge were adopted in hopes of unifying Christians. Of course, this was the wrong approach for Christians must always be unified solely based on the normative, exegetical hermeneutical interpretation of Scripture (Ep 4:4-6). Let us clearly understand what occurred, however innocent the motives of Mr. Overton. Mr. Francis Bellamy wrote a pledge to the American flag not only for commercial purposes, sell more flags, but also to promote universal national socialism advocated by his cousin, Mr. Edward Bellamy, in his best selling and widely read novel, Looking Backward.

Socialism was gaining in popularity and sweeping the Western nations throughout the 19th centuries. It was violently advocated in Europe changing the face of the nation-state into socialistic parentage of its citizens in order to prevent complete anarchy. America was not subjected to these violences but neither was it immune from socialistic influences as the Bellamy cousins demonstrate. Churches were not immune from socialism (Christian Socialism). The pledge with its straight-stiff arm salute quickly indoctrinated children into a socialistic view of government and this was ported over into churches. The fact that most evangelical churches adorn their pulpit areas with both American and Church flags and occasionally intone their respective pledges only serve to keep socialism alive and well.

We think the world is getting worse and undergoing radical changes; well, this is not a unique thought. World War I (WWI) was really an overthrow of the last vestiges of medieval kingdoms by nation-states in Europe. It ended poorly because the nation-states were not strong enough individually to impose their will on others. However, socialism was growing with the first nation, Russia, to become a true socialistic nation. World War II (WWII) on the other hand was not a war between democracies and fascism, as is often implied. It was a war between national socialistic nations and international socialistic nations. Fascism was a term invented by Mussolini to describe Italian socialism. It was based on the Latin fasces (Roman bundle of rods tied together). German socialism never used the term fascism though it was applied to them to disguise their socialism.

Since the early 20th century America has eased itself into socialism slowly, one program at a time. Though it began before President F. Roosevelt (FDR), he certainly accelerated the process. Government was to supply the answers to all the peoples problems in exchange for obedience to the government. This trend has continued until no one understands the function of limited government. But, why is socialism so popular? It is a bastardization of the Gospel message. Only God can meet the needs of everyone individually because He infinitely, intimately interacts with everyone individually. Lucifer cannot do this nor can man. Lucifer and man require everyone to be the same, read equal, so that no one receives more than anyone else. God works through love while socialism uses the word love but works through violence forcing its will on everyone.

Much of this truth is hidden from Americans via slogans, flags and holidays celebrating “freedom”. America touts itself and “land of the free” and “home of the brave” when in essence it is the “home of the socialized mass” and “land of the unbelievers”. Socialism is Lucifer’s great religion that crosses national boundaries binding nations together; well, at least that is the plan in progress. Just as Mr. Hitler put the Hooked Cross (Hakenkreuz) in churches beside the cross co-joining Christianity and socialism so to do churches today push the same unifying message of socialism and salvation. This is done because of ignorance of the past, hidden by public education which allows only one message: the state’s message {which changes over time but always promoting the state}. It is not so obvious or forced in America as it was in the socialist states in the 20th century but that does not make it any less an accomplishment.

Friends, fellow Christians, awake to the essence of the Gospel. It cannot be blended with the empty deceits and philosophies of this world: they reject the truth outright. Putting leaven in the message does not make it more palatable but destroys the message creating a quagmire of Christianity that is foreign to the Bible (Mt 13:33). We are against the state and we are not for the state. The state has a limited function under the hand of God but at heart it is antithesis to God and always will be since it is of Lucifer (Mt 4:8-10). If we were born under Communist China or in Islamic Saudi Arabia the message would be the same: Preach the Gospel! Do not preach the government!

Author: LeeS

Retired naval nurse, Dad, Husband, Christian who seeks to share the Bible with those who want more than the superficial milk given out in the majority of today's churches. God has taught me through hard experiences as well as through book learning (Master's of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry).