Failure of Reason – Governance by Fear

Goddess of Reason

Goddess of Reason
Age of Love

Since the Enlightenment period man has sought to prove that God is not necessary and does not exist. Philosophy of various flavors have only one unified goal: proving that man does not need a god. This brought forth a radical idea for a scientific or rational society.

The first attempt at creating this society, French Revolution, ended badly and subsequent spin-offs that violently sought to “free man” from God have not fared much better over the long haul. Yet, the attempt to initiate a society of reason showed the failure of reason as a means of governance. What were some of the goals of the French Revolution (any revolution)?

  1. Abolition of the Monarchy (Destruction of traditional sources of authority)
  2. Abolition of Private Property (Removal of means apart from the government)
  3. Abolition of nationalism (Promotion of universalism, the absolute equality)
  4. Abolition of the Family (Removal of any source of morality except government)
  5. Abolition of Religion (Abolition of true Christian salvation)

Originally, the French Revolution was to be the revolution of all proletariats in Europe against all governments in order to form a single unified government of the people to express the “will of the people”. When this did not occur the goals had to be modified, scaled down, to a nationalistic goal of remaking France into a better nation. This struggle between nationalism and socialism would not be resolved until the late 20th and into the 21st centuries. However, it became apparent in the Soviet Revolution, an extension of the French Revolution, that the proletariats would not revolt and that a new impetus was needed. The Frankfurt School promoted a two-prong attack along both popular media and educational lines involving a long-term plan to accomplish the above goals. France did absolve the monarchy for a time but could not substitute a working government proving the truth of Plato’s fears: a pure democracy will devolve down into a tyranny (Napoleon).

The Jacobins instituted a massacre of priests to suppress religion in order to institute the “Age of Reason” enshrined in the Statute of Liberty. Prostitutes were dressed as “goddesses of Reason” and placed in the churches with ceremonies that quickly became celebrations of Love. The underlying philosophy was that “Reason should be the only code of Man”. Robespierre’s “Declaration of the Rights of Man” was little more than an early attempt to enshrine socialism as governing principles. These principles included:

  1. Class envy – Stir up the rich against the poor and the poor against the rich under the delusional philosophy that “as long as one part of the nation lives on wages from the other in order to preserve its independence, it is necessary that everyone should be rich or that everyone should be poor.” The result is always the latter!
  2. The Reign of Terror – The logical result of Socialistic doctrines under the motto, “Sovereignty of the People”. Equality demanded that all public institutions that promoted one class of people over another must be eliminated. Since the educated were elevated over the uneducated schools and libraries were destroyed to make everyone equal. Today, there is simply the use of educational apparatuses to make everyone equally educated; i.e, at the same level which means the lowest common level {goal of Common Core}. The massive amounts of funds poured into education only enrich the educational elitists (power structure) at the expense of true education. America no longer seeks out the brightest for special advance education but suppresses the best and brightest through the use of drugs and psychological reeducation to prevent their disruption of the current “dumbed-down” curriculum.
  3. The Redistribution of Wealth – During the French Revolution this resulted in massive unemployment, and fared little better under the Soviet Revolution. The result of massive unemployment and severe shortages of goods and services created discontent and a criminal black market that was unleased on the world with the collapse of the Soviet Union. The disruption of commerce also destroyed the country’s fiscal infrastructure resulting in worthless currencies, massive debts and furtherance of poverty to those the Revolution claimed to promote – the people. Redistribution of wealth was little more than a means to create a new elitist class both in government and business. However, this did not extend to the ruling elitists who were essential in guiding and governing during the Revolution. Does anyone think that Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, George Bush, or most of the ruling class of state and federal governments to be of the “common people?” These elitists place themselves above the laws they create and the media covers the “sins” of their favorite elitist.
  4. With the failure of both industry and agriculture, disease, starvation and death ravaged the land. While only about 3,000 nobles were executed, the guillotine claimed about 300,000 “of the people” and untold numbers who succumbed to the “horsemen of the apocalypse” (death, disease, famine and war).
  5. The institution of Tens – The French Revolution instituted the metric system (based on tens), the decimal monetary system (used in a variety of currencies today), and the ten-day week with only a half day off each “week”. The ten-day week failed.

What did people learn from these attempts? Brute force and abrupt changes will not prevail over time. But, the slow reeducation of the population via state-run educational institutions will change the minds of people until a critical mass of the people willingly accept, even demand, these changes. Along with the changes of property and governance comes other changes. The disintegration of the family through the gradually loosening of morality fostered the power of the state in the role of developing the youth along their lines of thought. With the family unit willingly abandoned for loose-knit relationships any children became bargaining chips in relationship disputes with the government become the true parents via the educational system.

Rather than destroy religion, the elitists have discovered a commonality among all religions. This has allowed them to foster unity both of goals and cultures. In the future there will be a rise of a new religion that enshrines these common core beliefs in the goodness of man so that strife between religions can be viewed as anti-man. Christianity, salvation by faith in Christ alone, Bible alone, God alone, faith alone, solely for the glory of God will be viewed as hate since it cannot join with any religions. Christianity has suffered more persecutions in the past century than in the previous 20 centuries since Christ yet very little is spoken in the media. The largest purveyor of religious death in this century is consider a “religion of peace” though its public doctrine excludes peace with anyone other than its own adherents, so far.

The upshot is that the “Age of Reason” failed! Man, made in God’s image, cannot live by reason alone because reason does not and cannot measure the spiritual. In the past reason has tried to ignore the spiritual but to its own determent. However, in the past century it has learned to incorporate the spiritual through the use of fear. Notice how nearly every news outlet speaks of events in terms of “fear”. People are taught to fear disunity, to fear change, to fear others, to fear everything. Through the use of fear, the government then holds out its panacea for security. Nearly everyone looks to the government for hope, for solutions, for money, for jobs, for equality despite self-destructive behaviors that have always shown to weaken and eventually destroy societies that adopt such self-limiting behaviors. Fear is the goad that drives the “will of the people” to elect an elitist that promises to security. Historically, this has shown not to have a good outcome for the people. This will certainly not have a good outcome for true Christians. We have seen the Redistribution of Wealth and growth of Class Envy. The promotion of the false, “Sovereignty of the People” will only result in the suppression of the people, especially those people who reject the goals of government. We are watching the revolution unfold, we are watching and the vast majority are agreeing with its goals, awaiting their handouts, demanding their equality by suppressing the liberty of everyone.

Phrygian Hat of Freedom

Phrygian Hat of Freedom
Red Hat of Fear and Death

Author: LeeS

Retired naval nurse, Dad, Husband, Christian who seeks to share the Bible with those who want more than the superficial milk given out in the majority of today's churches. God has taught me through hard experiences as well as through book learning (Master's of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry).

3 thoughts on “Failure of Reason – Governance by Fear”

  1. It can only mean that the removal of the bible and prayer and the ten commandments from USA schools was by design. Otherwise these above goals could never be realized.
    Also the largest purveyor of religious death in this century has fear as their chief aim. It is puzzling that this can be called a ‘religion of peace’ unless they are referring to the peace of the dead. Either you are an adherent or you are dead, there is no middle ground. And if you are a true adherent then you are probably still dead. For the highest act of religious duty is to die in battle for their god. For this they are promised immediate entrance into heaven. It should really be called the religion of death. I am thankful that Jesus Christ has already paid the price of death on the cross, because my death would not or could be accepted as it had to be a perfect sinless sacrifice.
    But I wonder why this religion with its fanatical followers has not been completely defeated. It is as if they are allowed to exist because of the fear they create which is then used by the power elite in this country and others to further their ends of more and more control. (our current president only sends bombs, not a very effective tool for winning the war. But he can say he is fighting the insurgents, knowing full well that all he is doing is making the enemy madder, and pushing them to take greater risks). Also the philosophy stated above has no defense against the appeal this religion has to young men through the internet. Is the power elite even trying to defeat these ideas, or does it serve their purposes to allow it to fester and thereby create more fear?

  2. Your points are appreciated and well taken; however, I do not see an over-arching man governed conspiracy down through the ages. I do not see corporate man as that smart or that organized. Each power group would be usurping other power groups and the key to any conspiracy is secrecy which is clearly not the case. This is not to say there is not an over-arching intelligence behind the scenes, this is Satan at work deceiving everyone, especially those that think they are working for themselves. Fear is a powerful tool only if people live in fear. The lost have no alternative since they do not understand the truth of God and immature Christians need to develop maturity in discerning the Scriptures to negate fear. Events are unfolding exactly as God has allowed. Nothing is occurring with God’s permission in order that the man of perdition will be revealed and Christ’s followers will also be revealed. Rather than live in conspiracy theories this should be a greater opportunity to spread the Gospel since the difference between true and false faith is so clearly self-evident. We should strive to be as Stephens. As far as why people believe the “lie”, it is because they cannot perceive the truth and we should not expect them to understand the truth, that is why they need the gospel.

  3. Lee, it is more than just that they are not smart enough or organized. My musings about the power elite were not fully thought through and were incorrect. The better answer is that the power elite are blind to the ramifications of their own philosophy. Romans 1:21-32. The reason I missed it was to me it was so obvious I unconsciously thought that the elite must be able to see also. But as you have said in your review of the French or Soviet revolutions, the elite had no idea that their philosophy would fail or how it would fail. As you have further said, after each failure the elite revised their plans for the next attempt. But ultimately, because they refuse to acknowledge God, God has sent a delusion so that they believe a lie. Which means that God is in control and has chosen who is President. Restating your closing statement, the only cure for this blindness is the light of the Gospel.